15 Best Online Expense Management Software 2023

online expense management software

Expense Report Software free is the best way for small businesses to grow, startups, and mid-market corporations rely on computers, documents, and other improvised manual techniques for expenditure reporting.
Initially, this might be a useful approach for organizations with minimal staff or that don’t deal with a lot of transactions. However, as a company grows in terms of personnel, facilities, or customers, it must cope with several changes in its procedures.

Process of Expense Management

  1. Finance teams conduct compliance audits on expense reports.
  2. Expense management is a multi-step procedure that includes the following steps:
  3. Employees who record and submit cost claims
  4. Keeping cost and receipt records for external audits
  5. Line or department supervisors are responsible for evaluating and certifying expenditure reports.
  6. Approval or denial of expenditure reports
  7. Employee remuneration and payment scheduling

15 Best Online Expense Management Software

Here is the list of best expense management software for small business.


1. Paylocity

best expense management software
Our all-in-one software platform enables HR professionals to quickly handle payroll, compensation, personnel, and workforce expense report software duties. But what distinguishes us is that our tech is supported by a culture that genuinely cares about our clients’ success. Suppliers will just sell you a thing. A partner, on the other hand, genuinely cares of you and your company. A partner spends time to get to know you and understanding your requirements.

2. Rydoo

travel and expense management software

Snap and monitor costs in real-time from anywhere. Make expense report software quick and simple for your staff and finance team. With true approvals flows and sophisticated reporting, Rydoo reduces your cost management procedure to a few clicks and photographs. Rydoo not only eliminates today’s expense management  software, but it also establishes a new norm for business travellers by enabling workers to plan a trip instantaneously via their smartphone.

3. Webexpenses

expense management software free

Webexpenses is a global leader in providing cloud-based travel and expenditure expense management software to businesses of all sizes in over 70 countries.
Webexpenses solutions save organisations time and money by automating laborious operations, increasing expenditure visibility, and reducing mistakes.
Our award-winning expenditure management solution, which is at the heart of our suite, has been shown to lower T&E cost by up to 30%.

4. Fyle

expense management software for small busines

Over the previous three decades, the world has evolved, and so has time expense report software. Fyle has developed a novel, user-friendly method for making expenditure reporting real-time. Employees submit expenditures on the go using tools they already use, such as Gmail, Office, Slack, WhatsApp, and the phone gallery. There’s more: all costs are reported only after they’ve been reviewed for policy violations. This implies that employees will be alerted directly within these applications if they violate any business regulations.

5. Emburse Abacus

expense management companies

Employee costs may be submitted and managed in real time. There will be no more expenditure reports or document hoarding. Capture the expenditure as it occurs for complete visibility into spending. To decrease mistakes and enhance productivity, create specific authorization routing rules for each cost and automate your spending policy. The clean, basic interface eliminates complexity and only prompts workers for what is required, while categorising and arranging costs into summaries as they are completed. This is the online expense management software for small business.

6. Spendesk

employee expense management software online

Spendesk is a comprehensive spend management tool that provides total visibility into business spending. Spendesk is a 7-in-1 system that combines business cards, payments, cost reimbursements, budgeting, approval, reporting, safety, and which was before into a single, scalable solution. This is the online expense management software for small business.

7. Divvy

personal expense management software

Divvy has integrated seamless cost management software with business cards, so you’ll never have to complete another expense report again. You may use Divvy to provide real-time visibility into every expenditure by leveraging speedier cost reporting, enforced budget, and a single platform. This is the online expense management software for small business.

8. Center

best expense management software

Center is a comprehensive enterprise credit card and expenditure management system that provides real-time information as well as adjustable spend restrictions to automate spending monitoring. This is the online expense management software for small business.

Center streamlines expenditure processing for the whole organisation, saving employees time, enhancing operations and safety for the finance manager, and providing real insights to managers and executives.

9. BigTime

expense management software free

BigTime is the connectivity operating system that powers the world’s best consulting businesses. We assist accountants, architects, engineers, IT service providers, scientific and management experts in budgeting, tracking, and billing their most valuable asset – time. BigTime users have enhanced their gross margins by 25% on average by using our business-adaptable solutions for resource allocation, flow and task management, planning and tracking. The best personal expense management software.

10. Paycom

travel and expense management software

It’s All About One System. Paycom offers consumer HR and worker payroll technologies in a single platform to improve the whole employee life cycle. Our complete software is unique in that it has everything you need to empower your whole business — from hire to retire — in an one system. This is the best online expense report software free.

11. Egencia

expense management software for small business

We are the business travel platform for the entire world. Egencia is trusted by businesses of all sizes in over 60 countries to update their corporate travel operations.
We leverage the power of American Express Global Work Travel to provide users with straightforward, consumer-like business travel as well as quick, professional support for unforeseen events. Rest confident that your travel programme is tailored to control risk while increasing ROI, thanks to a worldwide uniform platform and robust travel programme management.


personal expense management software

BQE CORE is an all-in-one practise management solution designed for and built by Architects, Engineers, and Professional Service Practices that allows firms to take full control of their operations – project management, full accounting, time & expense, timesheets, billing & billing, project-based ERP, professional services mechanisation, and much more. BQE CORE makes running your business easier and more profitable. This is the best online expense report software free.

13. Dext Prepare

online expense management software

Dext improves the productivity and profitability of accountants and the companies they manage by providing better data and insights. Combine precise real-time data with practise productivity tools. Allow your staff to spend more time providing value by freeing up time. Prepare your financial situation. Preparation with Receipt Bank allows you to prepare, sort, and publish documentation automatically. Pull cost data of over 1,400 vendors and use smart supplier rules to dynamically sort and categorise it. This is the best online expense report software free.

14. FreshBooks

best expense management software

FreshBooks is an online accounting and billing application that saves you time while making you seem professional – like a Fortune 500 company.
We think that financial record keeping should be simple and quick while still being precise enough to satisfy your accountant. This is the best online expense report software free.

15. Expensya


Expensya is a spend management system that alters it. Users of Expensya may monitor and handle any form of expense, including internet purchases, general charges, financial statements, remote work, Per Diems, travel expenses, and more. Expensya presently serves over 5000 firms and offers a complete solution to its users for perfect end-to-end control of all company costs, thanks to its all-encompassing features and experience. This is the best online expense report software free.

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