20 Best Ideas for Starting a Business in Texas in 2022

starting a business in texas

Do you want to Starting a Business in Texas in the US state but are unsure about which one to do so?  If so, read this post and take a look at our list of the best Starting a Business in Texas opportunities.  Due to the fast growth of eleven key sectors, Starting a Business in Texas now has a lot of great franchise business options.  Mining, building, manufacturing, trading, transportation, utilities, financial activities, professional and business services, health and human services, leisure and hospitality, and other services are some of these important industries. The size of Starting a Business in Texas also applies to its economy.  Its gross domestic product (GDP) was 1.836 trillion US dollars as of the third quarter of 2021, trailing only California’s GDP of 2.853 trillion US dollars.

4.7 million people are employed by the 2.7 million small companies that make up the state today.  Starting a Business in Texas has a thriving economy, making it a wonderful area to conduct business.  We have 20 best ideas for you if you want to your own Starting a Business in Texas in the Lone Star State this year.

20 Best Ideas for Starting a Business in Texas in 2022

Texas has a big tourism industry because it is a popular vacation spot for people from both inside and outside the country.  The Texas economy benefits significantly from tourism-related profits. The following is a list of the top small companies in Starting a Business in Texas to start with minimal capital. Do you desire financial success in Texas?  If you’re seeking a successful Starting a Business in Texas, here are the best ways to go about doing it.

How to Starting a Business in Texas

There are specific legal procedures you must follow in Starting a Business in Texas if you plan to launch a business.

  • Choose a business structure; it might be an LLC, corporation, or DBA.
  • Choose a registered agent in order to incorporate and file your corporation.
  • Choose a Business Name: Verify the name with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and check to see whether a domain name for the business is already taken.
  • Check out the best LLC service providers in the US before registering your business.
  • Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the Federal Government.
  • Register for Taxes—State tax filings are handled by the Comptroller of Public Accounts.
  • Open a business checking account.
  • Obtain the licenses and permits needed to run the selected business.
  • The most recent official numbers from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) show that there are now 2,627,724 Starting a Business in Texas. Furthermore, small businesses account for 99.78 percent of all business establishments.

As a result, it is obvious that Texas is one of the best cities in the world for starting and managing a business.
We really hope that this list of the top business possibilities, ideas, and startup tips will assist you in starting your own Starting a Business in Texas.

1. Property


Before you can enter the Texas real estate market, you must first obtain a license.  The state real estate test is open to anybody over the age of 18 with 180 hours of appropriate schooling. If you can, try to find a sponsored broker.  Once you pass the examinations and start practicing, on-the-job experience will be quite helpful.

2. Gift Shop

Gift Shop

Gift-giving is a timeless tradition.  There will always be moments in people’s lives were receiving gifts is important. Given the low level of competition, a gift shop would be a fantastic business venture. Make sure the items in your store reflect the preferences of the local populace.  A wide selection of products and inventive marketing strategies may propel you to success.

3. Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop

Americans drank 1.87 cups of coffee on average per day in 2020.  People love spending time or meeting new people at coffee shops, which are evolving into vibrant social spaces.  This can be a nice sector to go into if you love making your own cocktails out of coffee. You have three options: buying a franchise, buying an already-established business, or starting your own business. How hard they are to do will affect your choice, which will also be affected by your business idea.

4. Cleaning Service

Cleaning Service

Cleaning may be stressful for many individuals, and they would be pleased to pay someone else to do it.  The main requirements for starting a cleaning business are expertise and cleaning materials. Little financing is needed.
This will help you land work in tiny communities or homes. To help your business grow, you can spend money on cleaning supplies and get help from partners or staff.

5. Freelance Writing Business

Freelance Writing Business

Due to the pandemic, many companies have shut down, forcing many people to work on their own.  In the United States, 59 million people freelanced in 2020, up significantly from 53 million in 2014. Finding a specialisation and creating a writing portfolio that you can submit to prospective clients are good places to start.  If you’re new to the industry, try looking for jobs on freelancing job sites. You can make a name for yourself and get people to come to you if you do good work, market your services, and connect with more people.

6. Daycare


Anyone who is enthusiastic about childcare and education should open a daycare business.  It does, however, need a good deal of preparation and authorization. In addition to finding the right space, furniture, and staff, you must also follow state rules about childcare.  The state requirements for Texas are available here.

7. Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

Pet grooming can be the ideal business for you if you adore your furry friends and are knowledgeable about how to properly care for them. You can start by offering your services from home and then move to a dedicated space if you have the resources.  Make certain that both you and your team are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and tools to handle various pet species.

8. Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Currently, there is a boom in interest in drone photography.  It’s an original method of preserving priceless occasions or magnificent settings. It might not only show you the beautiful sights of the state of Texas, but it can also help you see things in a different way. Along with knowledge and tools, you’ll also need to abide by Texas drone rules. If you want to use a drone for business or work, you need to pass the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Aeronautical Knowledge Test and get a remote pilot certificate.

9. Blogging


Many business people and authors have had success making money off of their blogs.  Creating your own website or blog is very simple and reasonably priced. According to the state of blogging study by ConvertKit, professional bloggers made an average of $138,064, while amateur bloggers only made $9,497. You’d have to put in some effort to make your blog stand out in an industry that is so crowded and cutthroat. To get readers, you need to pick a topic or niche and write interesting, relevant content about it.

10. Food Delivery Service

Food Delivery Service

Due to the epidemic, many businesses now only provide a certain number of indoor eating options or have stopped using them completely.  Food delivery services have become more popular as a result. You have a few options for how to conduct your business.  Will you be preparing your own meals as well?  What restaurants will you deliver to if not others?  How many employees do you plan to have? You can be creative with your business idea as long as it fills a need in your area.

11. Property Management

Property Management

Texas is a huge metropolis, so there are plenty of rental homes available.  Working in property management is one way to benefit from this without owning real estate. A real estate broker’s license is required if you wish to start a property management business.  However, you are not required to have one if you work for a property owner.  You can get in touch with the Texas Real Estate Commission for further details.

12. Web Design Agency

Web Design Agency

Websites are becoming increasingly important for businesses worldwide.  A fantastic way to enter this sector would be to launch a web design firm. It’s a good idea to provide pre-made bundles on your platforms in addition to putting up your crew and equipment, so potential customers know what to expect.

13. Home Tutoring

Home Tutoring

Home teaching can be a pretty easy business to get into, depending on how you set up your business.  Try to give your timetable and specialization additional consideration. On a more personal level, you can go to your client’s homes or ask them to come to you. To grow your business, you must create a legal business corporation and follow the tax laws in your area.

14. Beauty Business

Beauty Business

Both men and women might find the beauty sector to be a lovely small business concept, but it also requires a lot of work to be successful in it. There are many different types of beauty-related enterprises, so you’ll need to select one and develop a business plan around it (hair, nails, cosmetics, or all three?).  Depending on the type of store you want to create, you’ll also need to apply for a cosmetology salon license.

15. Charitable Business

Charitable Business

Starting a nonprofit organization or charity is a fantastic way to make a difference in the severely damaged society we live in today.  You must first choose the charity you want to start, write a mission statement for it, and then register it with your state. Workplace meetings may be subject to various restrictions while the epidemic is still active.  In such circumstances, you could consider establishing a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
This helpful guide to DAOs may be of assistance.

16. Virtual Event Planner

Virtual Event Planner

As a result of the epidemic, many businesses and groups have moved their operations online.  This change includes corporate events, which raises the need for online event planners. You must build a strong online presence because the majority of your operations will take place online.  To advertise your services, you must do this by setting up a website and social media profiles.  You will nonetheless need to register your business with the state as you are a legal business organization.

17. Sell Your Photography

Sell Your Photography

You may start your own business if you are talented and passionate about photography. As with any business, especially one in the arts, try to identify a niche in which you can promote yourself.  Then create a business strategy after that.  Will you just be selling prints of the artwork you choose?  Do you take reservations?  Need a studio to be set up? You can determine the following phases of your venture by responding to these questions.

18. Mobile Food Truck

Mobile Food Truck

A food truck is more useful and easier to run than a traditional restaurant, which makes it a better choice for people who want to start their own business. You must apply for a food handler’s license, a food management identification license, and a vending license from the state health department after creating your business plan.  You can then apply for a business permit after receiving this.

19. Electronic Gadget Repairing

Electronic Gadget Repairing

The technology and gadgets we buy will probably malfunction at some point.  Repairs made in the official service facilities of the manufacturer, however, could be pricey.  People are constantly seeking inexpensive fixes. To ensure your success, make sure to use knowledgeable and skilled professionals.  Think about varying your service offerings as well.  Being a one-stop shop for electronics repairs is always a smart idea.

20. Fast Food Restaurant – Starting a Business in Texas

Fast Food Restaurant

If you want to open a fast-food establishment, you have a few alternatives.  You may either start your own brand or invest in a franchise.  Although the latter is a little trickier than the former, it does provide you with more control. Your success depends on making the correct location choice and using effective self-promotion techniques. As with other enterprises involving food, you must first acquire a business license as well as a number of health permits.

Final Words

Success in business, regardless of the concept, requires dedication and effort. Remember that you should only take reasonable risks and ask for help when you need to, especially in areas where you don’t know much.

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