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The file-sharing scene is in a consistent state of turmoil. Torrent sites come and move, and only a few ever control to attract a sizeable following of customers. Best ExtraTorrent Sites Alternatives was one such torrent website. The original version of ExtraTorrent is no longer accessible, a good deal to its fans’ disappointment. What ExtraTorrent fans are left with are several mirrors of the original website online in addition to many other torrent websites that have a great deal of the same content as Best ExtraTorrent Sites Alternatives did.

Note: Please permit your VPN while downloading torrents. Your ISP can monitor you until you use a zero log VPN. We’ve prepared the list of the best VPNs right here:

Best ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites

If you’re not familiar with the idea of a mirror website, allow us to explain it to you. A mirror site virtually a copy that looks, feels, and works just like the original website, however, is hosted on an exceptional server and frequently managed via human beings who have very little to do with the team behind the original site.

Here are Top 5 ExtraTorrent mirror sites:

Mirror sites are often confused with proxies, but the two sould hardly ever have least in not unusual. Proxy websites act as messengers, permitting you to get access content material on a certain site with out ever communicating with the website immediately. Each mirror websites and proxies can be used to pass internet censorship, but the latter works most only whilst the original website works.

Because the original version of the Best ExtraTorrent Sites Alternatives is no longer to be had, all ExtraTorrent proxies pointing to it don’t work. All we’re left with are Best ExtraTorrent Sites Alternatives mirror web sites.

Extratorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites

To many torrent users, ExtraTorrent changed into the only torrent site that mattered. However, it was never the only torrent website at the net, nor the most famous one.

25 Best ExtraTorrent Sites Alternatives

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the original torrent websites on the net, and it has done more for file-sharing in general than some other site there’s. Its founders have been waging war with the law enforcement and copyright watchdogs for years, and some have even closed up in prison.

Even though most Hollywood studios would really like to see The Pirate Bay disappear from the face of this planet, the website has remained online to this day, hosting countless torrents belonging to many different  categories. The Pirate Bay is available in 35 languages, and the website is additionally accessible via Proxy:

2. 1337x

1337x is arguably the most stylish torrent site right now, and it’s in all likelihood how people whoaren’t familiar with file-sharing imagine all torrent sites to look like. Despite its homepage’s modern design, 1337x has been around since 2007, serving fresh content to countless torrent customers from around the world.

Currently, the main domain of 1337x is, but there are also several backup domains, including:



RARBG is a popular torrent website with the latest movies and TV shows. Unlike many different torrent websites, RARBG is well-organized and has a clean layout. Every torrent hosted on RARBG features a brief description, cover art, screenshots, and other relevant information. Films and TV shows are often available in several distinctive resolutions and bitrates—from SD all the manner as much as uncompressed 1080p Blu-ray rips.

Besides movies and tv indicates, RARBG also has categories for video games, software, tune, and grownup content material. The RARBG network is tight-knit, and the tracker itself appears to be managed through skilled operators who know how to serve the desires of the record-sharing community.

4. KickassTorrents

KickassTorrents is one of these ExtraTorrent alternatives that don’t need a lengthy introduction. The website online launched in 2008, and it at one time enjoyed over 1 million site visitors a day. Even though the current incarnation of KickassTorrents isn’t quite as popular, it’s nevertheless a number of the maximum visited torrent websites in the world.

KickassTorrents has a simple search webpage that looks a lot like Google search. You can additionally switch to an alternative homepage, which displays famous torrents throughout all main categories (films, TV shows, song, games, applications, anime, books, and lossless tune). The Torrent alternative homepage has its own search bar, and it also lets you access the community  section of KickassTorrents, in which participants discuss torrenting in several languages.

5. SkyTorrents

SkyTorrents is a search engine for torrents, much like Torrentz2. Its index presently has almost 28 million entries in it, a genuinely spectacular impressive number considering how little attention the internet site receives from torrenting blogs and news websites. You may use SkyTorrents in English, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, and Portuguese.

To make it simpler for its customers to find what they’re looking out for, SkyTorrents helps advanced search queries consisting of multiple positive and negative keywords. Search results may be ordered with the aid of date, size, seeders, and leechers.

6. RuTracker

RuTracker is a Russian semi-private torrent tracker with an incredible collection of both Russian and English torrents. Every person can create an account on the website without cost, and RuTracker doesn’t have any strict seeding necessities. Of route, users are recommended to share what they download with others for as long as viable, but that’s just standard torrenting etiquette.

In case you don’t speak Russian, we advocate you use Google Translate to translate RuTracker into English because the website can, in any other case, be as a substitute tough to navigate. Once you get used to its layout, you’ll be able to use it without any help. Ads are plentiful on RuTracker; however, you could get rid of utilizing an AdBlock with a Russian filter.

7. Torrentz2

Torrentz2 is a metasearch engine that uses several different torrent websites to collect search results. Because Torrentz2 doesn’t store any torrent files, the website has managed to avoid law enforcement and copyright watchdogs’ attention. Torrentz2 admittedly doesn’t feel as cozy as some of the opposite torrent websites featured in this article, but it always manages to find the best torrent available.

