Laifen Hair Dryer: Best Fast Hair Dryer to Make Premium Hair Style

Laifen Hair Dryer: Best Fast Hair Dryer to Make Premium Hair Style

Have you ever given your hair dryer’s quality and advantages any thought? If the answer is no, you’re missing out on a plethora of amazing ideas and technical advancements that your hair would like. Hair dryers are useful for shaping certain styles, helping with deep conditioning treatments, and drying damp hair strands. All around the world, hair dryers are becoming required home items. The widely used and indispensable hairstyling product has a place on the shelves of every closet and cupboard, but are we making the most of it? We should be able to anticipate more from our Laifen Hair Dryer than just a few degrees of hot air blasted out of it.

What is the Laifen Hair Dryer available on several platforms?


“Laifen is one of the best curly hair products that help blow moisture off the surface of your hair instead of heating it.”

GQ Germany

“If you value efficient styling and healthy hair, Laifen is a top-rated diffuser hair dryer for your hair care routine.”


“It looks great, and our hair has never looked so silky, whether it’s straight hair, wavy hair, or oily hair.”


“If you value affordability, style, and power, the best portable & small ionic hair dryer of 2023 has your name all over it.”


“After using Laifen blow dryers, your hair, whether it be red, blonde, or another color, will feel incredibly smooth and lustrous.

Using Style, Efficiency, and Innovation to Provide the Best Hair Drying Experience

The Laifen Hair Dryer is distinctly and remarkably known for fast drying, and no heat damage, and is specifically designed with every hair type in mind.

Using Style, Efficiency, and Innovation to Provide the Best Hair Drying Experience

The Advantages of Laifen’s Hair Dryer

1. Reducing drying time with quick drying

  • Laifen’s hair dryer can dry any hair texture in half the time compared to ordinary hair dryers; a reduction in drying time in one step lowers the whole duration of hairstyling. With so much to take into account when investing in our haircare regimen, time should no longer be one of the major compromises.

2. There is no heat damage to be concerned about

  • Preserving natural curl patterns is especially important when it comes to preventing heat damage. While some people think that air drying their hair will help ease the anxiety associated with using high heat, the design of Laifen’s hair dryer dispels those worries and keeps hair smooth and healthy thanks to its precise thermo-control technology.

3. The property of temperature mode

  • A hair dryer’s precise temperature settings can help you achieve a better style. Since some styles may not require high heat, Laifen has developed three temperature modes, each of which is easily distinguishable by its LED ring color: cool air (room temperature is blue), warm air (120 F) is yellow, and hot air (176 F) is red. A long press of the desired temperature mode activates an auto-cycling feature.

4. Changing the nozzle options

  • Three nozzle options are available for the Laifen Swift Special High-Speed Dryer: standard, diffuser, and concentration. Each nozzle choice helps to better focus on different stages of the drying process and carefully attends to the styler’s demands.

5. Easy to carry and store because of its lightweight

  • The standard for hair dryers just got smaller with Laifen’s compact dryer. Slim and lightweight, Laifen’s hair dryer can easily fit in a regular handbag or suitcase, making it the ideal product for traveling.

6. Ultra-Silent is advantageous.

  • The Laifen brand defies the theory that noise level dictates power output because it produces a hair dryer that is both incredibly quiet and powerful. While traditional hair dryers typically produce noise levels between 80 and 90 decibels (dB), Laifen’s dryer is designed with extreme precision to operate at just 59 dB, a significant noise reduction.

7. Enhances hair luster and lessens frizz and dryness

  • Many people don’t know that during the hair drying process, you can improve your hair’s shine, smoothness, and reduction of frizz and dryness. Laifen’s hair dryer uses 200,000,000 negative ions to quickly break up water molecules and seal the cuticles, improving shiny hair by 19%, smoothness by 15%, and reduction of frizz by 40%.

8. A risk-free and secure product

  • Laifen’s dryers are designed with overheat protection and overcurrent protection in mind. The dryer features a high-density filter, a fire-resistant casing for nonhazardous use, a nylon and glass fiber covering, and other features that ensure the health of our hair and other important factors remain intact. It is important to be aware of how products are considered safe.

How can I get a hair dryer from Laifen?

The Laifen Swift Special High-Speed Hair Dryer and the Laifen Swift High-Speed Hair Dryer are available for purchase on their website, along with a few other accessories like a quick style nozzle, a travel bag, and a magnetic wall mount. The hardest part of the shopping and checkout process is deciding on a color for your hair dryer—Laifen offers polished black, pearl white, silver blue, and ruby red.

How effective is the Laifen Swift?

After two months of testing, my partner and I agree that Laifen Swift’s performance and value are excellent. Laifen boasts several performance advantages, like its 110,000-rpm motor that produces 5.5 times the airspeed of a regular hair dryer, which should speed up drying. A decibel meter indicates that it is quieter than a dryer at full speed at 59 dB. A computer chip maintains the Swift air temperature. Finally, negative-ion generators reduce static electricity, which makes hair shinier than dryers.

