Top 14 Employee Onboarding Software For HR Departments

employee onboarding software

In order to attract and keep top talent, your human resources strategy must include selecting the finest employee onboarding software. Employment onboarding software automates everything from sending out employment offer letters to ensuring that IT has the new employee’s approved equipment available.

How does employee onboarding software work?

Employee onboarding software is a digital platform that allows HR departments to relieve their workload while also facilitating quick and simple onboarding for new workers. These applications are intended to expedite onboarding duties and enable totally digital fulfillment of onboarding chores such as paperwork needs, colleague introductions, and training preparation.

Employee onboarding software advantages

Employers may facilitate a seamless transition for new workers by implementing employee onboarding software. Here are a few advantages of using staff onboarding software:

1. Improved employee experience

Through video onboarding, interactive training, customized training material, and other methods, employee onboarding software assists in the development of a thoughtful, instructive, and entertaining onboarding program. Providing interesting and effective onboarding methods increases engagement, enhances the employee experience, and aids in the swift and efficient integration of new members into the team.

2. Employee Documents Are Centralized

With employee onboarding software, HR professionals can simply save and access earlier employee contracts and agreements, as well as critical corporate regulations. Onboarding software often includes a knowledge base site where workers can readily search for much of this information, enabling self-service HR assistance.

Furthermore, employee onboarding software allows you to collect the numerous onboarding documents that come with new hire paperwork without having to print physical copies. Going paperless saves your firm money on ink and printing expenses, improves document organization in digital workspaces, and is healthier for the environment.

3. Improved Onboarding Experience Supported by Data

Employee onboarding software captures data on your onboarding flows and procedures, as well as real-time user input from new employees. These insights enable HR professionals to create a productive and beneficial employee onboarding experience for new recruits.

4. Accuracy

Using employee onboarding software to store and show information assures accuracy. Materials are stored centrally in a document management system, where they can be checked and updated at any time. Whether it’s a small team of 20 or a worldwide team of 2000, the software guarantees that information is always consistent, up-to-date, and correct.

14 Best Employee Onboarding Software For HR Departments

Here are 14 highly-rated employee onboarding software options to help you create a wonderful onboarding experience for your new workers while also making the process easier for HR.

1. Whatfix


Whatfix is a digital adoption platform that helps you welcome your new employee with the right handshake by offering a tailored employee onboarding experience.

With interactive, in-app walkthroughs, the platform overlays your corporate program to assist new users through the application or product. Whatfix assists new employees through the use of mission-critical software, allowing for a speedier ramp-up time and more overall acceptance. Employees receive in-app and real-time navigational onboarding and training while working on the program, thanks to a flow-based learning approach.

You can also use the program to construct employee onboarding task lists and self-help widgets to track employee progress and create a self-serve onboarding path for your new workers.

2. ClearCompany


ClearCompany focuses on offering a high-quality talent management system. Over 2,000 businesses and recruiters utilize the platform, which is known for its contemporary candidate tracking, onboarding, performance management, and employee engagement solutions.

The mobile-friendly employee onboarding software from the firm includes a new hire portal, compliance management, background checks, benefits administration, e-verify, and other features.

ClearCompany’s talent management solution does not have a set price. Pricing is determined by the size and demands of your business.

Users can also pay for access to modules. This implies that companies may get only the solutions they require rather than the whole talent management suite.

3. Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software

Ultimate Software’s UltiPro is next on the list, a full HCM platform suitable for enterprises of all sizes.

UltiPro Onboard, the platform’s onboarding software solution, offers a straightforward way to get in touch with new hires right away. The platform is mobile-friendly, allowing both employers and workers to accomplish onboarding chores with ease. This includes essential papers as well as personal goal-setting.

Furthermore, UltiPro Onboard enables new workers to build relationships with team members prior to joining.

Ultimate Software, like most other HCM businesses, does not provide fixed costs for its products. Pricing is determined by your needs.

4. Eduflow


Eduflow is an interactive platform that allows you to construct workflows for your workers to acquire new skills or tools linked to their profession. The flexibility to select and update existing templates allows the HR and/or IT staff to personalize the onboarding chores and learning for each new recruit. Key characteristics include:

Divide the onboarding information into microsized, readily digestible segments such as getting to know the products, a quick summary of your staff, and so on.

  • To verify that the employee is on the correct track, solicit comments or questions about the solution.
  • Guided exercises, compelling information, and collaborative activities can help activate new team members.
  • Keep track of every stage of the onboarding process.
  • The rich-text editor aids in the creation of courses that look great on all screen sizes.

5. BambooHR


BambooHR, marketed as “an HR software with a heart,” is another end-to-end platform that may help you optimize your human resource activities.

BambooHR’s portfolio includes data analytics (HRIS), an applicant tracking system, onboarding, remuneration, and culture management.

The platform’s employee onboarding software helps streamline the process, allowing users to focus on what really matters: establishing a good first impression. You may assure a smooth integration of new hires by using electronic signatures and tailored pre-boarding kits. Furthermore, the portal provides IT checklists.

BambooHR now provides two options, Essentials and Advantage, with the latter including more sophisticated capabilities. In addition, the firm provides time monitoring and performance management services as optional add-ons.

BambooHR has not released any official price information for its bundles. You can, however, obtain a free quote for your company.

6. HR Cloud

HR Cloud

HR Cloud is a SaaS provider of intelligent HRMS solutions for team communication, corporate culture, and core HR procedures.

Onboard, HR Cloud’s main solution includes a plethora of essential onboarding tools.

The onboarding software guarantees that staff is engaged from day one by focusing on offering outstanding experiences for new recruits. Personalized portals, forms, reporting, payroll linkages, and checklist automation, on the other hand, collaborate to ensure smooth transitions.