8. Torlock

Torlock offers over 7 million validated torrents, with hundreds of new torrents being introduced each day. The site is quick and responsive, and its familiar layout still feels very much relevant in 2020. Torlock users can select popular torrents right on the homepage or browse the dozen or so categories, consisting of everything from TV shows and movies to games and anime.

Adult content is also present on the website, but it’s limited to its category, so you don’t need to worry about downloading a grownup movie on accident. Torlock has a news section that aggregates file sharing-related information stories from several news websites, in particular TorrentFreak. In case you download torrents on a regular foundation, we recommend you visit the news section at least once a day, so you know what’s going on with laws and regulations.

9. YTS


There are many alternative websites of ExtraTorrents, but YTS is the most famous, which offers the latest flicks, collection, TV program, and MusicMusic. The site has had countless various domain names since then and is currently running from Torrents developed in 2010 as well as his founder’s name is Yiftach Swery. He was an app, internet developer, and archery champion from New Zealand. It has been outlawed by numerous ISP in lots of countries. There are lots of yify proxy sites are surfing on the web similar to extratorrent proxy.

In August 2011, the YIFY brand name was sufficiently rapid to license an official YIFY Torrents site. But, it was last but not least dissatisfied by United Kingdom authorities. A back-up site, yify-torrents. I’m, launched for users to circumvent this prohibition.

10. ETTV

Best ExtraTorrent Sites Alternatives

ETTV is a torrent site that offers films and TV shows torrents site to users. It enables the users to download them or quickly connect them to the utorrent software through its magnet feature possible with movie or TV show torrent. The platform comes with an easy-looking design, making it hassle-free to orientate in it and find the torrent that a user is looking for.

The site has a search bar that allows the users to search for any movie, TV show, an audio file, or even software easily by just writing the correct name. Moreover, it will enable the users to sort results by the number of seeds, year, or publication date to ease the search. The platform provides a listing of recommended software, videos, etc. to enable the user to choose from these if they are confused. Lastly, it is a free website.

11. Zooqle

ExtraTorrent Alternatives

Zooqle is an online platform to download the best torrent site files that allow access to software, applications, games, movies, themes, customizations software, personalization software, and many more to add. This software is different in terms of its usage that permits a vast downloading experience that is robust and efficient, and the best download file storage is surprisingly full.

This software makes you easy because it contains all the programs and software that aids you not go anywhere. You can download all videos and seasons according to your interest and the special events on-air and watch and install quickly. The significant thing about Zooqle is that you can search files you have to fit according to your downloading criteria based on storage

Zooqle fast notifies you about the latest software and applications and their updates. You can search via the bar to see your shows and queries, if any. Zooqle helps all the devices, including Macs, Linux, iOS, and more. In addition to films and games, it provides books and magazines if you are an interested candidate for learning through a simple subscription.

12. TorrentFunk

ExtraTorrent Alternatives

TorrentFunk is a fast BitTorrent search engine designed for movie fans around the world. The website offers quite an easy interface where you need to enter the title of your movie, tag, or any extra words; within a second, you get all the results that you can freely open. With this, you can additionally download movies, TV shows, games, software, and music without any limit. A recommendation system suggests your torrent links based on your interest that make it better than others.

Another significant fact about this search engine is that it shows you all the trendy results you can quickly get and download. TorrentFunk is the best free to use BitTorrent search engine, and you can access its service anywhere around the world.

13. Fast Torrent

ExtraTorrent Alternatives

Fast Torrent is very distinct from the different sites with Torrent. It’s an internet site for a magnet link. This suggests that the web site has magnetic links from torrents in all classifications.
It’s clean, fast, and also easy to use the best of the site. Moreover, the latest slim user interface with ceramic tiles of popular shows has been presented recently, and also the newest search bar has been released on the top.

Moreover, the web site includes a tremendous collection of magnetic connections from all styles. This makes The Pirate Bay a practical choice to ExtraTorrent significantly. is an easy yet powerful meta-search engine where you can easily download any movie, video, game, software, and different digital content. It combines results from other search engines to provide a massive database of torrents. Like, it also offers more extra than 61 million torrents, and its research shows that it has more movie torrents than different similar meta-search engines.
With this, you can also get games, software, and other digital content torrents to make it a comprehensive solution. You need to enter the name, tag, or any other similar words in its search bar. Within a minute, it shows all the relevant results that you can download without any limit. The good fact about this meta-search engine is that it is free, and you can enjoy its service anywhere around the world.

