Some Critical Outlook Issues that Consumers Encounter and Ways to Fix Them

Email is the default mode of communication for performing everyday tasks in almost all organizations. According to Balance Small Business, a free email app could be good enough for personal use, but you will need a greater degree of organization and a higher security level to manage time-sensitive and business-critical emails. You may have to opt for something better than just a standard email app.

The modern-day email apps whether extensions of clients such as, Microsoft’s Outlook or Google’s Gmail, or even third-party tools offer a plethora of productivity or efficiency-enhancing tools. Microsoft Outlook is phenomenally popular today thanks to its attributes that include advanced features, simple UI, and unbeatable efficiency.

However, the Microsoft Outlook email application is not without flaws. Some errors may crop up all of a sudden, putting a halt to the smooth functioning of your day-to-day tasks. Some of the common issues include start-up issues, freezing, profile handling issues, sluggish working, etc.

Issue No. 1: Outlook Stuck on Loading Profile

It is one of the most common issues with Microsoft Outlook. Over time, notes, emails, attachments, calendar entries, etc. start piling up gradually in your Outlook PST. It becomes unusually voluminous, and it becomes almost impossible to carry on working with Outlook because of the hopelessly slow speed. It may trigger an ’Outlook stuck at loading profile problem. You need to think of an effective Outlook repair solution.

So what is the solution? The initial solution is to consider reducing the overall PST file size. You may focus on eliminating everything that is bloating up the PST. Look for the folder named “Larger than 100 Kb” within Outlook 2007. This folder contains all your emails over 100 Kb. Delete all your unimportant, old emails that have bulky attachments. If you require an attachment, you may consider saving it on your disk. However, you should eliminate it from PST. You may make it a point to delete all unnecessary and unwanted emails and ensure that your trash is cleared. Another solution is to archive all your important business emails by year. It will help save huge volumes of data to the disk thus, taking the burden off PST.

Issue No. 2: Outlook Not Responding

Today, you come across several Outlook add-ins that claim to assist in the seamless working of Outlook. Unfortunately, many of these add-ins have bugs. Moreover, some of these add-ins are written poorly. When you use a corrupt add-in, your Outlook may crash all of a sudden, without any warning signs. It may trigger the Outlook not working or Outlook not responding error. Moreover, installing too many of these add-ins may end up making Outlook slower. Outlook data file corruption and corrupt Outlook profile issues could lead to your email application crashing all of a sudden.

So what is the solution? Try to figure out if the underlying cause of this issue is the add-ins. You may proceed by starting the Outlook app. in ‘Safe Mode’. Examine if it is performing better. If it fails to perform better, then the problem is somewhere else. In case, Outlook starts performing better, consider going to the Trust Center and start disabling all suspected add-ins. Once the process is complete, you may restart Outlook as usual. Even after disabling the Outlook add-ins if the issue is not resolved, you may recreate your Outlook profile.

Issue No. 3: Corrupt PST File

When you open Outlook, you may see corrupt PST file errors. We know that such issues may culminate in failure to access any data within Outlook as such errors will not allow Outlook to open.

So what is the solution? ScanPST. exe, the built-in repair utility of Microsoft is perfect for this situation. You may locate it in the Outlook installation folder. Start running it! If the repair utility seems to freeze or fail to repair PST file corruption, consider utilizing premium Outlook repair tools to fix the issue.

Issue No. 4: Spam Emails From Your Account

Your contacts may get in touch with you telling you that they are receiving spam or unwanted emails from you. You are not responsible or even aware of sending those emails. It may become pretty embarrassing because the receiver is an important business associate. You should at once resolve this issue.

So what is the solution? We need to find the root cause of this issue. Your computer may have been Malware-infected, or your email account hacked. The first step is to change the password to resolve the issue. If you fail to do so, it is best to contact support promptly and report the problem. If your computer seems to be virus-infected, use one of the premium antivirus programs apart from your regular one. You may even consider informing your contacts about this issue.


If you wish to avoid these manual efforts and save time, you may use cutting-edge repair tools for Outlook. These tools could help repair common Outlook issues and errors, including corrupt PST files.

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