Five Top-Paying Computer Science careers for Australians in 2022

With the rapid rate of growth in the Information Technology sector of Australia, the country has been estimated to need an additional 6.5 million tech workers by the year 2025. It is no news that all across the globe, the demand for tech workers is higher now more than ever. So, if you are considering joining the technology sector, you would be making a timely decision. This is because tech is the future of the world, and this singular fact has made this sector extremely lucrative.

So now that you have decided to be a part of the advancers of technology, what are the most lucrative jobs you could lay your ‘paws’ on? What jobs would be rewarding enough to suffice for the sacrifices and diligence you paid to your technological training? According to the APAC Digital Skills Index, we have put together a list of the 5 topmost paying computer science careers.

1.  Cyber security

More often than not, the job description of cyber security personnel entails assessing and maintaining the security systems of the devices. Looking into the computer and not only monitoring but also reporting security occurrences. Hence, a cyber security man is supposed to be able to ensure the potential security threats are identified and plans are made to curb the breaches.

It is also within the jurisdiction of cyber security personnel to test and screen security encryptions. It’s as easy as saying everything about the ‘security of the internet’ is under the watch of this personnel. Thus, you can see that much depends on this personnel. If corporations would develop as expected, if individuals would be assured of their jobs, cyber security staff must be on the ground. This is one of the reasons why Cyber security is one of the fastest-growing industries in Australia, and pursuing a career in cyber security will surely be worth it.

2.  Large-scale data modeling

Data models are somewhat the connecting link between business owners and their targeted audience. They perform all the visual representations of the information system by indicating the connection between all the data types. They are laden with the responsibility of evaluating data, developing teams to produce data models, creating data coding, reviewing existing systems, and implementing data strategies. In the simplest of terms, data modeling is translating data to information that an audience can interact with. This goes to show how large-scale data modeling is relevant in the technology sector hence the high pay, allowed to these staff.

3.  Cloud architecture

The cloud architect coordinates the cloud computing architecture of different organizations. They organize the front-end platforms, delivery, servers, storage, and networks needed to operate the cloud systems. These groups of persons have the skill required to navigate complicated cloud systems, create and affect cloud strategies while ensuring cloud systems remain relevant.

Cloud architects are currently highly sought after by most corporations and this would remain so even in coming years. This only goes to show that if you pursue cloud architecture, you are bound to remain relevant in the domineering world of tech.

4.  Software/ Web/ development

It is almost no surprise that this is one of the top computer science careers in Australia. It is commonplace that web developers are extremely relevant in the technology sector, there is almost no corporation that can survive this century without the help of a web developer. These groups determine operational feasibility, create solid assurance procedures, dispatch software tools and sustain existing systems.

Web developers design websites, codes, programs, and applications that are used by computers and mobile phones. The task coordinated by these personnel entails designing, building, testing, and generating cyber resources.

5.  Software Engineering

A software engineer utilizes the laws of software engineering to test, create, analyze and sustain computer software. Software engineers might also be called web programmers and they rely on engineering techniques to generate a successful development process.

These individuals engage in complex software configuration and management. They define, measure, alter, execute, improve, control and access the life cycle of the software. Everything about altering the software coding, sustaining the functionality of the system e.t.c are done by these groups.


The Australian economy has continued to wax stronger as more people find their footing in tech. Not only is the pay incredibly sizable but tech also offers workers the privilege of career flexibility and numerous career options. Therefore, it only stands to reason that you decide for any of the computer science careers we have mentioned above, as this would guarantee you fantastic pay.

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