Top 10 Tips for Working with a Professional Recruiter

Professional Recruiter

In this competitive world, working with the right recruiter of staffing agencies can make all the difference. The professional recruiters have ample resources, which can help you land the preferred job in your dream company. The recruitment company assists in designing the marketing material, i.e., resume, and coaches you through the interviews about what to do and what to avoid. Companies worldwide prefer collaborating with recruiters due to a lack of resources and time to invest in recruitment. Leading recruiters in Dubai says on an approx. 55% of the companies and 74% of offices worldwide are temporary contractors with recruiters to fulfill their staffing needs.

So, you choose the recruiters wisely to work with. Here are some tips that will help you along the way:

1.      Do the background research

Before choosing any recruitment firms to do thorough research about the firms, going online is the most favorable option to start with the search. Go through the internet to search for firms that employ the aspirants in the field you want a job in. You can visit the website to get insights about the recruitment firm if you feel it aligns with your occupation needs. Match the core competencies of firms with your requirements to get assured.

2.      Contact the HR

If possible, get in touch with personnel of the Human Resource department in the company you are looking forward to joining. Ask them about the required criteria and process of applying and joining the company. By doing so, you are displaying your interest in the company. While contacting, ask about any particular recruitment firm that they prefer and feel interested in working with to get an idea about the recruiter that you should choose.

3.      Search for job posting

After you sort out the list of a potential recruiter, going through the internet, and in some cases connecting with HR personnel of the company directly, it is time to review their job posting, you can check the job posting made by the recruiters of your choice by visiting their internal website or going through the job boards. Ensure that the recruiters are in search of candidates in your field.

4.      Look for recruiters on social platforms

Social media also plays a crucial role in your job search in modern times. As an aspirant for the job, you can connect to various recruiters via social media platforms like LinkedIn. Find them using the search option available on the platform. Type the recruiter’s name in the search bar who belongs to your targeted recruiting firm.

5.      Establish a contact

Move forward to call the recruitment firm to ask for a recruiter who has expertise in your field of work. You can ask by the recruiter’s name whose contact you found on LinkedIn or the firm’s website. If the recruiter is not present, collect the email address to leave a message or call back. Talking to a recruiter helps you build strong relationships for future aspects.

6.      Prepare your introduction

Preparing to introduce yourself to the recruiter is an excellent thing to do beforehand. The recruiters need to meet a specific target of recruitment, so they meet many candidates each day. Keeping the introduction brief and focused on critical aspects is advisable by many Leading recruiters in Dubai. This will enhance your prospects of selection, even if not at this point, then might be for a different job in the company in future.

7.      Make yourself available

Companies place job orders to recruiters daily. They need to respond to the clients within 48 hrs of a time gap, within which they need to submit the initial list of candidates. If the recruiter cannot connect to you at that moment, they will move forward to the next available candidate. The clients plan the interview, so it is advisable to be known and avoid rescheduling, or your competitor will land the job.

8.      Do continuous follow-up

Try to keep continuous follow up with the recruiter in regard to the interview process. But let us remind you that there is a fine line between following up and being pushy. Get in touch with your recruiter via emails every week to remain updated about the process.

9.      Work with multiple Agencies

Recruiters like honesty in candidates and will appreciate all paths of the recruitment. You can tell the truth about working with other recruiters for different positions and different clients. Your recruitment agency will handle the situation that you’ll likely have extra eggs in different baskets in the competitive world to increase your chances of landing a job that you prefer unless you mix up the roles and clients with recruiters, which will get you a bad reputation.

10. Leave a positive impression

Leave a lasting impression in the memory of the interviewer. A recruiter can turn out to be a career guide and lifelong companion. There is no guarantee that you will never need a recruiter once you land a job, so don’t ignore them. If you come across a good recruiter in life, try to stay connected to them and be thankful for their efforts. This can be done by sending a simple email occasionally to have a presence on the radar of those recruiters.


Good recruiters provide you the edge over others at times of need. There is a lot to learn during recruitment through a recruiter, which will help you in the future as well after you land a job. Leading recruiters in Dubai provide grooming sessions, interview tips, and many more, which allow the candidates at several points in the career path. So, opt for the extra push and get yourself a recruiter to have your dream job in your hands.

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