15 Best Harem Games for Android and iOS 2022

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The Harem Game quickly rose to become one of the most widely played games on the planet. It’s just because of the romanticism and the different universes that it may create. harem building game have culture, romantic lines, lovely relationships, beautiful gowns and costumes, as well as handsome and attractive protagonists and antagonists.

Most significantly,harem video games always contain a plot surprise in their storyline that keeps the player guessing. It allows gamers to morph into characters from stories and imagination. It’s not only entertaining, but it’s also emotionally moving. The romantic love tale in this game is a welcome change from the dark, violent, and strategic thinking that royal battle provides. Yes, there are chores, missions, and goals to do, but this will not take away from the enjoyment of the game.

Traditionally, the term “ harem anime games ” refers to an Ottoman-era period in which the Sultan would marry many women and house them in a special palace known as the harem game. Even though they are the Sultan’s wives, this does not imply that they live in the manner of a queen or princess. There’s a dark and tragic storey behind this image. The harem game, on the other hand, appears to put that issue aside and focus solely on romance and love stories. There will be no violent situations, but instead a sweet bond between all of the characters will be explored.

Best Harem Games for Android & iOS in 2021

1. The Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix

As was to be expected, the entire plot of the game is devoted to the development of a love tale set in an ancient universe. Specifically in this game, all of the events take place in an Asian setting complete with its own culture and traditions. The game is all about the decisions you make — each one will have an impact on the plot and the outcome of your storey if you make it (just like in real life).It goes without saying that you get to create the primary character before diving into the game itself. It is possible to choose the character’s name, appearance, and attire, as well as personalise all of the minor aspects about him or her.

It should be noted that the game pays close attention to the accuracy of the outfits and the environment in general, so be prepared to be amused by how elegant and slick everything appears to be throughout. Although the game is free, you may be able to purchase additional outfits or in-game currency with real money.

2. The Legend of the Phoenix

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You may also be interested in these titles: 11 Best Offline Anime Love Story Games for Android & iOS Princess Connect. Princess Connect is a service that connects you with other princesses. Princess Connect is yet another harem game that gives you the ability to navigate your way through a fantasy world on your own terms.

In the same vein as the last game, this one is likewise devoted to Asian culture, which serves as the foundation for the authentic world of Astraea, as was the previous game. However, because the entire game is created in an anime manner, it feels exactly like you’re immersed in your favourite manga. As a result, the game is created by well-known animation studios, and you will be treated to thrilling cinematic scenes throughout the game.

Speaking of the game procedure, the very first thing you’ll be able to do is create a character that will be unique to you. From the skin to the clothing and weapons, the game provides a plethora of personalization choices. Of course, the most of them will be locked at the start of the game, but you will unlock them as you progress through the stages.

Legend of the Phoenix on App Store

Legend of the Phoenix on Google Play

3. Harem

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Nightmare Harem is a game that allows you to create your own love storey in a fantasy world full with fantastical characters. Everything in this game is predicated on the fact that a demon and an angel both fell in love with a human being at the same time. And, as you may have guessed, you will have the opportunity to play for this fortunate individual. Before you begin playing, you will have the opportunity to personalise the appearance of your character by experimenting with various haircuts and clothes.

The primary distinction between this game and other games in similar genre is that it does not include any side tasks that could divert your attention away from the main purpose of the game, which is to develop a romantic relationship. The plot, on the other hand, is not limited to romantic connections; you will find yourself at the centre of political intrigues, betrayals, and other such events.

4. Golden Empire

harem game

The Golden Empire is a term used to describe a period of time when a country was ruled by a golden empire. Golden Empire is a classic example of the harem game genre, and it is available on PC and Mac. The storey takes place during the time of the ancient Roman Empire, and you have the opportunity to influence the trajectory of the plot’s growth. As the emperor, you will have the ability to construct towns, raise armies, conquer new areas, and of course, find a female love interest in the game. The most impressive aspect of this game is how dangerous the entire environment is shown, as well as how authentic it appears.

Golden Empire on app Store

5. Obey Me

Obey Me characters – come meet Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, and more | Pocket Tactics

Obey Me is an anime-style harem game that allows you to form a variety of virtual relationships with other players. The game takes place in a fantasy realm in which you have the opportunity to rise to the position of master and destroy the demonic brothers. In order to accomplish this, you will need to participate in several training sessions and form a team. But first and foremost, you’ll have to build a character. The best part about this game is that you can choose the gender of the character, and all of the prospective love interests will remain the same regardless of your choice.

Once this is completed, you will be able to begin progressing through the levels, where you will encounter a variety of characters. You will be able to begin any type of relationship with them as a result – you may become friends, foes, or lovers as a result. Every action you make has an impact on the relationship you’re creating, so be cautious about what you do and say. After you begin to develop a relationship with a character, the character with whom you are developing the relationship will begin to text and call you, so it is not simply about face-to-face interactions here.

