Primewire Alternative: Top 27 Sites Similar To Primewire To Watch Movies/Shows For Free

primewire alternative

Primewire Alternative: In April 2020, EuroDNS, a Luxembourg-based space title enrollment center and DNS service provider, took over PrimeWire’s DNS records. EuroDNS is authorized by ICANN. The area was rendered unavailable for a few days as a result. PrimeWire eventually came back, and it was worse than anyone could have imagined. Malicious adverts inviting customers to use dubious services like Pushplay, which request credit card information and are obviously just scams designed to steal money from unaware victims, have completely replaced all content.

Even devoted PrimeWire long-term customers eventually recognized that the website was effectively gone. Maybe you’re one of them and you’re still looking for the ideal PrimeWire substitute. We’ve put together a list of the top 27 PrimeWire alternative to help you find it, but before we get to those, there’s one last issue we need to tackle.

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Top 27 Sites Similar To Primewire To Watch Movies/Shows For Free


#1. Megashare

Primewire Alternative

One of the simplest  Primewire Alternative websites to utilize for streaming movies and TV episodes online is MegaShare. You only need to search for movies and TV series using the title, genre, and star names. There are several languages for it.

Different types of movies and TV shows are available on MegaShare. You must register on this website using your email address in order to use it. You may also learn a lot about the newest movies, including their release date, plot, and critic reviews.

#2. Movieninja

Primewire Alternative

Finest places to view new movies and TV shows is on Movieninja. This Primewire Alternative website offers HD material, and you may choose from a number of video formats to watch movies and TV series.

In addition, daily fresh stuff is added to this website for movie aficionados. The website also offers all of the venerable old movies and TV series. The Movieninja website provides films and TV shows in a variety of genres, including crime, romance, action, and adventure. It functions on all Android devices, including tablets and smartphones.

#3. Putlocker

Primewire Alternative

Putlocker is the next Primewire Alternative website on the list. It is a reliable website where you may watch free movies, TV episodes, and cartoons. Every kind of film and television is available, including comedies, cartoons, adventures, and romance.

To watch movies, TV episodes, and cartoons online, there is no need to register or log in. Additionally, it has numerous features including daily updates, placing requests, recommendations, and many more.

#4. Bmovies

Primewire Alternative

Numerous films from various nations and genres are available on BMovies. Every user may quickly and easily locate famous movies and TV shows at any time thanks to its strong user interface.

You may email the admin and request your favorite movie or TV show, which is one of the main benefits of utilizing BMovies. Additionally, it offers an HD mode to enhance the entertainment value of your movies and television shows. You can find all the most recent and well-liked movies and TV series on BMovies.

#5. Movie4K

Primewire Alternative

Movie4k is the next website on the list. For movie lovers, it offers a variety of video formats so they may view movies in a manner that is convenient for them. Search criteria for movies and TV series include title, release year, genre, IMDb score, and categories.

An Primewire Alternative website provides you the most popular material to make your work easier. Finding all of your favorite movies and TV series will take less time and effort now. There are no fees or subscription requirements to watch movies and TV series on Movie4k.

#6. Tubi TV

tubi tv

One of the most well-liked websites as Primewire Alternative for streaming both new and classic movies and TV series is Tubi TV. Both iOS and Android smartphones can run it. You may take pleasure in watching HD-quality free movies and TV series.

It features many video resolutions, including 480p and 1080p. Both watching and downloading free movies and TV series are options.

#7. Couch Tuner

couch tuner

You may enjoy yourself and pass the time while on vacation or during the holidays by watching online TV shows and web series. For watching various TV shows, Couch Tuner is one of the greatest options available. In order to provide you with limitless amusement, it offers a big collection of American and other TV shows.

Additionally, the program offers a stunning user experience that presents all the options clearly. Additionally, this website offers the most recent TV programs and episodes. On the Couch Tuner app, you can also view the most recent local, national, and worldwide news. Additionally, it is a useful software for getting free amusement.

