20 Best File Compressor App Download In 2022

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When it comes to file Compressor, it will be important for those who edit movies frequently and have a large number of videos saved on their computer. A large number of videos take up space in your system. As a result, video compressor software is essential in our daily lives. In this article, we’d like to share with you several useful online and offline free file compressors that can come in handy when you need to compress a movie. The aforementioned file compressors may handle a variety of jobs, including MP4 file compressor, MOV video compression, MKV file compression, and so on.

How to Select an Effective Online File Compressor

The most crucial aspect of selecting a good online MP4 compressor is to pick one with a simple and straightforward user interface that will allow you to get your work done quickly. Another thing to remember is that you’ll need online video compression software that allows you to select numerous video formats, and this type of online MP4 compression software can be considered a solid online compressor.

How to Select the Best MP4 File Compressor Software

However, desktop video compressing software differs from internet video compressors. When selecting desktop MP4 compression software, we analyse not only the software’s functionality, but also its speed, additional features, customer service, and other factors. Because you’ll most likely want to complete other jobs such as video conversion, video editing, video transfer, and so on. As a result, while selecting an offline MP4 video compression software, look for one with a variety of relevant functions that will make your everyday video tasks easier to do.

Why Do Compressed Videos Become Fuzzy?

Because of the many compression systems on the market, the videos may have varying outcomes after compression. Lossy compression is a type of video compression method. Lossy compression “uses inexact approximations and partial data discarding to represent the information” (wikipedia), therefore when you apply this video compression technology, your video will only have a portion of the data that was used to construct the video, while other data is minimised.That is why, after compression, the video looks hazy.

20 Best File Compressor App Download In 2022

These are the following file compressor app :

1. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

video gb to mb converter free download

The free 4K/HD video compressor for Windows and Mac is WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe. Because of the HQ engine, hardware acceleration support, and powerful compression algorithm, it can minimise video file size while maintaining the optimum balance of video quality and file size. It is ideal for individuals who want to compress high-resolution videos while maintaining quality. The High Quality Engine ensures little quality degradation (approximately 2% quality loss), and the hardware acceleration ensures that the video compression process is seamless and reliable, with no crashes, stuttering, or jerky movements.

2. HandBrake

Best free software for video compression

Handbrake is a well-known open-source video transcoder programme that also functions as free video compression software for Windows, macOS, and Linux.It allows users to reduce video size without sacrificing quality by lowering video bit range, frame rate, resolution, resizing, and changing video codec type, as well as providing extensive video and audio control choices. The best free video compressor software handles all video formats, including MP4, MKV, HEVC, H.264, VP8, VP9, Theora, and others. In addition, Handbrake General Presets provides outputs for various devices, software, processing speed, total bit rate, and file size, such as Fast1080p30 and Super HQ 1080p30 Surround.

3. Freemake Video Converter

best video compression software Windows 10

If you want to compress videos to different formats, Freemake Video Converter is the best free video compression programme for Windows. It supports over 500 formats and gadgets and can easily compress MKV, MP4, and other formats to HEVC H.265, AV1, H.264, and others. To minimise video size, the free video compressor software provides versatile control over video and audio parameter settings, such as video frame size, bitrate, frame rate, and more.It’s also a fantastic approach to remove unneeded video segments to reduce video size; fortunately, Freemake has this option.

4. FFmpeg

Best free MP4 video compressor

FFmpeg is the greatest free compressor software for compressing video files from GBs to MBs without sacrificing quality. To configure video, audio, and other multimedia settings, such as bit rate, frame rate, container format, and codec format, FFmpeg employs command lines. It is incredibly effective to reduce a movie to times smaller while maintaining good output quality.Try it if you want to compress huge 4K/HD videos quickly without sacrificing quality.
For non-tech savvy users, the  file compressor command line has a steep learning curve.If you input an incorrect command line for codecs, bitrate, container, and frame rate, the free open-source video compression software may produce an even higher file size.