My partner has huge, long, curly hair (rated 3C on the curliness scale), so I’ll share her opinions first. Her impressions on the Dyson Supersonic are as follows: Laifen Swift is a better drier than anything I’ve used previously. My straight hair seldom grows longer than 5 or 6 inches.

Jon Phillips/Foundry

The Swift dries wet hair quicker than my BaBylissPro 2800, but I appreciate Laifen’s compactness, temperature control, and softness. The Swift is sleek and modern. Unlike flip-phone-era drugstore blow dryers, it’s Apple-like. Fits better in my little bathroom. Its cable never tangles and is easy to maintain. Perhaps most crucially, it manages temperature more delicately than the BaBylissPro. The BaBylissPro high-temperature setting starts overly hot and becomes uncomfortable after a few seconds. However, Laifen’s peak temperature is more stable and not too hot at 176 degrees (the BaBylissPro 2800 doesn’t disclose temperature characteristics). I often utilize Laifen’s auto-cycle.

How effective is the Laifen Swift?

These dryers speed up drying (essential for large hair), hydrate hair, and extend styled hair, which is hard to prove in a lab, let alone at home. However, the Laifen Swift made my hair seem more “styled” before applying the product by making it more voluminous and flowing than cheaper blow dryers. Laifen says the dryer’s negative-ion generator neutralizes static electricity, leaving the hair “shiny and smooth” after drying.

Laifen Swift vs Dyson Supersonic

There’s no reason to keep you waiting: Laifen and Dyson produce dryers that are comparable in price, but the Laifen Swift is a better deal overall, making it the better choice for most users looking to upgrade. As of the time of writing, the Swift’s MSRP was $239.99 on Amazon, with a $50 coupon bringing it down to $189.99. It also dropped below $170 three times in 2023. In contrast, the Dyson Supersonic’s price was more than twice as much as the Swift at $229 at the time of writing, with a $50 coupon that brought it down to $369 in February.

Let’s now see how the specifications compare:

FeatureLaifen Swift SpecialDyson Supersonic
Weight (minus cord)507 grams560 grams
Dimensions10.9 x 2.75 x 3.5 inches11.33 x 3.0 x 3.8 inches
Cord length5 feet, 9 inches8 feet, 10 inches
Fan speed & air volume110,000 rpm / 13 liters/sec110,000 rpm / 13 liters/sec
Decibels (claimed)59 dB77 dB
Heat settings176 F / 120 F / room temp212 F / 176 F / 140 F / 82 F
Speed settingsHigh / LowHigh / Medium / Low
Bundled magnetic nozzlesSmooth, Quick Styling, DiffuserGentle Air, Styling Concentrator, Diffuser, Flyaway, Wide-tooth Comb

Interface and design

Both dryers are stylish improvements over conventional blow dryers from a design standpoint. The Laifen weighs 507 grams (without the cable or any nozzles), which is slightly less than the Dyson, but it doesn’t feel much lighter.

The Dyson, on the other hand, has four-button interfaces, which makes it more complicated. You flip an on/off switch for power, then use a second button to adjust speed, a third button to adjust temperature, and a fourth button to adjust the cold shot. It can be challenging to remember which heat setting is selected on the Dyson, especially since the heat settings lack the LED color ring that Laifen uses so effectively.


  • As you can see, the box is rather basic.
  • On the front is only a picture of the goods, and on the reverse is a label with some specifications.
  • The package includes a smooth nozzle, a user handbook in many languages, a quality certificate, and the hair dryer itself.
  • Not to mention, for an additional $20, you can get a Laifen Swift with three nozzles, which may be helpful.


  • I have the hair dryer in silver-blue, as you can see, but it’s also available in matt black, pearl white, and ruby red.
  • You may select a plug for the USA/Canada, the UK, Singapore, or Australia, but I also have a European plug.
  • Surprisingly, the manufacturer handled the many plug types; other suppliers just included adapters with the package.
  • The Laifen Swift is a lightweight hair dryer with dimensions of 250 by 70 by 150 mm and a weight of 470 grams. My only complaint is that I wish the power line was detachable.
  • There are just two physical buttons on Laifen Swift. More on control in a moment.
  • As you can appreciate, the air intake comes from this 0.2mm filter on the new hair dryer.
  • Occasionally, you will need to remove this portion, which is linked to magnets, and clean the filter.
  • Not only is the nozzle equipped with a magnet attachment, but it is also incredibly dependable and handy; you won’t have to worry about the nozzle slipping off since it is difficult to remove.
  • Additionally, I would like to mention that the power cable is composed of strong rubber. I am aware that a damaged power cable in this area is a common issue with many hair dryers, but it does not appear that Laifen Swift will have that issue.
  • The new Laifer hair dryer has an upscale, luxurious appearance and feel overall.


