Top 23 Best Putlocker Alternatives For 2023

Alternatives to Putlocker

Putlocker was a service that allowed users to watch movies and TV episodes online. Even if the main website has been removed, clones and mirrors may still be found. It’s unclear whether the site’s original founder or founders had anything to do with these mirrors.

However, as law enforcement has cracked down on sites that disseminate copyrighted information, many people have started seeking alternatives. So, is it legal for you to use Putlocker? What are your options? Continue reading to find out more.

What Happened to Putlocker?

Seeking an excellent alternative to Putlocker the most powerful movie streaming platform, though, is not by any means a simple feat. To help you all of this, we have assembled a list of 16 of the best Putlocker alternatives so that you can watch free TV shows and videos anytime, wherever.

Is using Putlocker illegal?

The quick answer is yes. Using a site like Putlocker is unlawful. Putlocker, like 123Movies or PrimeWire, makes copyrighted content available to its customers without requiring a license. They do not possess the distribution rights to this material. Here’s a good rule of thumb for determining if a website is lawful or not:

You are not permitted to stream or download content to which someone else has the copyright if you do not pay for it and the copyright holder has not granted authorization to disseminate their work via a specific site or service.

However, not every nation follows the same copyright infringement standards. It depends on your country if watching streaming on sites like Putlocker has any effects.

Is Putlocker safe to use?

No is the obvious response to the above question. To support the assertion, here are some reasons why using Putlocker is dangerous:

  • Because the proprietors do not pay for sufficient security measures to safeguard its users, the free content on the site exposes them. They only care about securing their servers, not the contents of downloads in transit.
  • Because user safety is not a concern, everyone who uses the site does so at their own risk.
  • There is no legal agreement that holds the site owners legally responsible for the loss of users’ information.
  • Due to a lack of user protection, hackers can drop malicious files to phishing data and destroy the operating systems of users’ devices.
  • For fraudulent motives, site administrators may purposefully attach malware files that consumers can download with the video material. If Putlocker can steal stuff to stream, they can take your data as well.
  • Putlocker mirror websites generate money and keep their servers running by accepting voluntary donations without requiring a membership. Because they are free, people are often lured into browsing illicit streaming services such as Putlocker to access unlimited material. However, hackers can steal your credit card information and use it to make fraudulent purchases from such sites.

Malvertising can also enter your system when using Putlocker, resulting in identity theft, sabotage, and even extortion. As a result, you must play cautiously to prevent becoming infected with malware.

Putlocker Mirrors: Is Using Putlocker Dangerous?

In terms of device safety, it’s difficult to evaluate whether Putlocker is risky or not. It all depends on whatever mirror or copy you’re looking at.

Mirrors and duplicates have appeared since they removed the original website. Anyone who hosts such a mirror may have malicious intentions. Malicious ads may be posted everywhere, and files can be updated to include infections. Because of the broad diversity of mirrors, some are safe while others are not.

This implies that utilizing services like Putlocker puts you at risk. Putlocker mirrors are not the safest places to visit because while you downloading any material it download viruses also.

How to Stream Putlocker Securely

Putlocker is illegal in many places, and we do not support its use in such regions. However, there are certain places where such a streaming service can be used for personal purposes. If people in these countries decide to use a service like Putlocker, they should take the required steps to keep themselves secure from prying eyes, malware, and rogue website hosts.

If you intend to utilize Putlocker, be certain that you:

  • Use a secure Putlocker mirror.
  • Use a reliable antivirus program, such as Kaspersky.
  • Use a decent VPN like Surfshark to protect your internet connection.

You’re well-protected against viruses and rogue website administrators that want to steal your data if you use a VPN and antivirus software.

Top Best Alternatives to Putlocker in 2023

Here are Putlocker ‘s best alternative sites that give movie fans quick access to high-quality streaming video.

1. SolarMovie


Looking for a platform that offers a large variety of films for free? SolarMovie has the potential to be your ideal putlocker. It’s free, quick, and constantly enhanced to provide you with the best. For an unrestricted streaming experience, you may access the site’s large library of movies and series.

The design is simple to use, and SolarMovie provides one of the greatest platforms for streaming videos. You’ll have to overlook the few advertisements, which are common on websites like this. Aside from that, the site is an excellent resource for movies and TV series of all genres and categories.

You’ll also discover videos organized by country name, which means you’ll be able to watch films from all over the world, from India to Korea. You must register on the site using an email address, but registration is free.

2. 123 Movies

123 Movies

With many streaming platforms such as Putlocker, the market is saturated, but only a few can be deemed legal and secure. 123 Movies is a world-famous streaming platform that focuses on content, privacy, and comfort for consumers.

Is 123Movies a user-friendly site? Does it host new movies?