Obey Me! Anime Otome Sim on Google Play

6. Phoenix

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By downloading this game, you will get access to the entire collection of ancient Chinese love stories. All of the characters are attractive, with soft and blushing features and exquisite Chinese clothing, and they all come together in a hilarious love storey to form a whole. Another point of interest is the extremely smooth user interface, which will provide you with the maximum enjoyment. Begin by selecting and customising them by giving them names, putting them in costumes, setting their appearance, and creating all of her or his details. The premise is unique in that every choice has ramifications across the entire storey. You will not meet your mate immediately, but you will have to progress to a particular level.

7. Princess Connect

Disney Princesses PNG Cartoon Image​ | Gallery Yopriceville - High-Quality Images and Transparent PNG Free Clipart

The game begins with the player selecting a character and customising him or her. You can customise your character’s skin tone, clothing, and weapons. Yes, there will be a battle scenario, and you will need to bring your own weapon with you. As a result of the characters’ distinct appearances in this game, you’ll have the impression that you’re in the manga universe. This game is all about exploration and discovery. During your adventure, you will come across another character with whom you will form a bond of friendship.As a result, whatever actions you make will have an impact on the plot. Don’t be concerned about being alone since you will meet a sweetheart along the way on this adventure.

Princess Connect! Re: Dive on Google Play

8. Refer to me as a Legend

The Sex Lives of Women Inside An Ottoman Sultan's Harem | by Sal Writes | Lessons from History | Medium

In order to become a legend in this game, you must cultivate familiarity with female characters. One method is to go on a date with them and purchase them a gift. As a result, your name will become well-known among them. This game is a simulation role-playing game, which means that it is not realistic. The plot is loaded with love affairs, politics, battle scenes, and quests, to name a few elements. Legendary status necessitates the preservation of a legacy.

Call me a Legend on Google Play

9. Harem of Nightmares

Use Free Otome Games English: Nightmare Harem PC on Windows with Android Emulator

There is nothing more fascinating than the love tale of two people who aren’t supposed to be together in the first place. There are emotional love stories between humans and demons or angels to be found in this video game.
Don’t be concerned, the player will be a real person. It’s a genuine harem game because there are no missions or tasks to complete, only a love tale to tell. However, there will be betrayals and political intrigues in order to construct the tale further.

Nightmare Harem: Otome on Google Play

10. The Emperor and His Ladies

JP) Monmusu Harem – out now on Android and iOS | Kongbakpao

Discover the peaceful world of ancient China, where you will assume the role of the emperor in charge of the administration. Elect a lovely girl to be your wife, and groom your offspring to be the next generation of the family.
However, before settling down, take your time by associating with other attractive women. If you want to become more powerful, you must acquire retainers and develop a bond with them when their tasks are completed.

Nightmare Harem: Otome on Google Play

Nightmare Harem: Otome on Google Play

11. ISEKAI: Demon Waifu (Demon Waifu)

AR [SHARED] - Harem Hotel (18+) v0.12.2 MOD [Update] | PolarMods - The Best Android, and iOS Mods Site!

You are a demon prince tasked with protecting your people in the fortress of Paladina, which serves as a stronghold.
Be courageous in order to defeat your adversaries and increase your sphere of influence. Because your kingdom is in desperate need of heirs, don’t be afraid to look for partners. Use portals to travel anywhere and meet a woman who is a good match for you. Win their attention, fall in love with them, melt their hearts, and start a family with them.

ISEKAI: Demon Waifu on Google Play

12. Lies! Lies! Lies!

Lies Stock Photos & Royalty-Free Images | Depositphotos

In this harem game, all you have is a lovely face, a nice clothing, and nine lying men on your side. It is the tale that revolves around your character falling in love with a charming liar. You are allegedly associated with a group of ten men, one of whom is a liar, according to the evidence. As a result, the most important step is to identify the liar.
In your personal romantic life, you will play the role of a detective.

14. Make Me Fall in Love with the Otome

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The final recommendation is an RPG game with a compelling storyline to play through. It all starts with you inheriting your grandfather’s vast estate as well as the Anderson Toys Company, which he founded. On the day you moved in, you discovered five attractive injured men on the ground floor of your lobby.When they regained consciousness, they informed you that they had been attacked by something strange.All of your decisions have an impact on the plot of the next episode.

Destined to Love: Otome Game on Google Play

15. Dangerous Individuals

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Based on the novel, this is an Otome dating simulator game. On each of them, you might find episodes featuring adorable characters. Despite the fact that it is a love storey, don’t expect a beautiful sunny day to spend with your partner. As a result, your world will be gloomy, exciting, and full of surprising creatures like zombies and sick people.

Collecting cards, changing costumes, speaking with the main character, and growing intimacy are all fun things to do in this game.This game is now accessible in both English and Portuguese. Simply download it from the Play Store or App Store if you have Android 5.1 or higher.

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