5. Any Video Converter

Best software for MP4 video compression

Another top video compressor programme for Windows and macOS that allows you to compress videos (including HD and 4K films) for free with limitations is freeware. There are no advertisements, viruses, or watermarks.
The application supports NVIDIA NVENC, AMD AMF, and Intel QSV hardware acceleration, which speeds up the video compression process. It’s quite simple to use, requiring no extensive understanding of codecs or video parameters for video compression. However, several users stated that it consumes nearly all of the CPU and RAM, which is unacceptable. If you need to compress DVDs, you should purchase the advanced version for $49.95 to get DVD functionalities.

6. VLC media player

Free video compression software

VLC media player is the most popular free and open source cross-platform multimedia player, as well as free video compression software. It can compress videos by converting them to more advanced codecs and lowering video resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. Hardware-accelerated Direct3D11 and DirectX decoding is supported.
VLC can play a variety video formats, including HEVC and other efficient codecs.All of these enhancements improve VLC’s ability to handle 4K video compression.

7. XMedia Recode

Best software for video compression Windows 10

XMedia Recode is a straightforward and completely free video compressor for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10. It supports a wide range of video formats, including advanced codecs H.265, VP9, which can be used to compress videos to a smaller, more efficient codec. Multiple video compression formats are also supported. The most recent version is XMedia Recode, which includes ffmpeg and AOM AV1 (3.3.0)/x264/SVT-AV1 codec updates. Compressing high-resolution 4K videos will take much longer without full GPU hardware acceleration. Windows 11 and macOS do not support XMedia Recode. If you’re looking for a free video compressor for Windows 11 or macOS, you’ll have to seek elsewhere.

The interface is unappealing, and advanced video codecs such as HEVC are not supported.
If you require a free video compressor, you have many superior options, such as HD Video Converter Deluxe or Handbrake.

8. VSDC Free Video Converter

Free MP4 video compression software

Final Cut Pro X Compressor is the greatest macOS video compressing programme. It works in tandem with Final Cut Pro to compress videos to HDR, HEVC, 360 video, MXF, and other formats with excellent performance and efficiency.
It is intended to compress video and audio files when you are producing a large amount of work for many persons or formats, or when you are attempting to master your work for certain formats.

9. Final Cut Pro X Compressor

Best 4K video compressor

Video compression in batches is well supported. Working as a free video compressor for macOS, bit includes camera LUTs for Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Blackmagic, Nikon, and ARRI, as well as the option to build a custom camera LUT.On Mac computers equipped with Apple silicon, video compression performance and efficiency can be increased.

10. Avidemux

Best free software for video compression

Avidemux is a free and open-source video compression programme that can perform basic video editing and transcoding functions.It is a free video compression software that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
It is simple to reduce a video by half while maintaining high output quality, for example, from 20MB to 10MB with no discernible quality loss. A nearest neighbour scaling option has been added to the “Resize” filter in the newest version. Tone mapping can be used to convert and compress HDR video to SDR. The Auto Crop function of the “Crop” filter can produce superior crops.Avidemux is a difficult programme to learn as a video editor.

11. FreeConvert

6 Best Free Video Converters in 2021(Online & Offline)

FreeConverter is a well regarded piece of free internet video compressing software.You can minimise video size with a web-based free video compressor at any time and from any location.It does not require registration and has no advertisements.For free users, the maximum file size is 1GB.The video uploading procedure may take some time.
A one-minute HD 1080p video often takes 20 minutes or more to upload to its server. Users who dislike dealing with video audio parameter settings may like the targe file size option.A watermark appears on the output compressed video.


