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One of the largest web hosts and domain registrars on the planet is called GoDaddy services. Websites are created using a variety of GoDaddy services plans and themes by people from all walks of life. It would probably be beneficial to first review a few instances of GoDaddy websites if you want to accomplish the same in order to understand the excitement.

We’ll list many of the top GoDaddy-powered websites from a variety of industries in this article. The websites listed below, in our opinion, are superb examples of excellent niche selection, fantastic design, and excellent content. Look at them, and you’ll see why we chose them for this list. We hope that visiting these websites will motivate you to create your own website using the GoDaddy website builder.

Is it true that GoDaddy’s Website Builder doesn’t cost anything to use?

The GoDaddy Website Builder promises a free plan that includes a free domain. It’s too good to be true, if you ask me. Unfortunately, if you delve further, you will realise that the advertising is a bit misleading. Instead, you’ll get a trial period with a generic domain. If you’d like to keep your site live and claim your free custom domain, you’ll need to subscribe to one of GoDaddy’s paid plans, starting at $6.99 per month. The Basic bundle provides the following features, along with the Website Builder itself:

  • No-cost Secure Sockets Layer Certificate
  • Credible business email
  • Link to PayPal
  • Analytics for the Web
  • GoDaddy’s ‘Insight’ feature
  • One-time appointments booking
  • There will be one unified social media site with up to five updates per month.
  • Direct advertising via electronic mail (up to 100 emails per month)

Is the GoDaddy website builder any good?

All of the aforementioned are great for beginners, especially when you consider how cheap they are. The lack of Search Engine Optimization assistance is a major downside, however.

GoDaddy’s Website Builder Packages and Rates

You’ll need to spring for a more expensive service if you want to be discoverable online. There are a few options: Included in the Basic plan are the fundamentals, plus a custom domain name, analytics, and round-the-clock support.
Prices begin at $6.99/month.

Price starts at at $10.49 per month for the Standard plan, which includes SEO and advanced email marketing tools.

For an additional $13.99 a month, you can access premium features for making reservations online.

From $17.49 per month, you can have a website with some basic eCommerce features and the ability to sell products online.

If you don’t mind these restrictions, this tool’s straightforward UI will help you create your website quickly.
Okay, now let’s take a closer look at it.

Stunning websites made with GoDaddy

The most amazing GoDaddy-powered websites we could uncover are showcased in the list below. There are a tonne of websites on this list that demonstrate the website builder’s capability. Check them out, and be sure to see how mobile-friendly they are by visiting the websites on your phone as well.

Godaddy Services – Top 15 Godaddy Services of 2022

These are the following Godaddy Services :

1. Destihl

Destihl Homepage

This neighbourhood brewery and restaurant’s website was made using GoDaddy’s website builder tool. An easy-to-use GoDaddy template was used to create the website. After just a few seconds on the site, it is clear that every aspect—including the photos, typography, and content itself—was meticulously thought out. a restaurant and a brewery that brews craft beer

2. Playbox Technology

Playbox Technology Homepage

An informational business that works with anything TV-related is called Playbox Technology. Therefore, everything for the corporate sector, from channels to quality control. Using only GoDaddy, they are able to effectively illustrate a broad range of complex services that they provide. The design is extremely simple and effectively highlights each section. Information and communication technology provider for the TV-broadcast industry Type of website: business.

3. Gogi Korean Restaurant

Gogi Korean Restaurant Homepage

A tiny, family-run Korean restaurant with a location in New Orleans is called Gogi. Despite the fact that this restaurant doesn’t really need a website, they have made excellent use of GoDaddy’s services. Only the most important restaurant details, such contact information and location, are available on their website. Naturally, the website also features a few reviews and the restaurant’s menu. Essentially, it provides all the information a client might possibly need to make a decision about whether or not to visit them, and it’s all clearly laid out and arranged for viewing.

4. St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Homepage

All of this is contained within a user-friendly, well-designed website. In comparison to the majority of other religious organisation websites, it is unquestionably lot cleaner and more attractive. Presentation of an Episcopal church on the website.

5. Anthony Friend Photography

Anthony Friend Photography Homepage

One of the top photography portfolio websites we could uncover is Anthony Friend Photography. It provides a straightforward, minimalistic design that highlights the excellence of the displayed pictures. The website has a straightforward grid layout that maintains optimum functionality while making it simple for the reader to see the photographer’s work. It is obvious when you visit the site that everything on it, from the dark hues to the minimalist design, is focused on the photos.

6. San Gabriel Valley Humane Society

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society Homepage

The San Gabriel Valley Humane Society is dedicated to caring for domestic animals. While they are a pet sanctuary, they also provide affordable vaccinations, microchipping, and other services for animals. Although their website isn’t particularly attractive, it’s an excellent illustration of how a humane group can professionally present their work. The website is extremely user-friendly and functional, which is exactly what this society wants to accomplish. They are able to convey the significance of their work and how you may support them through the website.

7. Fashion Saga

Fashion Saga Homepage

An online retailer called Fashion Saga offers fashionable clothing. The fantastic thing about it is that the clothes they sell are highlighted across the entire website. Its simplicity and use of straightforward building elements match the aesthetic of their products. Though it might seem like this straightforward layout would wreck a fashion boutique, it actually works in their favour because it puts the products front and centre.

8. Wynk Boutique Hastings

Wynk Boutique Hastings Homepage


Wynk Boutique Hastings selected a Fashion Saga-like website layout. However, their website reflects that since they provide more colourful and flamboyant clothing for those who want to stand out. Only the home page and the clothing catalogue are available on the website, along with a digital store where you may place orders. Everything is designed to highlight the clothing, but more importantly, everything is really well arranged to make browsing through the selection simple.

10. Women Working in Technology

Women Working in Technology Homepage

A company called Retro Customz specialises in making unique headlights, taillights, fog lights, and other lighting fixtures. They work hard to make your automobile look stylish and outstanding, and they’ve applied that goal to their website as well. This is a fantastic illustration of how you can utilise the GoDaddy website builder to make a website that is both attractive and well-designed while also being loyal to what your company does.

11. Jules Art & Design

Jules Art & Design Homepage



An organisation called Women Working in Technology helps women in the tech industry by supporting their academic endeavours. They work to ensure that young women and girls receive the support they require to succeed in life. Contrary to many other websites that perform comparable functions, their website has a decent look. You can find all the details you require about the company and how to access their assistance on this website. And a GoDaddy-built, fully functional website has all of this information neatly condensed.

12. The Wood Den

The Wood Den HomepageThe website exists to display her artwork since she wanted to place a strong emphasis on it.  The only other material on the website is Julie’s biography and contact details, both of which are more than enough.

13. Popcorn Willy

Popcorn Willy Homepage

A Pennsylvania-based company called Popcorn Willy has been making popcorn since 1991. They used GoDaddy to build a highly functioning website that shines in particular once you reach the store for products. You can quickly and simply locate what you’re looking for with it, and the remainder of the website makes it simple to find out all the details you require about the business and its services.

14. Crescent Flight Operations

Crescent Flight Operations Homepage

This website’s proportions are exquisite. Every button and piece of content has a location that was carefully considered in advance. We also appreciate how the buttons are designed to stand out with their neutral tones and simplistic hues.

15. Marc Whisnant Portfolio

Marc Whisnant Portfolio Homepage


It might be challenging for graphic designers to simultaneously present their work and discuss their expertise online.
However, Mark Whisnant has succeeded in striking a superb compromise in website design that enables him to demonstrate his work and skills. He created his entire website using the GoDaddy website builder, and the result is a wonderful illustration of what a portfolio page should resemble.

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