Reddit Soccer Streams Alternatives: 25 Sites Like Reddit Soccer Streams To Watch Sports Streaming Online


Reddit Soccer Streams Alternatives: Soccer streaming on the well-known website Reddit have been disabled. Soccer fans may watch free internet streams of the game on this site. As a result of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, this Reddit gained popularity. Every match was streamed to more than 100,000 viewers.

Reddit’s ability to watch live soccer has been pulled off due to a Premier League warning.

Though it won’t happen, we still fervently hope that Soccer Streams will return. And we are aware that everyone wants to watch premium sports for free.

Not to worry. There are a few options, and we’ve chosen to discuss the top Reddit Soccer Streams substitute in this article. Yes, you will receive a high field for free to watch a football game.

What Is Reddit Soccer Stream?

The most well-known online page to receive and distribute a top-notch football feed was Reddit’s soccer page. It was the most well-known subreddit where fans of football could watch free soccer online Reddit and enjoy every football game.

Every member in this thread has access to Reddit soccer stream links for every league game, and there are no state restrictions.

What Happened To Reddit Soccer Stream?

FIFA broadcasts Reddit, making it easier for football fans to watch sport there. But regrettably, Reddit restricted soccer streaming after receiving a copyright alert from a Premier League team, and after this feed amassed almost 500,000 members, Reddit pulled it down.

The majority of Reddit users are currently looking for alternatives to Reddit streams. The removal of MLS soccer streaming from Reddit didn’t go over well with soccer fans. Although it won’t completely eliminate the necessity for the Reddit stream, the only option that may satisfy game enthusiasts is soccer broadcasts.

25 Sites Like Reddit Soccer Streams To Watch Sports Streaming Online

We all want Reddit Soccer Streams to return, but that is not going to happen. So, in order to provide you additional opportunities to watch any football game for free, we have listed with you the top Reddit Soccer Streams Alternative.

We’ll see.

#1. r/Reddit Soccer (Free)

This subreddit has the most subscribers that are actively using it, at roughly 1.5 million. You may obtain the most recent information about all league games and news by watching this broadcast. So, if you’re interested in subscribing to this channel, we advise reading all of their terms first.

After acquiring a subscription, they will notify you of the schedule for each match, league summaries, prior game highlights, and other game-related news.

#2. r/SoccerStream69 (Free)

The goal of SoccerStream69’s introduction was to inform users and members about the games that will be played there. This page may be restricted due to copyright concerns, so it’s not exactly the best way to get the updates.

Before each match begins, the live connection will be shown using this alternative of streaming soccer for 30 minutes. It evolved as a Reddit alternative for world cup soccer streams for football fans so that they could watch the most recent game in peace and quiet.

#3. Reddit r Soccer (Free)

Another alternative stream that offers live feeds prior to the start of all football matches is Reddit r soccer. This page has around 10,000 subscribers, and its members, who number about 1,000, are constantly active online.

This service constantly offers a reliable live stream so that users may watch the full game without interruption. Additionally, it is a free stream, and the users utilize this page while upholding their own rules and guidelines.

#4. Reddit/r/Fantasyfootball (Free)

as an alternative to soccer streaming Another stream that is effective for game fans is Reddit r fantasy football. It functions similarly to other streams in that it offers high-quality connections prior to the first 30 minutes of the live football game.

#5. Reddit NBA (Free)

The NBA community on Reddit has an alternative subreddit page with four lakh users. It enjoys discussing basketball. But the fact that it also prohibited is negative for the group’s members. The majority of people share illegibly with NBA live stream freely, which is the main reason for removing this page.

#6. Sony LIV (Paid)

reddit soccer streams alternatives

We are all aware of the brand name Sony LIV, but many of us are unaware that it is actually an application. You can Reddit stream any sports and games you want to watch with the use of this program. It is a legitimate website that serves as an official broadcasting page.

However, there are certain subscription costs for this site that customers must pay. This business is well-known and has the greatest website for streaming football and other sports. You may use it on any Android or iOS smartphone thanks to this.

#7. (Paid)


As the greatest Reddit soccer streams alternatives, is a well-known streaming service. Users of this website may watch any game live since it features football with GP, hockey, badminton, and much more.

#8. Watch ESPN (Paid & Free)


ESPN is a significant and established source for sports reddit soccer streams alternatives information. Reddit’s USA soccer feed is available to Americans who want to watch a live football game online. Therefore, if you are not from the USA, you must use a VPN to test this site.

