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reddit video downloader shortcut

Reddit Video Downloader Shortcut  Outside of Reddit, I’ve been sharing a lot of Reddit stuff with my pals recently. While getting photos from Reddit is simple, downloading videos and GIFs is not. Reddit has made it difficult for users to download films and GIFs uploaded on the site. This makes it impossible to distribute videos or store them locally outside of Reddit. But, happily, there are a handful of solutions for downloading Reddit videos to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Using any of these techniques, you may free download Reddit videos with sound and store them to your Android/iOS device. Let’s take a look at all the different ways you may get Reddit videos on your Android or iPhone. A Reddit bot is a programme that can assist you in automating a range of activities and jobs. You must specify the bot command in a Reddit post as a comment, and the bot will do the job linked with the supplied command automatically.

Similarly, Reddit Downloader bots such as., u/SaveVideo, u/SaveVideoBot, and u/vRedditShare abound. On your Android or iOS smartphone, you may use these bots to download and store Reddit videos. You won’t need to download any third-party software for this. The operation of a Reddit video downloading bot is simple. Mention the bot in the comments section of the Reddit video or GIF you wish to preserve. I’m using the SaveVideo bot in this example. As a result, I’ll leave a remark under the video or GIF with “u/SaveVideo” (without quotes). The bot will then give you a message with a link to download the movie within a few seconds (ocasionally minutes). To launch a new web page on your default browser, tap the link. You may immediately download videos from Reddit using the Slide for Reddit app. Follow these instructions to download Reddit Video Downloader Shortcut  movies to your iPhone using the Slide for Reddit app:

1. Go to the App Store and download the “Slide for Reddit” app, then go to the video post you wish to save on your iOS devices.

2. Now, tap on the video to play it, and then tap the ‘Download’ option in the video player’s bottom right corner.

3. An overlay box titled “Your video is downloading” will appear, displaying the download status. It will store the downloaded movie to your Photos app after the download is complete. This strategy is only applicable to Reddit-hosted videos. Use Reddit Video Downloader websites to download videos from outside the platform.

Using Websites that Download Videos from Reddit.

On my smartphone, I prefer not to use any third-party clients to browse Reddit. Assume you’re in my league and don’t want to utilise a third-party Reddit client to download movies or Gifs. Reddit video downloader websites such as RedditSave,, and may be used to download Reddit Video Downloader Shortcut videos to your iPhone.

These websites are simple to navigate and allow you to download Reddit videos by just entering their URL. Not only that, but you can also download movies from websites like Imgur and others that are not hosted on Reddit. Follow these instructions to download movies and GIFs from a Reddit video downloader website on iOS.Go to the Reddit video you want to download and open it. To copy the video post URL, first hit the “Share” button, then tap the “Copy Link” button from the share sheet. Now, on your favourite web browser, open any Reddit video downloader website and paste the URL in the text field, then touch the “Download” button.

For this tutorial, I’m going to use RedditSave. Select “Download HD Video” from the drop-down menu. Then, on the popup, click “Download” to begin the download. You may now watch your downloaded movie in your browser’s Downloads folder. Save video/GIF to the camera roll on your iPhone/iPad. To save it to your camera roll, tap the “Share” icon on the bottom left and select “Save Video.” On iPhones and iPads, use Siri Shortcuts to download Reddit Videos. (Apple iOS 14 and above)

Siri Shortcuts is a native iOS app for iPhones and iPads that automates tasks. Assume you want your iPhone to launch Spotify and play a certain song as soon as your alarm goes off. You may automate the process by creating a Shortcut. There are also some sophisticated Shortcuts that you may employ to do more difficult jobs. If you wish to download a Reddit video using a Siri shortcut, for example, you may do so. To download movies from Reddit, we’re utilising a Shortcut called “Reddit Save,” which you can install on your iPhone/iPad. Let’s have a look at how you can download Reddit videos using a Siri Shortcut on iOS:

Reddit Video Downloader Shortcut

1. Open this URL on your iPhone/iPad, then select the “Add Shortcut” button to create a new Shortcut for “Reddit Save.”

2. Launch the Reddit app and press the “Share Button” beneath the video you wish to download.

3. A share sheet for iOS will appear. You’ll see a new option named “Reddit Save” if you scroll ahead. It should be tapped.

4. A notice will appear; choose “OK” to continue.
The Reddit Save shortcut will be activated, and the action linked with it will be performed.
Because this is the first time you’ve used this Shortcut, it’ll ask for permission to do the predetermined tasks.
I recommend setting all permissions to “Always Allow” so you don’t have to grant them every time you want to download a Reddit video.

How can I get Reddit videos on my Android phone?

The Reddit Video Downloader Bots are compatible with any smartphone platform. Using the Reddit app on Android and want to use a Reddit Downloader bot to download a video or GIF? That’s a possibility!

It’s as easy as naming your favourite bot in a comment on the video you wish to download on your Android Reddit app.This Reddit Downloader bot will then give you a message with a link within a few seconds (or even minutes). To download the video to your Android smartphone, open that link in your favourite browser and touch the “Download HD Video” option. You may subsequently watch the downloaded video in the Gallery app on your phone. While some of us like blasting the Reddit bot’s name beneath every video, others choose to remain anonymous while downloading every Reddit video.


For those of you who want to download Reddit videos to your Android device, there are a variety of apps available.”Viddit,” a popular video downloading programme for Reddit, is one such app. Viddit features an easy-to-use interface that allows you to download Reddit videos and GIFs. Using the Viddit app, there are two methods to get Reddit videos.

First, get “Viddit – Video Downloader for Reddit (With Audio)” on your Android smartphone or tablet and install it. Now launch the Reddit app and copy the URL of the video you wish to download from the post. Then, in the Viddit app, put your Reddit video URL into the text area. Then, on your Android smartphone, tap “Download” to save that Reddit video. You may also hit the “Share” button underneath the video post and select “Viddit” from the Android share sheet to start downloading the video automatically.Keep in mind that Viddit is an ad-supported programme, so you’ll encounter advertisements in the UI. Although there is the option to pay to remove the advertising, this will also benefit the app’s creator.

C. Using Websites that Download Videos from Reddit.

Installing third-party apps isn’t your thing? In such situation, you can download videos from Reddit using one of the Reddit Video Downloader Websites. Many websites, such as RedditSave,, and, allow you to download Reddit films directly from their URLs.

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