VEED.IO | Himalayas

VEED.IO is an easy-to-use free online video compression programme that allows you to compress videos under 10 minutes and 250MB for free.For free users, the output compressed video includes a watermark.It only exports videos in 720p for people who do not subscribe.You can reduce the video bit rate and file size by compressing 4K to 720p or 1080p to 720p.Users can also submit video URLs or videos from DropBox to the web-based free video compressing programme.In comparison to FreeConvert, which gives a maximum of 1GB for free, VEED.IO’s 250MB is a significant drawback, since it is far from sufficient for those who have enormous 4K videos to compress.

13. iMovie

Apple iMovie Review | PCMag

iMovie can also be used as free macOS video compressing software. Your movie size can be lowered without sacrificing quality by adjusting video export settings such as resolution and quality. On the export options page, you can change the resolution and quality. You can reduce 4K or 1080p videos to 720p or lower for smaller file sizes.
Quality settings include Best, High, and Low selections.The best video file size is the largest.Maintain a suitable balance between quality and file size based on your demands. Select the video file in the finder, and you should see the exact size of the video file you wish to compress in column view.

14. QuickTime Player

QuickTime for Windows is a bad idea - here's how to get rid | Tech Advisor

If you’re looking for free video compression software for macOS, try QuickTime Player, which can function as the system’s default video compressor.QuickTime Player can quickly reduce video size.To reduce video file size, it can compress videos to 720p, 480p, lower quality, and bitrate.Open QuickTime Player and choose to File > Export As… to get a list of video resolutions.Choose the lowest resolution for the least video size, rename your video, and save it anywhere, and you’re done! Because it’s a built-in Mac software, the produced video file is in MOV format.

15. Finder

free video compression software for Mac

If you’re sick of installing free video compression software for macOS, give Finder a shot.It enables Mac users to compress video files in order to reduce file size without sacrificing quality. The zip method is appropriate for emailing, sharing, uploading, and preserving storage space. It supports Apple video formats including MOV, MP4, M4V, and others. It’s simpler, faster, and there’s no file size limit as compared to video compressor software or web-based services.When you unzip the movie, the video file is the same size as the source video file.

16. Free Video Compressor

free video compression software

Free Video Compressor is a free video compressing programme. It can play most video formats, including MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV, RMVB, RM, and others. The Desired Video Size option is really handy and simple. You can also customise the video file size, bitrate, video format, audio format, video width, and video height. Aspect ratios of 4:3, 1:1, 16:10, and 16:9 are supported by the free video compression programme.

17. VideoProc

free video compression software

It makes use of a static build of the FFmpeg project. The free video compression for Windows requires the.NET Framework to function (Version 1.0). The application will not provide a stable video compressing procedure.

18. WinZip

free video compression software

WinZip is another video compression programme for Windows 10/11 that can compress video files and folders to make them easier to distribute and share.You can compress videos in a variety of formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, and WMV. It swiftly zips and unzips files to reduce file size without sacrificing quality. This free video compressor for Windows can be used to share, upload, and email videos. It allows you to directly share compressed/zipped video files to iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, and ZipShare.

19. Shotcut

free video compression software

Don’t overlook Shotcut when seeking for free video compressing software. Shotcut is well-known for being a free, frequently updated multi-platform video editing tool.It can even be used as free open source video compressing software.Users can use the tool to alter video codecs, video quality, and cut/trim videos to reduce video size.
It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.Even if you’re compressing 4K video, Shotcut doesn’t require high-end technology.It is playing might be choppy at times, especially with 4K content. Social networking networks have no output possibilities.

20. Openshot

free video compression software

Openshot, often known as a video editor, is a free and open source video compression programme. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Openshot can swiftly trim or clip videos to reduce their size.To compress videos on Windows, macOS, or Linux, use the export settings to select video format, lower video quality, lower video resolution, and video bitrate.Openshot is comparable to Shotcut, a cross-platform video editor that also functions as a free video compressor.The speed and performance of OpenShot have improved. Other free or open source video compression tools, such as Handbrake, Freemake Video Converter, Free Video Compressor, and VEED.IO, appear to be far more stable than OpenShot.

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