Well, that’s what you could ask for from a decent streaming site for movies. A vast index list of films and TV shows is considered to be delivered, and options never fall short.

It also has well-categorized parts that allow you to browse for new content quickly. Based on several parameters, including last added, release year, and most-watched, you can narrow your quest.

3. GoMovies




The nicest part of GoMovies is that you may choose between two different homepage styles. The default option is now clutter-free and has a well-designed lookup function. There is also a link to the website’s previous look. It is great for surfing when you haven’t decided what you want to see. You may sort movies by trending, most seen, and IMDb rating. The evening mode is another outstanding feature of GoMovies. When you enable this, the website changes to a dark-colored style that is excellent for late-night movie marathons.

4. Rainierland


Although it is not the cleanest platform for video streaming, it is undoubtedly one of Putlocker’s better alternatives. With additional information, such as the actor’s name, you get a massive array of new and iconic shows. You can use it for streaming movie previews as well. The only drawback to this excellent website is that it’s not ad-free.

5. Afdah


Afdah, a platform that gives away free films without requiring a sign-up, is another popular Putlocker replacement. It is a no-frills platform with no extraneous features that might be confusing to a novice user.

It features a simple user interface, and it is easy to navigate the site’s enormous library and select the films that you want. No more navigating the web to find the correct page for streaming video! The video categories are neat and orderly. They will be divided into genres such as Thriller, Action, Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi, War, and others. Even the search engine is rather effective.

6. FMovies


Fmovies is another best free movie streaming website such as putlockers. Its new and elegant user interface differentiates it from its rivals.

You can quickly navigate and stream your favorite movies and shows for free through their different categories and genres. Consider using a VPN link to enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience if you are experiencing any quality problems. Since it’s free of cost, you could have a few advertisements here and there before playing your video.

7. FilmRise


FilmRise is a fantastic free film streaming service. On this website, you may search for TV series and movies by category. You may filter and sift among movies based on your preferences.

Featured, reality, classic, new releases, documentaries, and other genres are among the most popular. Before you can watch movies or TV series, you must first install the app.

8. Popcornflix


With Popcornflix, enjoy your favorite movie. For quite some time, it has been on the market and is viewed as an effective alternative to Putlocker.

Much of the catalog comprises old and classic films, but that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the new content on it. To use Popcornflix, there is no need to sign up to build an account, which means you can watch your favorite movies easily. Both major operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS, are also fully compliant with Popcornflix.

9. Myflixer


MyFlixer is one of the most prominent sites on which most netizens rely for free material. This video streaming site is a great place to watch movies and TV episodes.

The selection on this page will astound you. Its library has hundreds of films and is constantly growing, making it an excellent substitute for Putlocker. You’ll be binge-watching for days on end on this platform.

Because the amount of functions is restricted, it is a simple platform to use with no needless frills. You may also rely on this website for excellent streaming performance. However, the platform’s simplicity makes it a lethargic one, yet this has no effect on the site’s or mobile platform’s speed, which is amazing!

You’ll have to cope with a lot of pop-ups as an ad-supported site..

10. 5Movies


You can find the new movies on this page that can be downloaded for free as well. This online service for movies is a somewhat useful site, making it a worthy competitor to Putlocker.

The movie categorization is completely fine, and without much effort, you can check for your videos. On the Android platform, this site is also available as a smartphone download. And unscripted TV drama shows and music recordings can be found on this web video platform for film.

11. Tubitv


You may watch ancient classic movies for free on this website. This is a straightforward streaming platform that is an excellent Putlocker alternative. The movie classification is flawless, and you can easily search for your favorite flicks.

12. MovieWatcher


Moviewatcher ‘s essential highlights are its sturdy library along with a well-organized playlist. You can categorize your quest based on movie form, success, year of release, and genre.

Along with the search menu, the homepage of the site is organized correctly and facilitates effortless navigation. The new film, most-watched film, and movies currently in theatre, also hosts an entirely different portion. The web is entirely desktop and smartphone platform compliant.

13. Vumoo


Vumoo is another Putlocker alternative worth considering because it provides unlimited access to internet streaming material. This site runs on a freemium model, with users having the option to upgrade their accounts for a better, ad-free streaming experience.

The material that users may access for free is also respectable, so you can most likely avoid paying the platform’s subscription price.

14. MoviesJoy


Due to its highly updated database that can enable online viewing of HD movies, web-based series and videos, and even free TV episodes, MoviesJoy has won a spot in our list of best alternatives to the Putlocker website.

With MoviesJoy, watching the new HD movies and shows is a breeze. There is a search bar at the top of the home page to enter the required film or display name and other helpful keywords to search for them quickly. You will watch movies and TV shows from all over the world, with a wide range of genres. There are several foreign-language movies available with English subtitles on this streaming platform.