#9. Hotstar Sports (Paid & Free)


A platform for entertainment with a foundation in India is called Hotstar Sports. It first debuted in 2015. On the website, it is available for purchase. Users are able to utilize this on their Windows, Android, FireTV, iOS, and Apple TV devices.

This stream enables people to utilize it for free or money. It is utilized by lots of customers to view and take in any football game over a live connection.

#10. Discord Stream

reddit soccer streams alternatives

The live football streaming discord server is functional. Discord is mostly used by teams to share connected game files, photos, text, audio, and video. Following Reddit’s prohibition, Reddit soccer streams have resumed their operations on Discord.

Within a few days of beginning their activities, they had amassed more than 1.5 lakh subscribers, with thousands of them regularly logging in. This website’s page has been functioning as a Reddit broadcast for soccer matches.

By contacting the admin panel directly, you can use this website. You may view any live sport if they grant your request. They provide live feeds prior to the first 30 minutes of the game, much as other streams. However, if there was no live game on this channel, you couldn’t see any links.

#11. AceListing


Would you want links to live soccer streaming? You are on the correct track if the answer is yes. AceListing provides you with a captivating experience that is comparable to reddit Soccer Streams. Soccer Streams has been using this internet connection for some months, and its fans would be more familiar with it.

One of the best venues to watch live soccer without spending a dime is right here.

#12. RedSoccer

reddit soccer streams alternatives

A few substitutes emerge after SoccerStreams was prohibited. Redsoccer is one of those subreddits made possible by the internet as a reddit Soccer Streams alternatives.

Even if there aren’t many subscribers on the website, those who are present do a good job of providing useful links immediately before the match begins. Redsoccer has a few regulations unlike the others. These restrictions are designed to keep the streaming connections functional and appealing.

First, only direct connections to the stream are permitted. To prevent confusing intermediary pages, this is done. The connections’ quality is also indicated by the terms SD, HD, and MISR (Minimum Internet Speed Required).

#13. r/LiverpoolFC

reddit soccer streams alternatives

The greatest location for Liverpool FC supporters to find the most recent information about their beloved club is on this subreddit. Over 200k people make up the family of this page, the majority of whom consistently frequent the website.

To participate in the current topic, you must register for a Reddit account. You may find details about where to watch live Liverpool games, forthcoming schedules, purchase guides, and more on this page.

#14. r/Footballtactics

football tactics

This is a good Reddit alternatives for soccer streams where you can locate the streaming URL for the football game you’re looking for. Although it only has 15k members, it is far more effective than other subreddits despite its tiny family size.
The members post streaming links to various football games. On this website, there are always more than a thousand active users.

You should not be concerned about the links’ quality because AceStream provides the majority of the links submitted on this page. You may find other information, such as the schedule, live score, match previews, and much more, in addition to streaming links.

#15. r/USsoccer

reddit soccer streams alternatives

After the closure of r/soccerstreams, r/USsoccer has become one of the most popular reddit soccer streams alternatives. This is a topic of discussion for many fans of the US men’s and women’s national football teams.

More than 50k of its users are active, and they frequently share the most recent news on the US men’s and women’s football teams. The updates may be filtered using terms like Hot, New, Top, Rising, etc.

You may view the future games for both teams on this page. You may initiate conversations with other users and share the most recent updates and streaming links by joining the page.

#16. r/chelseafc

reddit soccer streams alternatives

The Chelsea Football Club is the focus of this soccerstreams Reddit page, which has over 160K active users who frequently post updates regarding the team.

You can find the most recent information, schedules, standings, football memes, and much more on this website. You can learn all there is to know about Chelsea FC right here.

You may join this website to interact with other users and express your thoughts about the Chelsea squad. But if you don’t abide by the page guidelines, moderators may ban you from this subreddit.

#17. r/MCFC

reddit soccer streams alternatives

The Manchester City Football Club is the focus of this reddit soccer streams alternatives. More than 60k of its members are active and frequently submit information about this group.

You may find information about future games, live results, pre- and post-match updates, stats, Football memes, and much more on this website. In other words, this page will assist you in keeping up of Manchester City FC news.

A lot of members also post streaming links that may be used to quickly view highlights. While sharing or posting anything on this website, you should abide by the restrictions that the moderators have established. If not, they will exclude you from the group without delay.

