How to Put Two Photos Side by Side On Android Device

put two photos side by side

Most individuals have a large number of images stored on their device at any given moment, so why not use them to create something unique? This collection of apps is devoted to merging images, which means you can utilise many photos in a single project, such as a collage. Suddenly, you have the ability to reconstruct a whole memory of that party, vacation, last day of school, or any other occasion. What better way to collect images of loved ones, pets, and best friends than this?

You’ve probably seen two photos side by side on Instagram, where users usually post before and after photos.
In friendship between two Facebook members, Facebook also displays photos side by side. Do you know how these photographs are made? This is what we’ll see in this tutorial, with several ways.

Many of our users are unfamiliar with the term “collage,” therefore we utilise two photos side by side for simplicity.
Many apps are available for many platforms, including iPhone, Android, and desktops. There are also online web applications that can assist us in merging photos without the need to download any software for how to put 2 photos side by side on samsung.

 How to use Pic Stitch on the iPhone to mix photographs

This section is very important if you use an iPhone. We won’t tell you, but to mix photos on a computer, utilise put two photos side by side. Instead, we’ll show you Pic Stitch, an easy-to-use programme for combining photographs right on your iPhone.

put two photos side by side

Pic Stitch is a popular photo combining app that allows you to combine two or more iPhone photos. It allows you to rapidly make your images outstanding thanks to its simple style and strong editing features. It also works great with images and videos. After you’ve assembled your images, you can easily post them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and to put pictures side by side on android. To begin, download it from the App Store.

Step 1: Start Pic Stitch.

To use this picture combiner, first download and install it to your iPhone, then press its icon to access it.

Step 2: Pick a pattern.

It has a wide variety of patterns to pick from. You are free to select your preferred option. Pic Stitch allows you to combine images.

Step 3: Insert iPhone photos

To add your iPhone photo, tap one of the empty grey squares. You’ll be asked if you want Pic Stitch to have access to your photographs. To select the photos in the “Photo Album,” tap “OK.” You can use this method to add images to other blank grey spots and put two photos side by side free.

Step 4: On your iPhone, combine photos.

After you’ve added all of the necessary photos to our photo combiner, you may do some additional photo editing.
You can also choose your favourite photo border.
Then hit the “Export” button to save the merged image to your Photo Album, iMessage, Instagram, or share it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Part 2: Using Photo Grid on Android to Merge Photos

Why not combine two Android photographs into one? If you have an Android device and need to merge photos, this is the app for you. You might want to give Photo Grid a shot.

One of the most popular picture collage creators for Android is Photo Grid – Photo Collage Editor. With its assistance, you can quickly merge photos and embellish them with spectacular filters, stickers, and text. It has a variety of editing functions that allow you to modify your image and change the output effects. You should definitely download it and give it a shot.

How to use Photoshop to blend two photos

Photoshop is the most widely used picture editing software among experts, yet it also allows you to do some serious altering. You will find Photoshop challenging and confusing at first, but as you become more familiar with the functions, you will become more comfortable with it.

Step 1:

First, open Photoshop on your computer, then go to File, then New.

Step 2:

Now type in the image size for which you want to make a copy.

Step 3:

Go back to the File menu and select Open. Now, in Photoshop, choose both of the images you want to integrate.

Step 4:

Now select both the image and modify the size to fit the height of the blank image we had to make in step 1 and then half the width.

Step 5 :

Carry on with the same procedure for the other image.

Step 6:

Now pick both the image and the blank image and drag and drop them together.

Step 7:

Now adjust the image and place it so that the height and width are the same. In this technique, you may easily merge how to put two pictures side by side on facebook. Here’s an alternative approach for merging photographs without having to download or use any software.

Using web tools, place two photographs side by side.

Another way to merge two photographs online without having to download any software is to use this method.
Using this web application, you can effortlessly put two images side by side.
The instructions for using this online web tool are as follows.

Step 1:

Go to and log in. ua website that will assist you in completing this homework

Select both the images you wish to integrate under section 1 by clicking on selected file options 1 and 2.

Now, in part 2, pick and configure the choices as needed, and in section 3, select the image format and quality as needed. how to put two photographs next to each other Now press OK to complete the process.

You may compare two images side by side utilising internet tools in this manner, and put two photos side by side the greatest thing is that you don’t need to download any software to do so, and you can use it on any smartphone, Windows, or Mac computer.

Final Thoughts

This is a step-by-step guide to putting two photographs side by side on Android and completing the task using an online photo merging tool. If you have any difficulties following this post, please let us know in the comments section and we will assist you. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for topics you would like us to explore.

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