15. Bflix


Bflix is the ideal location to access a massive collection of movies, TV shows, cartoons, web series, and more on one platform.

This Putlocker alternative is a favorite of netizens who enjoy streaming video material. The streaming procedure is quick. Most people regard this as a trustworthy site for gaining free access to the greatest entertainment in the form of high-quality films.

The videos on Bflix are organized into distinct categories. You will find them organized by country name, release year, alphabetical order, IMDb rating, and more, making it very easy for all users to discover the movies they want. This allows you to spend more time viewing your favorite material rather than searching for it. It’s simple to use and provides several servers for seamless streaming.

16. Los Movies

Los Movies

Although the films, television series, and documentaries available on this site are in English, there are various subtitle options available in different languages. It includes subtitle translations for all major languages, from Swedish and Albanian to Croatian, allowing non-native viewers to experience online movies comfortably.

The new release movies and most-watched TV shows are mostly available in full HD, and since they are accessible on the main page of the web, users can conveniently access them. If you have an ad blocker working on your machine, Los Movies’ built-in video player, which is known to be the biggest downside, will be disabled, but aside from that, the site functions reasonably well.

17. Noxx


Noxx, another fantastic portal only dedicated to supplying TV episodes and web series, is one of the greatest Putlocker alternatives you will come across.

It is an online video streaming platform from the house of AZMovies that offers a vast library of high-quality videos. The main issue with this website is the categorization of the programs and web series.

To be fair, it’s a newcomer to the video streaming scene, so there’s lots of room for growth. Fortunately, it is catching on quickly. It guarantees that all gaps are filled using an easy-to-use search engine. It also guarantees that the episode sequence is not disturbed while watching series and programs. This platform also provides the most recent material. It provides a comprehensive entertainment experience.

18. CMovies


For all sorts of movie and TV show fans, Cmovies is the go-to spot for online platforms like Putlocker.

The website brings to one location all the newly published movies and full-length episodes of famous TV shows that you can access free of charge online without any hassle. With hundreds of various formats, including action, romance, suspense, horror, satire, biography, fantasy, and more, the site features an extensive film material database.

19. Megashare


This is believed to be one of the most convenient and straightforward streaming alternatives available on the internet right now. Megashare features an easy-to-use interface, a large client base, and a large library to offer you. Use it to watch movies and TV series for free; no registration is required.

You may also watch movies of varying quality depending on your internet connection speed. It also prints in HD quality. The installation of subtitles is another popular feature of the incredible website.

20. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

With other prominent streaming websites such as Netflix and Prime Video, Popcorn Time enjoys a comparable degree of success. In its library, you get a massive collection of TV shows and movies.

To replay them later, you can even use it to stream your favorite film and TV shows. It comes with a GUI and navigation mechanism that is easy to use.

Through its neatly classified pages, such as newly added, upcoming films, etc., you can easily access high-quality material. In addition, streaming is not limited because, instead of being a website, it has native applications for all major platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS.

21. Couchtuner


Couchtuner is yet another famous movie streaming service that has all of the most recent movies and shows in its library. The website’s near-perfect layout and general availability make it one of the greatest alternatives to Putlcoker.

The sole reason consumers choose alternative movie streaming websites over CouchTuner is the quantity of obtrusive advertisements they must endure while streaming. Ads appear on every click, which is slightly aggravating.

22.  Movie4u


Movie4u is a free video entertainment platform close to Putlockers, where you can watch movies and TV shows from various genres and eras. The website design is fundamental and easy to work through to discover your favorite shows and films.

There is a genre-wise list and a year-wise list as you scroll down the homepage. You can also scan for your films using the search bar tool at the top of the web page.

23. YesMovies


Another popular Putlocker alternate platform for viewing free films online is Yes Movies. Yes, Movies is the best place to fulfill your entertainment cravings with more than 9000 free HD movies, TV shows, & documentaries.

The website’s homepage has a beautifully crafted interface divided into numerous parts, such as Genre, Region, Movies, TV Series, and Top IMDb.


Putlocker was one of the best free streaming media for entertainment that went online in 2011. The original roots of the website come from the United Kingdom. One of the fastest websites to draw millions of regular users is Putlockers, which has become one of the UK’s most popular and trending websites.

Since the putlocker websites are blocked in many countries, it is imperative to find the right alternatives for putlockers. We have specifically listed the ideal and safest options for movie lovers here in this article.

To secure your computers from malware or viruses, we recommend that you use a good and healthy VPN. Finally, you can automatically move to another alternate website if you find your smartphone or laptop is not compliant with either streaming service.

If you face any trouble accessing any of the alternatives to putlockers, we will help you out with a reply.

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