#8.BigStar Movies

Primewire Alternative

Bigstar movies live up to their reputation and have amassed a collection of the greatest box office successes in both TV shows and motion pictures.

A great assortment and simple usages make Bigstar movies a suitable replacement for the primewire. This website has excellent usability. However, occasionally the advertising can be really grating. On the plus side, though, using its services is cost-free. Bigstar movies offers HD material in virtually every genre, including romantic, funny, dramatic, and thriller. Bigstar movies website is unquestionably worthwhile a shot with so many advantages and only a minor problem with commercials.

#9. Fandangonow


FandagoNow matches the puzzle pieces as far as my experience with internet streaming platforms is concerned. This is mostly an American platform. You have the option to purchase movie tickets online through the website. By doing this, you may see movies without having to wait in line to pay tickets. You may get tickets at a significant discount thanks to several specials and deals, just as on other commercial sites.

#10. My Download Tube

Primewire Alternative

My Download Tube is another another amazing Primewire Alternative. When you stream movies utilizing the website, you will see that the profile’s contents are worthwhile in every way. As the list of movies is changed daily, the sync in the library is pretty effectively maintained. The website offers a wide range of possibilities, although it can not always be easy to navigate. The audience is being given content in a respectable effort. You may thus check into My Download Tube for a completely fresh and vibrant experience.


Primewire Alternative is one of the best sites that I could recommend. Because it assesses over 400–450 websites on the platform, the website is fantastic all around. Since they are all categorically separated according to quality, it is much simpler for the audience to discover them. As a result, if you want to watch, you must choose the best Primewire Alternative from the available options. Each and every one of the websites in the list is totally risk-free and cost-free to use. Yes, it is welcoming, quite participatory, and very user-friendly. If you don’t attempt it on your own, you won’t know.

#12. TeaTV

Primewire Alternative

Another excellent Primewire Alternative that enables you to watch movies and full HD episodes for free is TeaTV. Depending on your internet connection, the video quality of your material always ranges from 720p to 1080p. TeaTV has a vast collection that almost certainly has every episode and movie you can imagine. You don’t need to sign in to use all the features and benefits, either. Everything on the site is totally free, and using the features doesn’t need logging in. The website’s categories include comic books, romance, action, drama, thrillers, horror, and more. Additionally, the website works with a wide range of gadgets.

#13. Roku


Although it also offers a free streaming video service, Roku is most recognized for its streaming media devices. Anyone may see and play films from their collection for free without using a Roku device. They feature several areas, including News, What’s Cooking, Summer Travels, Relax and Stream, Movies, TV Shows, and more.

#14. PlutoTv

Primewire Alternative

Although it has different material than Tubi TV, Pluto TV is a great free online movie Primewire Alternative and TV program provider. They don’t offer the most recent movies or TV series, like Tubi TV, but they have a ton of free and legal stuff. To display what is accessible with only one click to play a stream, it features a TV guide interface. Videos with play/pause buttons can be viewed at any time in the On-Demand area. Pluto TV is accessible through PC, includes mobile apps, and even functions with the Fire TV Stick.

#15. Hoopla


Hoopla differs from the other services in that it streams from services offered by your local library. You may borrow movies, TV series, audiobooks, and other stuff from the convenience of your home if you have a library card from your local branch and they participate. They do occasionally update their collection, and certain books are only accessible for a short while.

#16. Vudu


There is a lot of stuff available on VUDU, a free streaming service, including movies, television shows, comedies, horror films, family films, action adventure films, and more. It is free, but you must register your email address, and there are sporadic advertising. The process of signing up is short and simple, and the advertisements typically run 15 seconds.

#17. Zmovies

Primewire Alternative

You will enjoy Zmovies because of the consistent updates it provides. Movies and television series are often added to Zmovies.