15. TorrentBit

extratorrent proxy

Although Torrentbit has an extensive movie library, it’s built to distribute TV content more directly. A calendar with all upcoming launch dates and a countdown for significant events is consistent on the web page.
Torrentbit has a vast team of individuals that are all willing to offer a helping hand, even if you should not consider what you are after. There is also a full FAQ tab. Additionally, you can always discover several gushes that are available on the extratorrent.


extratorrent proxy is a free, quick, and powerful meta-search engine that combines all the leading search engines’ results. It features a comfortable and easy to use interface with an extensive library of more than 61 million torrents, making it one of the best meta-search engine. You can easily download movies, videos, software, games, and all the different digital content without any limitation with its help. offers an advanced search box where you need to enter the content you want. After entering the title or related tags, all the corresponding results are shown on your screen that you can quickly download without any limitation. There is also has a recommendation system that suggests you all the trending stuff based on your interest.


extratorrent proxy is an online site that allows users to download movies, music. TV shows and other torrents file quickly free of cost. The platform comes with an easy search section where users can write the movie’s name or music, or anything else they are looking to download. The site displays the result, which contains links for users to download it. The platform additionally provides users with a list of trending movies, TV shows, software, music, and much more. Every category has its section, and for detail, search users can click on the main class to find hundreds of pages giving links to the category’s options. allows users to click on the movie’s link, which they want to download, and users can click on the magnet alternative, which will take them directly to the utorrent software. Finally, it is free and runs on all browsers.

18. TorrentGalaxy

ExtraTorrent Alternatives

TorrentGalaxy is a new torrent site, yet its working is ideal and reasonable alternatives for Extratorrent. It is just a few months old, yet the site’s operatives are not without passion. The website is the development of former participants and personnel of the invalid ExtraTorrent, so they’re barely newbies to the gush world. Nonetheless, they feel that torrents alone do not cut it any longer, so they’ve begun to broaden their site with streaming videos, wanting to bridge the gap between the two– a distressing advancement for Hollywood.

19. Torrent2DDL


Torrent2DDL is a platform that enables users to convert their torrent links to direct download links. The platform comes with an easy interface with a submit torrent file area right in the middle of the page. Users can place the magnet link directly in the box present or select the link from or other platforms. The website converts the full torrent file link into a direct download link, allowing users to get the files in an accessible form without installing any other software to download the torrent files.

Torrent2DDL enables users to download as many files as they want, and they can view all of their entries in the list. Furthermore, it allows users to view the development of the added entries, and they can see when the entries were added and at what time for download purposes.

20. Skytorrents

Unblock Extratorrent

It is a gush online search engine with twelve million gushes of movies, applications, TV programs, tutorials, short articles, etc. Just type your keyword phrase and click get in, and hundreds of torrents will be revealed.

These are the most excellent extratorrent devices you can currently use to get hold of the brand-new things. To not promote such websites in any way, I have assembled this list to consist of several other torrent homepages.

21. Toorgle

ExtraTorrent Mirror Sites

Toorgle powered by Google is an online research engine that enables users to find any details relevant to your content and display possible torrent files. The website explores around 450 torrent related websites that remit with the best results for each search simultaneously.

Toorgle now has over 55,000 000 best torrent indexes, and you can add the Facebook app and the firebox search bar as well, and it is one of the most websites for torrent searches. It comes with a Google-like research bar and lets the user search other terms and downloads other files such as games, movies, videos, and can do many more things.

22. BitSnoop


Best BitSnoop is the torrent provider that is based on the method of peer to peer. It offers hundreds & thousands of torrent files have no hope if these torrent files are invalid. This is the top-quality of BitSnoop that it always delivers its users with valid torrent files only. It makes it sure that they will get the right seeds to download the torrent files in the least possible time.

At present, there are nearly twenty-four million torrent files, and in addition to that, it got itself regularly update with hundreds of different torrent files. It has one of the largest torrent files databases because it heavily relies on the database of other leading torrent providers. At present, it is dependent upon the nearly three hundred torrent based site.

23. Torrentcouch


Torrentcouch is the location to check out a public torrent directory with media content and more. The website’s framework and web content, the structure of each gush, and it’s very own thorough explanation are the shocks of Torrentcouch. Torrentcouch supplies a pretty great choice if you can not utilize any extratorrent proxy.


ExtraTorrent Sites Alternatives is a BitTorrent platform that allows users to download and upload torrent sites. The forum contains torrents of music, movies, software, games, and many others. It is a free site, and users can use it from any browsers. Furthermore, to download the music or movie from the torrent file, users need to install Utorrent software.

Apart from providing downloadable torrent links, the platform also offers users magnet links that can be shared or directly integrated with the best torrent downloader. It offers all qualities of videos, and users can also download subtitles from it quickly.

25. New 1377x


New 1377x is a search engine that supports your favorite torrents that can be quickly downloaded. The platform comes with all the software that is free to use, and specifications are mentioned on each software. You can find several helpful software here such as Ubuntu, Udemy, Microsoft Office plus, Apress, pure VPN, and more extra to add.

The web-based software accesses you to all the trending torrents, and there is also a search option to find the required software you need quickly. In addition to software, 1377x provides a collection of movies, TV libraries, applications, documentaries, music, games, and many more to add.


Not many torrent sites manage to become as famous as ExtraTorrent. While the original ExtraTorrent is not online, and there are many best ExtraTorrent Sites alternatives offering an abundance of high-quality content to file-sharing lovers from around the world. There are also unofficial ExtraTorrent mirror sites; however, you should be wary of those as many of them had been found distributing malware, cryptocurrency mining scripts, and malicious software.

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