Use the Discord IP Grabber as a starter?

discord ip grabber bot

There are many circumstances in which you could need to obtain someone’s discord ip grabber bot IP. But not everyone is adept at doing it. The general consensus is that because Discord operates its own servers, it is hard to obtain a user’s IP address from it. Additionally, this platform uses TLS, increasing the security of every user.

Discord IP Resolver | How to Pull IP on Discord? [2023 Update]

You’ll hear this from the majority of IT professionals: “It’s impossible to get someone’s IP from Discord.” This, however, is not at all the case. It is rather easy to accomplish utilizing a particular method or a program that may determine the user’s IP that you are interested in. Check out this post for the most common methods of obtaining someone’s Discord IP.

Use the Discord IP Grabber as a starter

IP grabbers are without a doubt among the greatest ways to learn someone’s address. There are many IP capturing tools available that let you locate and monitor IP. Here’s an illustration of how to use discord ip grabber bot to obtain an IP address:

Get a person’s URL in Step 1

Each member on Discord will have a link that points to their profile page. To begin obtaining their IP, you must first be aware of this connection. The user’s Discord address must be copied and pasted into a handy field in window.

Ip loggers for discord grabber bot

Once you’ve typed in the Discord user’s address, click “Create URL.” You now possess a functional address that you must provide to your user in order to obtain their IP. The URL you currently have is the standard one, but it has a few extra parameters. Specifically, you obtain the user’s information when they click the link. If that sounds a little hard, check out this simple and uncomplicated instruction on using discord ip grabber bot tracking URLs to catch catfish online.

Save Your Tracking Code

A tracking code will be provided by discord ip grabber bot when you create a URL for your user. This code is crucial since it will enable you to trace the user’s IP address in the future.

Code for tracking

Provide the User with the Generated Link

Give the link to the individual you’ve selected once you have it, and make sure they click it. The user should ideally be motivated to click the link. If not, you won’t receive the IP address.

Monitor IP

You can track a user’s IP after they click your link and you have the tracking code. On the discord ip grabber bot website, you must first enter the tracking code in a designated field. As it is at the top of their homepage, it is simple to find. Click the “Tracking Code” button. You can view all the details on the Discord user you obtained with discord ip grabber bot on the website.

IP information from discord ip grabber bot

Getting the Discord of your chosen person is rather simple when done in this manner. You can record the user’s IP address, country, user agent, operating system, and device even if they don’t have a discord ip grabber bot account. Visit discord ip grabber bot to see what this simple tool can do for you. It provides a wealth of analytical data.

Make use of Discord’s IP Resolver

The Discord IP Resolver is yet another simple tool for obtaining someone’s Discord IP. Modern technology is used by this tool to assist you find any information you need. A packet interception scan method is possible using IP Resolver technology. Any IP address that you require can be decrypted, extracted, or fetched using this technique.

App Discord

The gadget first delivers specially modified faked packets. Artificial intelligence algorithms built into the app can swiftly change to the user’s location. The target IP will then respond with encrypted packets, providing you with information about their IP.

The target user must be online in order to utilize this feature.

So, how can we obtain a Discord user ID?

Get Your User ID

  • Join any server on Discord and type @yourusername to obtain your user ID. You will then receive your User ID. For further use, copy it.
  • Join a Discord server and activate developer mode
  • You must access “Settings” on your Discord account before obtaining another user’s IP. After that, select “Appearance” and select “Developer Mode” from the checkbox menu.
  • Discord settings for users
  • Conflict Appearance Changing Discord’s development mode
  • Copy the ID of another user
  • After activating developer mode, choose the necessary user by right-clicking, then select “Copy ID.” You can now move on to the following actions.

Panel ID for Discord

Paste your Discord User ID into the correct section on the Discord Resolver website once you have one. When you click “Resolve,” the Discord IP Grabber website will display your user’s IP address.

