Just How to Disable Superfetch – SysMain in Windows 10


Superfetch is a functionality in home windows 10 introduced for two purposes. The initial one is reducing boot time, and also, the 2nd one is filling applications quicker. Superfetch does this by preloading them in memory. It likewise tracks your use pattern for a far better preloading decision. For instance, if you open chrome in the early morning, it will preload chrome in the morning hrs so that the app load faster. However, occasionally prefetch comes to be a significant source of high disk use. Here in this short article, we will certainly go over exactly how to disable superfetch in home windows 10.

Keep in mind— In new Windows 10 Update, Windows OS have relabelled it as SysMain. To disable this solution via Registry Editor, do the adhering to.

Disable Superfetch/ SysMain through the Service manager

  1. Browse Services in the Taskbar Search
  2. Now, Choose Services.
  3. Locate Sysmain.
  4. Dual click Sysmain.
  5. Currently, Choose Startup Type as Disabled from the dropdown.
  6. Click on Stop to stop the service.
  7. Pick Apply.

Disable superfetch/ Sysmain via command prompt

Step 1— Open command punctual as admin.

Step 2— Write the command code provided listed below and also hit enter.


sc quit “SysMain” & sc config “SysMain” start= handicapped.

Keep in mind:– To enable it once more, simply run the command provided listed below.

sc config “SysMain” beginning= car & sc begin “SysMain”.


Disable superfetch with windows registry.

Step 1— Press Windows trick + R with each other to bring up the run command box.

Step 2— Write Regedit in the run command box and also hit enter.

Step 3— Now search to the place given below.




– CurrentControlSet.

– Control.

– Session Manager.

– MemoryManagement.

– PrefetchParameters.


Step 4-– On the appropriate side of the appeared box, discover EnableSuperfetch entrance from the checklist.


Place one of the complying with worths in EnableSuperfetch, relying on your demand.

0– to disable Superfetch entirely.

1– to make it possible for prefetching when the program is launched.

2– to allow boot prefetching.

3– to make it possible for prefetching of whatever.


If this entrance is lacking, just do a right-click on the PrefetchParameters folder, then select New > DWORD Value. Name this EnableSuperfetch as well as do the steps offered over.

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