20 Best MMORPG & MMO Games You Should Play Free/Paid in 2022

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The best MMORPG & MMO Games are one of the most well-liked video game sub genres of all time is the MMO Games, and for good reason. They let you explore an open world, build your character, and fight strategically like an RPG, but they are completely online and have hundreds or even thousands of people actively questing at the same time. On mobile, there is a vast array of alternatives in this genre, including mobile adaptations of old favourites, cross-platform MMO, persistent Diablo-like games, online survival games, and autoplay P2W-fests. We wish to appeal to all of these varied preferences in this list since different games fit different tastes.

The Best MMO Games You Should Play

These are the Best MMOs Games to play in 2022 as follows:

#1. Dungeon Hunter 5

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We also have to put Dungeon Hunter 5 among the top Android MMO games due to its over 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It has a number of Hack ‘n’ Slash components and a pretty intriguing character development. People who are familiar with Diablo 3 or Path of Exile will feel right at home using their character to annihilate waves of adversaries. In multiplayer battles in this game, you may team up with up to 3 other players who each control a hero. Additionally, you will have the chance to construct your own castle to protect you from attacks by other hunters. You may get Dungeon Hunter 5, one of the best multiplayer games for mobile devices, by clicking this link.

#2. Order and Chaos 2

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One of the best MMO games for Android lets you create your own character, acquire new gear, evolve, and ride dragons or winged horses. Order and Chaos 2 is a bit different from other games because it has an open world and great 3D graphics that are made for smartphones. When creating your character, you may select your race from the orc, human, elf, Mendel, and keratan options. You can then select the class from the Blood Knights, Rangers, Mages, Warriors, and Monks that best match your play style. The game includes online PvP combat and is free to play. Discover more by clicking on this link. The best MMORPG & MMO Games is Order and Chaos 2.

#3. Villagers & Heroes

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Villagers & Heroes has a pretty vast selection of available material. Use it to create your own community, learn trades, smith your own tools, team up with other players to take out large adversaries, and participate in a variety of in-game activities. The ability to play Villagers & Heroes on your PC while maintaining character continuity with the mobile version is an intriguing difference. The best MMORPG & MMO Games is  Villagers & HeroesTo obtain a cost-free download, click this link.

#4. Old School RuneScape

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Old School RuneScape is exactly the same RuneScape that we could play in the old edition before the game was modified and relaunched, as the name suggests. It had to be included in the list of top MMO apps for Android. You can create a character in this game, but you are not required to select a class. Actually, all you have to do is practice the skills you want to improve!Gather your gear, create teams with other players, and explore a vast open-world terrain. In fact, the map is bigger in the mobile version than it was before. Enjoy it and download it for free. The best MMO Games is  Old School RuneScape.

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#5. Celtic Heroes 3D

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Celtic Heroes is another excellent MMO game you can play on your phone that has superb mobile-optimized 3D visuals. When designing your character in this game, you may choose from five classes and then modify them to fit your playstyle. The game has an open-world environment where you may locate, communicate with, and even engage in combat with other people. There is also a thriving economy amongst the players. By clicking on this link, you may begin your experience by checking it out.

#6. Arcane Legends

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With over 10 million downloads worldwide, Arcane Legends is one of the best and most well-liked MMO games available on the Play Store for Android. MMO, Forbes, Kotaku, and other outlets have all given it very favorable reviews. You can play as whatever character you like in this game by selecting from one of three class options and equipping them with various abilities and equipment. The game contains both PvE and PvP conflicts, as well as a pretty great pet system that adds to the intrigue of your quest. To obtain a cost-free download, click this link.

#7. Black Desert Mobile

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Black Desert Mobile, one of the most well-known action role-playing games for PCs and consoles, does not disappoint in its Android rendition either. In contrast to slower RPG games, this one has so much fast-paced action that you nearly forget you’re playing one. In addition, Black Desert Mobile stands out for its incredible visuals, which might make it challenging to play on older devices. You may form alliances with other groups of players to participate in the game’s adventures and plan conflicts with other players. To download it, click on this link!

#8. Lineage 2: Revolution

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Many veteran MMORPG players still remember the name Lineage. In Lineage 2: Revolution, you can build a character by selecting from a variety of races and enjoying a dual-class system that offers a ton of customization options. The visuals are excellent and mobile device friendly. Additionally, you may team up with your buddies to tackle more difficult foes in the open world or even in PvP engagements. For a free download right now, click this link.  The best MMO Games is Lineage 2: Revolution.

#9. Warspear Online

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Warspear Online is a particularly nice option for individuals who prefer older-style visuals or even for those looking for games on less powerful or older phones. You can choose between two groups that are at war with each other. This game is similar to World of Warcraft in some ways. Additionally, there are many different classes available, including paladin, priest, wizard, mage, hunter, paladin, shaman, warlock, death knight, guard, and explorer. You may get one of the best and most well-known Android MMO games by clicking this link if you’re interested.

#10. AdventureQuest 3D

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A much better and upgraded version of the game Adventure Quest, known as AdventureQuest 3D, is now available for Android devices. The initial Adventure Quest instalment was launched in 2002 for web browsers. It’s worth noting that the game contains several events, as if making a character and embarking on an adventure where you slay a variety of foes wasn’t enough. different in that the game’s version of a music arena had music from even the band Korn! If you’re interested, you can download it at this time. The best MMO Games is  AdventureQuest 3D.