Discord ip result 3. Obtain the Discord IP using Wireshark

Another effective tool used by individuals as a protocol analyzer is Wireshark. You may, for instance, observe activity on your network down to the microscopic level. The project, which has been around since 1998, can perform detailed VoIP analysis as well as live capture analysis. Anyone’s IP may be obtained with this, including Discord users.

So, how can one find out someone’s Discord IP using Wireshark?

Some technical knowledge might be required for this. But as long as you are committed and adhere to the guidelines, everything will be OK.

  • Install Wireshark
  • Set up Wireshark
  • Before using Wireshark, you must first download the software to your computer.
  • Visit their website, navigate to the Downloads area, and select the operating system version you want to install.
  • You just need to install the install file that will be downloaded after this.

Examine the Tracking Features

The software is a veritable treasure trove of helpful features that let you keep tabs on almost everything. You may print out a lot of pages, observe the data packets your computer sends to various websites, and observe the communications you receive from those websites. Discord is part of this, so you may download packages from it and view their details, which will include the user IP. The number of packages, source, IP, device, protocol, and other details will all be included in this data.

Sign up for Discord

Due to the numerous processes running in the background on your computer, the Wireshark tool may collect a large number of sources. The good news is that you can filter them using Wireshark features. You can view TCP, UTP, and other protocols, for instance, by selecting the appropriate tab. Therefore, if Discord is open right now and you are speaking to the user whose IP you require, the app will record both of you. As a result, be sure to open Discord before connecting to them.

Lookup Discord Packages

Wireshark can record every action your computer takes while connected to the Internet and can keep track of every data, as is already known. But how do you figure out where the Discord information is among all of that? Easy! If you type “Discord” into the unique field in the Wireshark window, it will locate Discord and display all of the currently active processes, enabling User IP. You can quickly filter packages and view all of their information. Try searching for “Discord” using several search protocols. You can learn more about the interaction between Discord and your computer by doing this.

User IP in Wireshark

We must examine each incoming package in order to obtain the user IP from Discord. You need the username of the specific user in order to get their IP. You can easily find their IP by typing it into the Wireshark app search bar. Try searching inside the categories that were returned from your Discord traffic search. Be aware that there may be a lot of useless information, but fortunately, you can see the user’s IP in their Discord information.

How does Discord IP banning work?

On Discord, you might frequently argue with a certain person or encounter irritable individuals. The good news is that you have the choice to ban anyone on Discord, so you don’t have to put up with them or put up with them. Because this platform’s bans are IP-based, Discord will block users who utilize the same IP address. Since most people only have one IP address, you may be certain that they won’t be able to contact you. In Discord, how do you ban someone? See the complete explanation below. The first thing you must do is start Discord. You can block someone from using their website, mobile app, or desktop software.


To log into the system, you must then provide your username and other details. You will then have access to the server.

Choose the server

The choice of a server comes next. They are simple to find because they are on the left side of the screen. Select one server from the list.

Locate the user

You must first locate someone before you can prohibit them. Remember where this user likes to hang out on Discord because they should be in one of the channels. Any VoIP channel’s main panel will have a list of its participants. To locate the user, keep selecting the channels.

Disallow the user

It is simple to ban a user after you’ve located them. Right-click this user’s name. The “Ban” button will be visible at the bottom of the menu when it appears. After that, left-click it to bring up a new dialog box. After that, simply click “Ban” to finalize your choice. From this point on, you won’t be accessible to the user’s IP.


There are numerous circumstances in which you could need to obtain someone’s Discord IP. Although some individuals will claim it’s impossible, third-party apps can now make it simple for you to accomplish this. Pay heed to the free website program called Discord IP grabber. Using this application, you can rapidly obtain the person’s IP address by link capturing.
Additionally, Discord IP Resolver aids in obtaining the IP if the person is currently active. Another option is Wireshark, but using it requires some technical know-how. The Discord IPs could be captured by the software since it will catch any IP that sends packages to your machine. Alternatively, you can utilize the “Ban” button next to the user’s username to permanently ban them from your Discord server.

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