In addition to movies from the past and the present, you may find movies in a variety of genres. When searching for movies on Zmovies, there aren’t as many links to click through as you may anticipate.

#18. HDO

Primewire Alternative

Although the moniker HDO may be well-known, the location stands out from the crowd since it offers fantastic films in high HD. To learn more about the most recent noteworthy movies, browse the website.

Here, you’ll have access to a wide range of films, many of which are more attractive than you may anticipate. Many of the most recent television programs are more exciting for you to try out and are available on this Primewire Alternative website. If a movie isn’t accessible, you may also ask for it to be added to the website, albeit it could take you a little longer to locate something.

#19. Fmovies

Primewire Alternative

Recently, Fmovies underwent substantial makeover. This Primewire Alternative website’s design has a more engaging appearance and allows you to hunt up movies by keyword. You may get a ton of stuff involving a certain actor or movie by just typing in the name of the actor. Although the adult portion of Fmovies is one that is growing in popularity among users, the variety of movies available is still valuable thanks to the site’s different divisions.

#20. Cmovies

Primewire Alternative

Cmovies is an additional option, although it is advised that you hunt for an ad blocker in order to discover anything worthwhile.

You may search for movies on Cmovies by nation, rating, genre, and a number of other criteria. However, many viewers find the adverts that show around Cmovies to be inconvenient. After you jump through some of the difficult hoops that could be difficult for you to pass through, locating movies will be simple for you.

#21. WatchFree

Primewire Alternative

On View Free, you may watch movies for free, as website’s name indicates. However, the fact that Watch Free doesn’t use a conventional database to run its operations gives it a little something extra.

Instead, this Primewire Alternative website provides links that take you to the many locations where you may view these movies. You can get the maximum enjoyment out of your amusement thanks to the site’s meticulous approach to content discovery. Fortunately, the website provides information on a variety of film genres with a concentration on the most recent releases.

#22. GoMovies

Primewire Alternative

On Go Movies, you may download movies as well as stream them for offline viewing at a later time. It is among the greatest alternatives to watch movies online instead of primewire.

You’ll be interested in a place because of the variety of fresh movies you may find there while visiting Go Movies. You may select movies based on what has received the most positive reviews and what has had the most viewers.


Primewire Alternative

Another Primewire Alternative website that needs you to create a free account before you can use it is Applying for a new account just requires a short amount of time.

After that, you may look around for numerous movies in a variety of genres. The variety of movies you have to choose from is fun and should make it easier for you to locate something noteworthy.

#24. MovieZap

Primewire Alternative

MovieZap, formerly known as Movierocks, focuses mostly on the most recent film releases. You may have fun in a variety of ways thanks to MovieZap’s straightforward setup.

Any movie poster on the website may be clicked to open a relevant link for watching the film. The configuration utilized by MovieZap is practical and easy to load.

#25. Movie4U

Primewire Alternative

Movie4U offers a practical layout that makes it simple to locate movies. To find movies, utilize the search engine located at the top of the screen.

Additionally, you may search for movies by genre or year of release. Finding older movies that interest you won’t be difficult because the movies that you may locate date back nearly fifty years. The wide range of films available here will complement the numerous entertaining things you may already check out.

#26. Popcornflix


You can be trying to find a Primewire Alternative that is mobile device compatible. PopcornFlix is a practical solution that provides assistance across a number of platforms.

PopcornFlix may be accessed on a mobile device by downloading an app for iOS or Android. If you’re interested, you may also create a specific account with PopcornFlix. Together with the movie part, the enlarged television portion works effectively.

#27. YoMovies

Primewire Alternative

Some of the Primewire Alternative you may find are primarily intended to serve as hubs for particular genres of movies. One such choice is YoMovies, which specializes in South Indian and Bollywood films.

These are movies that have had English and a number of other regional languages dub or subtitled. The website is appealing to many individuals looking for something entertaining, but it works best if you’re interested in the movie.


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