Let’s now discuss control

  • In charge
  • The Laifen Swift, as previously mentioned, features two control buttons: a switch button that allows you to move between the first and second-speed modes and turn on the hair dryer.
  • Another button may be pressed to choose between warm, hot, and cold air.
  • As you may know, the Laifen Swift features a three-color LED indication that shows the temperature of the air: room temperature for cold air, fifty degrees Celsius for warm air, and eighty degrees Celsius for hot air.
  • The Laifen Swift features a built-in thermo-control microprocessor that monitors the air temperature 100 times per second and makes automated changes to keep your hair from being damaged by severe heat. I believe this is a brilliant feature. You can also long-press the button to switch on auto-cycling.

Drivetrain power

  • In terms of motor power, the new Laifen Swift has a maximum speed of 100,000 rpm.
  • It is quite strong; according to the business, drying short hair takes just one minute, drying medium-length hair takes three, and drying long hair takes five minutes.

Protection Against Negative Ions

  • Laifen Swift also has an integrated negative ion generator.
  • Before trying a new Laifen hair drier, to be quite honest, I was unaware of this function, but it seems like a really helpful one: the Laifen Swift produces over 200 million negative ions per cubic centimeter to preserve and repair your hair.
  • Thanks to the negative ion generator, the Laifen Swift will not cause static, frizz, or flyaways after drying hair as other hair dryers did.

Level of Noise

  • In addition, I want to gauge the noise level in various settings.
  • The Laifen Swift has two-speed options, as I’ve already said.
  • In the first setting, the noise level is 60 dB.
  • This hair dryer is not too noisy; in the second gear, it is around 64 dB.
  • In addition, there is no difference in noise level between the warm, hot, and cold temperature settings.

A Power-Saving Choice For Household Hairstyling

In addition to protecting hair from heat damage, the drier’s thermal control option also contributes to energy efficiency, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The LED ring indicator for the hair makes it simple for users to know when the desired temperature is reached. With precise temperature settings, users can effectively manage their styling process, minimizing the need for overheating the appliance and their hair and cutting down on operation time and energy consumption. You can adjust the temperature to suit your hair type and styling requirements.


A Time-Efficiency Master

With its powerful airflow and high speed operating at 105,000 RPM, the Laifen hair dryer is a popular choice for 10-second hair drying. Its brushless motor saves a lot of time during the morning routine, which reduces the need for electronic appliances and, eventually, reduces the carbon footprint.

Quit Hair-Drying Capability

Any standard hair dryer without Laifen’s sound-proof technology can disrupt daily life and hurt those who are sensitive to noise. As a result, Laifen makes its products less intrusive with low noise levels. You can use a Laifen drier at a noise-proof sound level. The low noise drying ability further advocates its intention towards preventing noise pollution.

A Resistant, Cheap Professional Dryer

A 2-year warranty ensures that you can trust the manufacturer’s workmanship, and the long-lasting design and performance of the Leifen hair dryer make it an excellent investment. It is made of premium-quality components that can withstand daily use, morning or night, meaning your purchase won’t be wasted for a long time.

In summary:

In summary, Laifen is a cutting-edge option in hair care technology. The brand was founded in 2019 by Hongxin Ye and his team, and its innovative dryer features a slim and lightweight profile, utilizing sophisticated motor technology to enhance efficiency. Laifen is committed to fast drying, heat damage prevention, and thoughtful design catering to every hair type. Laifen has redefined the hair-drying experience.

FAQs: Hair Dryer Laifen

1. What distinguishes the Laifen Hair Dryer from other products on the market?

The Laifen Hair Dryer stands out for its quick drying time, ability to prevent heat damage, and customizable design that fits all hair types. Its lightweight and thin profile further enhances these special qualities.

2. Who established the Laifen company, and what served as the High-Speed Hair Dryer’s inspiration?

Hongxin Ye and his team launched the Laifen brand in 2019. They were inspired to create a drier that improves the complete hair-drying experience by knowing what their customers wanted and making use of technology improvements.

3. In what ways does technology enhance the hair drying process with the Laifen Hair Dryer?

The Laifen Hair Dryer uses a high-tech motor to take advantage of technological developments and ensure effective drying of hair without causing harm.

4. What distinguishing qualities does the Laifen Hair Dryer have in terms of weight and design?

Compared to conventional hair dryers, the Laifen Hair Dryer is 60% lighter and 75% thinner, offering customers a fashionable and cozy alternative.

5. Are several versions sold under the Laifen Hair Dryer brand?

Yes, Laifen provides consumers with a variety of models to choose from, such as “The Laifen Swift High-Speed Hair Dryer” and “The Laifen Swift Special High-Speed Hair Dryer,” giving them alternatives for styles and colors.

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