How to Download Instagram Videos, Photos, Stories, Reels?

Instagram recently delivered a function that helps you to take a bundle of your Download Instagram Videos, Photos, Stories, Reels whilst you go away the app. The social media platform turned into form of pressured to launch this option after Britain’s exit from the EU. Reportedly, after the Brexit, major tech organizations like Google and facebook are moving their data from the United Kingdom to the united states. So if you have been planning to go away Instagram, you gained’t go away absolutely empty-exceeded now.

Now, the function works precisely how you expect it to paintings. So, via the usage of this selection you will be capable of search out a copy of everything you have got executed at the platform to-pass. The data will include all of the posts you have shared, the feedback you wrote, your profile info, and “extra”.

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Using an iOS or Android app, learn how to Download Instagram Videos.

The Instagram app also allows you to download your download instagram photos.

  • Open the Instagram app, and if required, log in.
  • The icon for your profile, which looks like a head and torso and is in the lower-right area of the screen, should be selected.
  • Choose the three stacked lines-based menu icon.
  • Pick Settings (the gear icon). Instagram settings
Settings in Instagram
  • Press Security.
  • Decide on Download Data.
  • Request Download, then type in the email address you use for Instagram.
Security, Download Data, and Request Download in Instagram
  • On the following page, enter your password, and then select Next.
  • Click Done.

Using a web browser, learn how to Download Instagram Videos

Like the majority of social media platforms, Instagram logs your activity. It might be upsetting to realise that the business saves specific information about you, even though the majority of this data is meant to enhance your Instagram experience. Download a copy of every piece of data that has been stored on their servers to put your mind at ease.The files you downloaded can then be used to move your photos and comments to a different social networking site.

Use a web browser to do the following steps to download your Instagram data:

  • Visit and sign in.
  • In the top-right corner of the screen, there is a head and torso-shaped button that says “Select Your Profile.”
    The menu button on Instagram
  • Go to Settings, indicated by a gear symbol.

    Settings in Instagram
  • From the left menu pane on the Instagram settings page, choose Privacy and Security.

    Privacy and Security in Instagram Settings
  • When the privacy and security options for your account appear, scroll down to the Data Download section and choose Request Download.

    The Request Download command
  • Select Next after entering the email address where you want the download link delivered.

    Instagram request data enter email
  • Request Download after entering your Instagram password when requested.

    Instagram enter password for data request
  • The link might not be available for up to 2 days. Click the link to download your contacts, messages, likes, search history, comments, profile details, and other user-specific data.

The link might not be available for up to 48 hours. Click the link to download your contacts, messages, likes, search history, comments, profile details, and other user-specific data. The buttons labelled Next and Done.

Reduce the amount of data that Instagram stores.

A substantial quantity of information is there in your Instagram data collection. These are things that you provide the service through uploads, comments, settings, and other activities.

Do you wish to restrict the amount of information that Instagram holds about you?

If this is the case, connect with fewer individuals and provide less information. Everything you do on Instagram is saved. It’s also not certain that everything you delete will be removed from the data set linked to your profile, such as when you remove a remark or a photo.

How to Proceed When Your Data Download is Complete

When the download is prepared, you’ll be notified by email. The download file is a compressed ZIP package including the photos related to your account as well as separate JSON-formatted files for every category of data. A text editor like Notepad can be used to view these files.

How to Download Instagram Data Before Deleting?

The feature lies in the “Privacy and Security” tab of the “Settings” menu and here is how you can get your copy of data from Instagram:

  • Go to the “Download Your Data” page on Instagram, which the developers recently added.
  • Enter your email address associated with your Instagram account in the text field and click “Next”
  • Enter your Instagram password on the following page.
    Finally, click the “Request Download” button.

Now, what this feature does is, it creates a single, comprehensive file containing all your Instagram information. According to the data download page, the developers can take up to 48 hours of time to gather all the data. Once they are done, they will create a file and send a link to that file directly in your email.

Now, once you place your request for data download the first time, you cannot place the same for the second time for that account. The data download page reads, We can only work on one request from your account at a time,”.

When you try to place a second request from an account, the page will deny your request saying “You Can’t Request Another Download”.

So, if you are thinking of leaving the popular picture-sharing platform, despite its recent feature upgrades like saving live IGTV videos or the “Guides” to wellness content, you will have a parting gift. Even if you don’t leave the platform, you can check out what data of yours the Facebook-owned platform possesses.

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