#18. r/PremierLeague

reddit soccer streams alternatives

On this reddit soccer streams alternatives,  English Premier League supporters may find all the most recent news, stats, highlights, and even links to live games. The moderators closely watch the roughly 282k users of this community, whose activity.

The majority of its members are engaged in conversations, polls, queries, and many other engaging activities the majority of the time. To stay up to current on all EPL news, you’ll find this subreddit to be both interesting and helpful. The moderators only distribute high-quality, quickly loading links.

#19. Laola1

reddit soccer streams alternatives

You can’t just end the list of free Reddit soccer streams broadcasts online without mentioning Laola1. Millions of people from all around the world frequent this well-known website, which caters to sports aficionados.

You can catch up on live soccer matches from leagues including the European League, NFL, English Premier League, Champions League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Series A, and more here. In addition, you may view tennis, basketball, golf, motorsports, and many more sports.
It provides basic streaming with decent video quality for free, but if you choose its premium membership, you may get some more perks. .

#20. First Row Sports

reddit soccer streams alternatives

Direct reddit soccer streams connections to on-going matches taking place all around the world may be found at First Row Sports. The website is effortlessly navigable on PCs, tablets, and mobile devices because to its straightforward user experience.

It offers streaming connections for various well-known sports, like basketball, rugby, ice hockey, motorsports, tennis, boxing, and more, in addition to soccer events.

Every live sport has many streaming connections that are all highly responsive and load rapidly. To provide customers with an effective streaming experience, the video quality also upholds the high level.

The website does have some intrusive adverts, but you can simply ignore them. Installing the Skyfire browser is advised if you use a smartphone in order to experience flawless streaming on this website.

#21. Soccerstream

reddit soccer streams alternatives

After their subreddit was banned by Reddit staff, the creators of r/soccerstreams decided to launch this website. Since then, they have been actively offering connections to live streaming for games in all of the main football leagues. Aside from those sports, they also cover MMA, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MBL. The website displays results for all completed and upcoming games as well as match schedules.

Its neat and well-organized user interface makes for easy surfing. It offers several streaming links for all of the live games and lets you know which TV station the game is broadcast on.

#22. FootyBite

reddit soccer streams alternatives

There are several football websites on the internet that compete with one another to provide you with the most recent information on the game. With so many websites available, Footybite an reddit soccer streams alternatives, stands out as being distinct from the rest simply due to its dual functioning. In addition to giving you all the facts, it also has a lot more to offer you as a spectator.

For football fans who desire match updates, post-match responses, previews, transfer scoops, and other information, Footybite is the ideal platform. It presents itself as a website that offers live results, statistics, and news. But its streaming advantages are what make it most well-known. On its homepage, the website could appear to be ordinary, but if you navigate to its internal sections, you can get streaming connections for live matches.

#23. EPLSite

reddit soccer streams alternatives

In the UK, you may stream reddit soccer for free via SD and HD connections. The service’s sole flaw is its extremely pushy advertising, which includes intrusive pop-ups and click ads. However, if you don’t mind advertisements, EPLSite will allow you to watch the event for free. You could require certain sports-related presents or handouts on different occasions whether you work as a supplier for the production of sporting events, an event organizer, or just a sports lover, such as baseball trading pins, personalized coins, medals, etc. You’ll be well to choose GS-JJ.COM. For more than 20 years, it has been one of the biggest and most favored platforms for customizing promotional presents.

#24. Sportrar.TV

reddit soccer streams alternatives

The streams are gathered from various sources by another Stream Indexing service. It is one of the top reddit soccer streams alternatives streaming platform and was once known as

The platform ensures that there are many linkages for each fixture in case one link breaks. Without creating an account or paying a fee, you may watch live NBA, tennis, motorsports, NBA, cricket, and other sports. However, the platform could contain intrusive advertisements. However, the free content and streams we receive make the small hassle worthwhile.

Offers: Live match streaming links.

#25. FoxSports

reddit soccer streams alternatives

You may get live sports and programming from the FOX Sports networks, including FS1, FS2, Regional Network, Big Ten Network, FOX Deportes, FOX College Sports, and FOX Soccer Plus, through GO. The website is user-friendly and offers a variety of live programs for sports fans.

No matter where you are, what device you’re using, or which Fox Sports station you’re interested in, the app makes it simple to watch a stream of Fox Sports for no extra charge.

NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NASCAR, MMA, UFC, NCAA, FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 TM, Bundesliga, and MLS are among the sports on offer.

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