HR Cloud Onboard pricing is available upon request. Despite the fact that the organization has not disclosed any fixed costs on their website, several courses say that the beginning price is $6 per employee (per month).

7. Clickboarding


Clickboarding is an onboarding and employee experience software company that offers contemporary, compliant HR solutions that have an influence on employee growth and retention. Key characteristics include:

  • Pre-designed themes and materials make it simple to build an onboarding experience.
  • Follow an employee’s progress through the onboarding phase.
  • Electronic signatures.
  • Using Click’s open and accessible employee experience platform, it provides a uniform experience from candidate tracking through onboarding.
  • Mobile-first, web-based, and completely automated onboarding prepares remote employees for success.

8. ADP


ADP is a well-known provider of payroll, benefits administration, talent management, and other human capital management (HCM) solutions.

ADP Vantage HCM is a comprehensive human capital management platform with a wide variety of features. Among the various features of this program are the onboarding capabilities, which provide a centralized manner of welcoming new workers to your organization.

Certain standard characteristics and capabilities are shared by every onboarding software. Similarly, ADP Vantage provides a straightforward method to complete paperwork, assign duties to recruit managers, perform orientation, use templates, and much more.

Additionally, the app enables users to introduce new workers to current ones, assisting them in overcoming first-day nerves.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg; there’s so much more you can do with ADP Vantage than onboarding.

9. GoCo


GoCo provides HR, benefits, and payroll administration services. The program was created with the goal of streamlining and automating the complete human resource cycle, including PTO, time tracking, e-documentation, and, of course, onboarding. Key characteristics include:

  • In one spot, send digital offer letters and use electronic signatures.
  • In minutes, you can obtain tax withholding and payroll information.
  • It is compatible with both computers and mobile devices.
  • You can convert documents into fillable forms with data fields that you can keep and report on using GoCo’s patented MagicDocsTM technology.
  • By connecting with an ATS to start the onboarding process, you may avoid double data entry.

10. Sage


Sage is a SaaS startup that delivers award-winning small and medium-sized business management, accounting, and payroll software. The Sage HRMS package, the definitive HR platform for managing whole employee lifecycles, offers cutting-edge features. A recruiting program that automates everything from locating the appropriate applicants to onboarding them is included in the suite.

  • By utilizing dynamic online forms and tax withholding certificates, you may expedite the onboarding process with recruiting software.
  • There are also a number of other tools, such as what-if assessments, alarms, and more, that may assist in ensuring a smooth voyage.
  • Sage, too, offers quote-based pricing for its products. Currently, the firm offers its recruitment and onboarding tools as optional extras.

11. Workful


Workful’s payroll and human resource solutions may be ideal for small businesses. The firm focuses on delivering tools that can help recruiters streamline procedures and make things easier.

Workful’s online HR software takes care of all of this and more.

The program includes current onboarding capabilities in addition to time tracking, document storage, expenditure reporting, and PTO management.

Your new workers may create their own accounts through self-service, have access to the employee handbook (and other papers and forms), and be merged into the payroll thanks to its onboarding software.

Workful now costs $25 per month (plus $5 for each employee you have). While the platform is not inexpensive, it may be worth it because it contains payroll and HR functions.

12. HRPartner


As a standard HCM and personnel management software, HRPartner has a lot of outstanding features. One of the most popular is designing personalized employee onboarding checklists for new recruits. Key characteristics include:

  • Create checklists for each procedure that requires staff to complete several tasks.
  • Put all materials in one location for easy access.
  • Set up reminders to automatically follow up with employees on unfinished business.
  • Check to see which workers have finished their checklists and which are still incomplete.
  • Tasks should be assigned to various stakeholders participating in the onboarding process.

13. iSolved


iSolved is yet another HCM system vendor, including payroll, benefits, core HR, and time tracking. While the standard iSolved HCM platform provides a wide range of functions, the onboarding features are only available as an add-on with iSolved Hire.

With iSolved Hire’s capabilities, you can greatly simplify the recruiting and onboarding procedures.

In addition to recruiting capabilities (such as job ads, partnerships, and so on), the module allows you to seamlessly onboard new personnel. Document and form management, enhanced retention, and bottleneck removal from the onboarding process are among the primary characteristics of iSolved Hire.

As of now, no definite pricing for the company’s HCM solutions has been published. It does, however, include an ROI calculator to help you estimate how much money you’d save by investing in their platform.

14. Talmundo


With Talmundo’s sophisticated onboarding platform, you can improve your new hire process, increase engagement, promote productivity, and increase retention. Key characteristics include:

  • To-do lists that are interactive and engaging quizzes to make new recruit onboarding enjoyable.
  • Feedback and analytics to identify and address roadblocks and pain spots throughout the onboarding journey.
  • Using filters, deliver diversified information across many departments and places.
  • Using integrated task management, you can create, assign, and manage tasks for all onboarding stakeholders.
  • Use digital chatbots to provide answers to new hires.

How to Select the Best Employee Onboarding Software

Every employee onboarding program should be simple to use and automatable. Aside from that, we all have distinct requirements. Here are a few things to think about in order to make the best selection for your company:

  • Determine your ultimate aim or the goal you hope to achieve by employing employee onboarding software. Perhaps you want to reduce the expense of manually updating information or shorten the time it takes for new workers to become competent. The ultimate goal will assist you in determining the best onboarding software for you.
  • If you have a hybrid or remote workforce, consider if the software offers a consistent experience for all new workers, including remote and in-person.
  • Determine how much money you want to spend on software.
  • Determine which premium features of the product you would require based on your defined target.
  • Consider if the new employee onboarding solution will be able to interface with your existing systems.
  • Consider how steep the learning curve for the program is.
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