Steelseries Arctis Pro Gamedac – Complete Guide 2023

Steelseries Arctis Pro Gamedac

Excellent gaming headphones with on-the-fly customization are the Steelseries Arctis Pro Gamedac. Although not wireless, the Arctis Pro + GameDac has a very similar design to the Arctis 7. (although they do have a wireless variant available that costs a bit more). Thanks to their mobile adaptor, which is included in the box, they are a low-profile headset with a stylish and straightforward design that is excellent for gaming and adaptable enough to use outside. For online conversations with friends and teammates, they have a decent retractable boom microphone, and the SteelSeries Engine software for PC gives them even more customizability choices.

They’re comfortable enough for extended gaming sessions and provide nice, well-balanced sound that you can adjust. Since they are wired instead than wireless like the Arctis 7 or Acrtis Pro Wireless, they might not be as practical for console gaming or viewing TV. On the plus side, they offer virtually no latency due to their wired construction, which makes them an ideal choice for gaming, especially on PC and PS4. They are less outside friendly and their headband may be a little snug on some heads, but on the downside, they are not as comfortable.


+ Flexible and robust design

+Good app support and active features

+Reliable microphone and audio reproduction


– Inadequate noise isolation

-Some listeners might find it a little tight.

-The bass and treble delivery varies greatly amongst users.


The Arctis Pro + GameDac looks quite similar to the wireless Arctis 7, but it also has a dac that has settings and customization options that are simple to access. Also, they have a self-adjusting elastic ski goggle-like headband strap that is comfy but lacks any further adjustments, so they could not be as comfortable on larger heads and might be too tight for some. For extended gaming sessions, the earcups are roomy and pleasant with breathable and soft padding. Instead of using leather for the earpads, SteelSeries chose a porous fabric that is more breathable. The Arctis Pro feels high-end and has good build quality. The retractable microphone can be positioned without breaking, and the headset should withstand a few drops without suffering too much harm. In the left ear cups, there is a mute mic button, a volume slider, and a wheel for various customization options. The Arctis Pro are heavy and not very portable, which is unfortunate because this is true of most gaming headsets. Nevertheless, they do come with a 1/8″ TRRS mobile adaptor if you prefer to use them with your smartphone.


Frequency Response Graph for SteelSeries Arctis Professional Gaming. The closed-back over-ear SteelSeries Arctis Pro GameDAC headphones have excellent sound quality. They offer an excellent midrange, a very crisp and detailed high, and a robust, thumping bass. They are wonderful for most games as well, especially if you occasionally enjoy listening to the soundtracks, and they are versatile for all music genres because to their sound characteristic. Because of their excellent imaging, listeners will be able to clearly identify other players and hear in-game sounds like footsteps. They have inconsistent sound, which means that different people could have different experiences with this headset. With the SteelSeries Engine software, you get a good EQ so you can tailor the sound to better suit your mood, tastes, or the game you’re playing. For instance, persons wearing glasses may notice a substantial drop in bass. Using the DAC, you can also change sound profiles instantly, which is quite useful while playing console games.


Because the Arctis Pro’s earpads are permeable and designed for comfort and breathability during extended gaming sessions, their isolation performance is subpar. You shouldn’t anticipate fantastic performance if you choose to use this headset outside in noisy areas like public transportation because a fair bit of noise leaks into your audio. The good news is that they don’t leak much at moderate volumes, so you’ll be able to turn up the volume on your Arctis Pro to cover up a little bit more background noise and focus on your music or gaming sounds.


The Arctis Pro has a fantastic boom mic for gaming with friends or online teammates, just like the majority of gaming headsets. Voices ring out loud and clear in calm spaces like a bedroom. For certain people, it could even sound occasionally excessively sharp. The microphone does a superb job of isolating voice from background noise in busy settings like a street or at a gaming competition. Furthermore retractable, the mic is discreetly tucked away in the left ear cup. Nevertheless, it is not removable like some of the other gaming headphones we’ve tested, such the HyperX Cloud Flight, which are a little more suited for outdoor use. It is bendable and simple to position near your lips for best performance. On the plus side, the Arctis Pro gives you more control over the microphone. The left cup’s rear has a microphone mute button, and the SteelSeries Engine software offers gain, sidetone, mic monitoring, and other tuning settings so that you can hear yourself just as clearly as your teammates do.

Active attributes

The SteelSeries Engine software allows for numerous customization possibilities with the wired Arctis Pro GameDAC headset, which means it lacks a battery. You also get various options for RGB illumination on the earcups, a fantastic parametric EQ with presets, DTS surround sound, live preview, mic monitoring, and microphone volume control. In addition to the channel mixing, you can access those settings on the DAC as well. If you hold down the multipurpose button for a certain period of time, you can also swap between EQ presets. Also, you can store your settings in various profiles and switch between them instantly. These are one of the better gaming headsets we’ve tested because of the superb and simple-to-use software that the GameDac further enhances.


The Arctis Pro GameDAC are wired headphones, but they come with a 1/8″ TRRS mobile converter and a proprietary cable that isn’t OS-specific so they can be used with most devices. If they are hooked into console controllers, they will support audio and microphones, but only the PS4 will support voice chat when used with the USB connection on consoles. Moreover, the GameDAC has USB, line-in, line-out, and optical inputs. The Arctis Pro has a very low latency that is undetectable when playing games or watching videos because of the wired connection.

Who should purchase it?

Get the SteelSeries Arctis Pro + GameDAC if you’re a gamer searching for a quality headset with tremendous customization options and good sound. The SteelSeries Engine gives them the greatest in class customisation, and the GameDac puts all the options at your fingers for quick access. The retractable boom microphone is also a nice feature for in-game conversations with friends and teams, giving the headphones some flexibility for outdoor use. They are somewhat less practical for certain people because they lack wireless capabilities, particularly for console gaming or watching movies (since the cable might be a bit short for a home theatre set up). Even if they are somewhat outdoor-friendly, they won’t be the greatest for that use case because they also don’t provide outstanding isolation due to the permeable earpads. In contrast to the wireless Arctis 7, the cable connection has no latency, and the DAC is useful for changing settings or sound profiles instantly. You must decide between the Arctis 7’s wireless convenience and the Arctis Pro + GameDac’s stronger customization choices because both devices are in the same price range. No matter which SteelSeries model you buy, it won’t be as ideal for the Xbox One and will be much better for PC and PS4. You might alternatively choose the more expensive Arctis Pro Wireless.

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