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IT Support Chicago: If you’re seeking for services to relieve you of difficult, time-consuming, and occasionally useless tasks? Managed service companies could be able to assist you and your company. Relying on managed service companies to handle any tiresome jobs will allow you to relax.

Managed service providers are outside firms that outsource various types of support labor, such as network, application, security, and payroll tasks. Managed service providers are used by businesses and organizations because of their adaptability and capacity to eliminate repetitive chores. Excellent managed service providers provide unique solutions to meet the various requirements of each organization. Particularly for startups and medium companies that prefer to have their internal teams concentrate on their operational needs, such services are smart investments.


This list of the finest IT managed services in Chicago has been put together to help you in your hunt for a partner. Browse the descriptions, reviews, and awards to choose which can best meet the requirements of your business.

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IT Support Chicago: 25 Top Rated IT Services

#1. Empist

it support chicago


Award-winning technology company EMPIST is based in Chicago. They were established in 2000 and now employ 75 people worldwide to provide services to businesses and sectors that heavily rely on technology. Their main offerings include website building, digital marketing, and IT support chicago.

#2. Andromeda Technology Solutions


An IT services provider, Andromeda Technology Solutions, was established in 1994. Their main office is in Lockport, Illinois, and they also have a second site in Chicago. Their 54-person team provides a range of businesses with managed IT support chicago, cybersecurity, web design, and more.

#3. LME Services

it support chicago

Based in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, LME Services is a renowned provider of IT support chicago. There are currently less than 10 members in their team. Since its founding in 1994, LME Services has focused on providing managed IT services, cybersecurity, and IT strategy consulting to small businesses.

#4. Forte Group

it support chicago

Forte Group is a global IT company having branches in Belarus and Ukraine and a headquarters in Chicago. The company has about 250 people, and among other software and app services, it focuses on application testing, web development, and e-commerce development.

#5. Deft

it support chicago

ServerCentral Turing Group is a managed data center services company with its headquarters in Chicago. Their staff has increased since their establishment in 2000 to roughly 87 people. The ServerCentral Turing Group focuses on SI, cloud consulting, and IT support chicago for midmarket clients.

#6. Framework IT

it support chicago

A Chicago-based provider of corporate technology is called Framework Communications. They have been concentrating in IT managed services, cybersecurity, cloud consulting, and SI since 2008 with a staff of about 10 people.

#7. BetterWorld Technology

it support chicago

The company BetterWorld Technology, LLC offers IT support chicago. Their staff of over 10 people, who are based in Reston, Virginia, supports small and midmarket enterprises in sectors including nonprofit, healthcare, and business services. They also have locations in Chicago and Atlanta. Cybersecurity, IT personnel augmentation, and IT strategy consulting are other offerings. They started out in 2003.

#8. Simply Smart Technology

it support chicago

Chicago-based Simply Smart Technology is a managed service company. It was established in 2010 and now employs 7 people to offer cloud consulting, managed IT support chicago, and cyber security services.

#9. MXOtech, Inc.


A Chicago-based provider of IT support chicago and software development, MXOTech. They were founded in 2005 and currently employ 29 people. They offer services including IT strategy consulting, managed services for their software platforms, and bespoke software development.

#10. Realnets

it support chicago

IT services provider Realnets was founded in Park Ridge, Illinois, in 1998. The 14 members of their team are experts in cloud consulting, SI, managed IT services, web development, and IT support chicago. They mostly provide services to small and midsize companies in the financial, manufacturing, and consumer goods sectors.

#11. Middleground Technologies

it support chicago

Middleground Technologies, an IT support chicago company with its main office in Westchester, Illinois, was established in 2010 and works with mid-market and large businesses in the manufacturing, business services, health care, legal, and financial services sectors. Their 15-person team offers clients services in cybersecurity, cloud consulting, and IT management.

#12. Jetrails

it support company

E-commerce and IT support chicago business JetRails is based in Park Ridge, Illinois. It was established in 2000 and currently has a staff of 4 employees that work in the fields of cloud consulting & SI, IT managed services, cybersecurity, IT strategy consulting, and ERP consulting & SI.

#13. SWC Technology Partners


Since 1980, SWC Technology Partners, an Illinois-based supplier of IT support chicago, has worked with mid-market companies in the Midwest. SWC has a sizable staff of about 250 people, with its corporate office in Oak Brook, Illinois, and satellite locations in Chicago and Indianapolis, Indiana. They provide managed IT services, IT strategy consulting, cloud, mobile app, and website development.

#14. Stratosphere Networks

it support chicago

A provider of IT support chicago, Stratosphere Networks is situated in Evanston, Illinois. The team’s 41 or so members have been concentrating in managed IT services, cloud consulting & SI, and ECM consulting since 2003. The majority of Stratosphere Networks’ clients are small enterprises.

#15. XL.Net

The Park Ridge, Illinois-based IT support chicago provider was established in 2009. Their team typically works with startups in the financial services, manufacturing, and nonprofit sectors.

#16. Adivi Corporation

it support chicago

A modest provider of managed IT services is Adivi Corporation. They were established in 1994 and offer managed IT services, cloud consulting & SI, and IT strategy consulting. Chicago, Illinois is where the company is situated.

#17. Prodigy Teks

it support chicago

Chicago-based ProdigyTeks, Inc. is a small IT company. Their primary emphasis areas are IT managed services and IT strategy consulting. They were founded in 2013.

#18. SkyView

it support chicago

A cloud consulting and SI firm is SkyView Technology Inc. The tiny business is situated in Charlotte, North Carolina, and it was founded in 2001. They provide a variety of services, including as cybersecurity, IT support chicago, cloud consulting, and SI.

#19. MindSight


The technology consulting company Mindsight was established in 2004 and has its headquarters in Downers Grove, Illinois. About 65 people work on their team, and they have expertise in managed IT services, cloud consulting & SI, and IT support chicago.

#20. Ascend Technologies

it support chicago

IT support chicago provider Ascend Technologies was established in 2020. They have a medium-sized crew and are based in Chicago, Illinois. The business is heavily invested in managed IT services, cybersecurity, CRM and SI, IT strategy consulting, and other areas.

#21. Synoptek


An international systems integrator and supplier of managed IT support chicago, Synoptek has locations across the United States as well as in New Brunswick, Canada, Ahmedabad, and Pune, India. Its headquarters are in Irvine, California. They were established in 2001 and now employ more than 650 people with expertise in cloud consulting & SI, cybersecurity, and managed IT services. Midmarket customers across a range of sectors are largely served by Synoptek.

#22. Go Technology Group

it support chicago
A provider of managed IT services, GO Technology Group is situated in Lombard, Illinois. Launched in 2012, the tiny team offers IT support chicago, further IT consulting, and SI.

#23. Bugs Byte

it support chicago

With fewer than 10 people, Chicago-based BUGS BYTE offers IT solutions. Since their establishment in 1996, they have provided managed IT services, IT strategy consulting, and cloud consulting services. In the area of business services, they collaborate with small firms.

#24. Waident Technology Solutions


Waident Technology Solutions is an IT support chicago with operations in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, and Brookfield, Wisconsin, and a headquarters in Chicago. The 2004-founded business offers managed IT services as well as cybersecurity services. In the financial services, business services, and real estate sectors, they typically serve mid-market clientele.

#25. Pro – Technology Professionals

it support chicago

PRO is a Chicago-based provider of IT support chicago. The 2003-founded business offers small businesses and organizations in the manufacturing, nonprofit, financial services, business services, and real estate sectors IT managed services, IT strategy consulting, and cybersecurity.

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