Is It Helpful to Use an Online Transcription Service? What Are the Benefits?

Let’s say you need an interview, podcast episode, YouTube video, or any other audio recording transcribed. Will you learn to transcribe yourself and take time away from more important duties? Or will you have a staff member do it for you and consume their time instead? Are you looking to hire a temp worker to do the transcription just for the duration of the project? As a savvy businessperson, the answer to most, if not all, of the above questions should be no.

What Are the Benefits of an Online Transcription Provider?

In this digital age, it is possible to have a professional halfway across the world do the transcription work and deliver on time, if not earlier. Now, imagine having the ability to harness the talent and scale of an entire organization to meet your transcription needs. You get the best of both worlds. The work gets done by professionals in a timely manner, and you get the cost savings of having a large outsourcing company handle the nitty-gritty for you.

GoTranscript services are online and available all over the globe. This company is a prime example of a time-saving solution. When you outsource mundane tasks such as transcription and translation, you can focus on what drives cash flow.

Rather than trying to do your transcription work in-house, why not make full use of outsourcing companies? They come with a hoard of benefits. These solution providers are especially useful for large enterprises. They are also adept at handling small workloads from sole proprietors. Let’s discuss some of the main benefits of using an online transcription service.

Money Savings

Hiring transcribers to do your work in-house comes with many expenses. First, you must pay them a wage and benefits, not to mention overtime. Then, add the cost of equipment and software. When working with different recordings and projects, you may even need to train them on the various deliverables, which costs time and money. Online transcription services take all that hassle away from you. They just get the work done without any inconveniences and additional charges.

Skilled Labor

Dedicated online transcription services hold their employees to the highest standards. A few bad reviews on their website are enough for their bottom line to take a beating. Thus, they must keep their staff well-trained and motivated to deliver the best quality. Transcription companies also staff their teams with subject matter experts from different fields. This move significantly increases the accuracy of work since they are already aware of the nuances involved in varying industries.

Time Flexibility

Did you just receive a file at midnight and need it transcribed by the next day at noon? No need to worry. Companies like GoTranscript have workers on standby, ready to work on incoming jobs 24/7. As soon as you submit your request, professionals start transcribing your file. However, do take note that urgent jobs cost more.

Undisrupted Workflow

With online transcription services, you will not have to disrupt your in-house employees’ time with mundane transcription work. They are not experts at this gig, so let them go on with what they are good at and let the pros do their thing. This keeps the quality of work across the board constant, as your workers won’t have to rush through transcription work to return to their daily tasks.


For an enterprise to run smoothly, it must keep its employees doing what they do best and outsource the rest. Not only does this guarantee synergy, but it also saves time and money. Engaging online transcription services helps both companies and sole proprietors increase their bottom line. This benefit alone should help you make up your mind.

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