#11. Ragnarok M

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One of the most well-known MMORPG games is Ragnarok, which you have probably at least heard of if you’ve done any internet research. One of the most well-known video games ever was the original Ragnarok, which was published for PCs in South Korea in 2001. The most recent game, Ragnarok M, features enhanced 3D visuals and brings all the classes, monsters, and classic maps to your phone’s screen. You can create a character in this game, select a class, and level up by defeating enemies and fulfilling tasks. In addition, you may form groups and clans with other players to take on tougher foes or participate in clan warfare. The best MMO Games is Ragnarok M. One of the best Android games is Ragnarok M, which you should definitely check out on the Play Store for free!

#12. Rucoy Online

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Rucoy Online is a good choice if you enjoy retro and pixel art aesthetics. The three classes available in the game are: knight, archer, and magician. You may play with or against other people in its highly impressive open-world environment. One cool feature is the opportunity to alter your character’s class at any time. The best MMO Games is Rucoy Online. This makes the game more adaptable and playable, especially if you didn’t like your first selection. For older phones, Rucoy Online offers a free, lightweight option. To download it, click on this link!

#13. Tales of Wind

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Tales of the Wind is a wonderfully entertaining game with stunning visuals. You will be able to team up with your buddies to battle swarms of foes and extremely challenging monsters in it. The best MMO Games is  Tales of Wind. The game includes a variety of classes with several modifications and a vast array of features, including, for example, the ability to marry other people in-game, run your own farm, and complete numerous missions. By clicking on this link, you may test it out for free.

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#14. MU Origin2

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MY was one of the biggest and best MMORPG games for PC, comparable to Ragnakor and Lineage, and its revised version is now playable straight on an Android smartphone. The best MMO Games is MU Origin2 is a great choice on our list. It has great graphics and armour and weapons that are very flashy. Join forces with other players to take down bosses and make use of a variety of mechanisms that will help your characters advance. Additionally, it is available on the Play Store for free to play.

#15. MapleStory M

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The best MMO Games is MapleStory M. MapleStory M is an excellent choice, whether you enjoy playing the popular computer MMORPG MapleStory or simply want a nice 2D game to play with your friends. The main difference is that in a platformer, you control both your character and a number of enemies. Additionally, the game offers a vast selection of classes, all of which are included in the original PC edition. It is a ton of fun to play, and much more so if you use an Android controller. It is worthwhile to click on this site to check it out and play.

#16. Dungeon Legends

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Dungeon Legends is unquestionably one of the best games on our list and is another with combat that is more akin to Hack N’ Slash. It gives you the chance to fight different kinds of monsters and compete with other players in an arena. The best MMO Games is Dungeon Legends.Because the game’s dungeons are so large and progressively harder as you go through the levels, it may be played for hours on end.

#17. Sword Fantasy Online

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Another 2D game, Sword Fantasy Online, is rather dissimilar to MapleStory M, which we have already described. The best MMO Games is Sword Fantasy Online. You play as a character in this game and team up with friends or other players online to battle various foes using controls that are made simple enough for you to play alone. In addition, there are other mini-games and the option to form clans with multiple players to take on even tougher and more powerful foes. One of the best Android MMORPG games can be found here.

#18. Curse of Aros

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Curse of Aros is an excellent choice MMO Games for those who enjoy pixel graphics due to its more retro aesthetic. The game’s combat is fast and crazy, but it moves a little slower than most other options. However, it has very powerful RPG elements. You may form parties with your pals to play this game and explore a sizable area. You can also catch pets to aid you in battle and uncover a variety of goods. Curse of Aros is available for free download from the Google Play Store and online play.

#19. Era of Legends

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ERA OF LEGENDS is the last entry on our list. This game has excellent 3D visuals, is a ton of fun to play, and can clearly be played concurrently by several people. In Era of Legends, you can choose from eight different classes, explore a vast environment, search for hidden locations, and seek wealth. The game is also an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy collecting, because you may have fun while finding horses, pets, various skins for your characters, and more. You may download Era of Legends, another no-cost game, by clicking this link.

#20. Eternium

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Eternion has really great visuals for a smartphone game and has a similar vibe to Diablo or the highly regarded PC game Magicka. It was possible to play it online with other people in 2017 as well. Given that it was released in 2014, it is a fairly well-established choice with a really fantastic soundtrack. The spells and attacks, lighting, and even the appearance of the humans and creatures you encounter in the game’s realm all have very appealing visual effects. You may get Eternium by clicking this link if you wish to play it for free.


What mobile MMORPG is the best?

There has been a long history with Arcane Legends. It is currently one of the most popular MMO Games due to its longevity. The essence of the game is quite conventional. There are three courses available to you, each of which has a different set of competencies.

What distinguishes an MMO from an MMORPG?

The distinction between an MMO and an MMORPG is that while all MMORPGs are MMOs, not all MMOs are. An MMO Games may be anything from a Battle Royale action game to a real-time strategy game to a brand-new sort of interactive experience that defies genres, but an MMORPG is by definition an RPG.

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