10 Best DigitalOcean Alternatives For Cloud Computing in 2023

DigitalOcean is a cloud computing platform noted for its quick cloud services and low rates. An American cloud infrastructure service provider is not a suitable fit for large businesses looking to set up and scale their applications. Yet, its low-cost storage and cloud hosting features also appeal to companies with limited resources. True, DigitalOcean is less expensive than other cloud providers. If its 99.99% uptime SLA, DNS administration, high-performance SSDs,  diverse APIs, etc., do not fit your project, you should examine alternatives. In this essay, we will go through some of the most important alternatives to DigitalOcean in depth. This post will also cover DigitalOcean’s basic features and pricing methodology.

What exactly is DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is one of the most well-known names in cloud computing. Essentially, DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider based in New York. DigitalOcean’s data centers are located all around the world to deliver excellent services to customers everywhere.

Developers may use DigitalOcean to instantly build, launch, test, and scale their apps across several virtual machines or PCs. According to StackShare, around 2588 businesses use DigitalOcean’s services. Stack, Craftbase, and Accenture are the biggest ones.

What We Look for in the Greatest DigitalOcean Alternatives

I searched for these aspects when looking for the finest DigitalOcean alternatives.

  • Uptime that is consistent. DigitalOcean frequently experiences outages. I picked hosts with substantially higher uptime reliability.
  • Improved assistance. Because DigitalOcean is designed for developers and sophisticated users, it offers relatively limited assistance. There is no live help (unless you are a major company that can purchase the Premier Support subscription), so all you get is ticket support, which might be sluggish. Several of the hosts listed below offer significantly better assistance as part of their hosting packages.
  • Usability. DigitalOcean has a completely hands-off approach and lacks many things that make hosting easy—even establishing a WordPress site requires accessing your server through SSH. Several of my solutions are more user-friendly.
  • Service that is managed. I’ve included hosts who provide partial or complete managed to host because it may be a huge time saver for developers.

Top 10 Digital Ocean Alternatives

Although DigitalOcean is well-known for its very delighted clients, it, like any other cloud computing platform, has downsides. That is why we present DigitalOcean alternatives to our readers who wish to leave this cloud service provider.

#1. Vultr


Vultr is a fantastic alternative to DigitalOcean because of its ability to construct projects locally and distribute them internationally. With 17 locations throughout the globe, the cloud hosting business offers cloud computing for as little as $2.50 per month.

For the best SSD-backed storage option, Vultr offers cloud computing, bare metal dedicated servers, and block storage. The company is renowned for its enterprise-class performance and security, as well as for its slick dashboard and helpful customer support.

#2. Linode


One of the best-known cloud computing service companies, created in 2003, is Linode, one of the alternatives to DigitalOcean. This corporation, situated in the United States, offers virtual private servers. Linode provides consumers with economical and clear Linux-based cloud solutions and services. It provides high-performance cloud computing with free support and DDoS protection.

Furthermore, its cloud-based platform’s user-friendly design makes it a fantastic choice for clients. Linode’s price is significantly lower than that of competing cloud computing platforms.

#3. Kamatera


Kamatera is a suitable alternative to DigitalOcean since it provides cloud servers, private networks, and other services. The cloud servers from Kamatera are not only flexible and powerful but also affordable and perfect for any complex cloud system.

To provide customer service, a phone system is available around the clock, seven days a week. You may also email the company or look through the numerous knowledge base articles to resolve issues on your own.

#4. AWS


Because of its dominance in the cloud computing business, Amazon Web Services is a reliable DigitalOcean option. AWS is an Amazon company that offers on-demand cloud computing services and APIs. Individuals and companies may use cloud computing to deploy and manage their apps.

#5. Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Google offers developers access to its top-notch infrastructure because it is also engaged in the cloud hosting industry. Several managed hosting companies also utilize Google Cloud, packaging it or reselling it to thousands of additional customers.

As you might anticipate, Google Cloud offers a high-performance bundle in addition to assistance with large-scale migrations and demanding workloads. With anti-malware, multilayer security, and ongoing threat detection, it protects your data.

#6. Azure


Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based platform, was released by Microsoft in 2010. Microsoft Azure is one of the leading cloud computing infrastructure providers and is one of the alternatives to DigitalOcean.

Microsoft Azure provides a wide range of services and features to clients. With this cloud-based platform with fantastic capabilities, you can design, launch, and manage your apps and services.

#7. OVH Cloud

OVH Cloud

OVHCloud is a cloud computing firm based in France that offers dedicated VPS servers as well as other online services. Because of its excellent, inexpensive cloud services and hosting capabilities, OVHCloud is one of the top DigitalOcean alternatives. This scalable cloud platform is one of the greatest solutions for executing cloud-based applications.

#8. Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba is another DigitalOcean competitor that operates data centers both inside and outside of China. Aliyun is another name for Alibaba Cloud. It provides cloud computing services to businesses with the infrastructure they use for their own products.

Moreover, Alibaba Cloud provides a scalable cloud platform where users may tailor services and products to their own needs. FullStack, TheBig3, and CloudSfer are among the businesses that use Alibaba Cloud.

#9. Rackspace


Rackspace is a leading cloud computing service provider and a viable alternative to DigitalOcean. Rackspace’s cloud platform enables cutting-edge technology for your company’s efficient growth.

#10. DreamHost


DreamHost is one of the greatest hosting companies. Because of its cloud hosting capabilities, it is also regarded as a trustworthy DigitalOcean option. Without a doubt, DreamHost offers cloud computing services, including the ability to establish a cloud server in less than 30 seconds.


This article compares the main DigitalOcean rivals, including their key features and pricing methods. Hopefully, these details will help you choose the best DigitalOcean option for your projects.


What is the best Digital Ocean substitute?

It depends on what you want in a host. If you want a completely scalable and configurable hosting environment, I recommend Kamatera. But Liquid Web or Cloudways are excellent options if you want economical managed hosting. Some hosts also provide some fantastic savings on our coupons and offers page.

Vultr or DigitalOcean: which is better?

Vultr provides an intermediate-level bundle that contains 160GB of SSD storage, 8GB of RAM, and four CPU cores. In comparison, DigitalOcean’s entry-level plan has 25 GB of SSD storage, 1 GB of RAM, and 1 CPU core. In terms of storage capacity, DigitalOcean is the clear winner.

Is DigitalOcean more costly than Amazon Web Services?

On average, DigitalOcean is much less costly than Amazon. The cost comparison below, for example, indicates that Amazon may be more than 40% more expensive than DigitalOcean for a single virtual machine.

Which is more reliable, DigitalOcean or Linode?

DigitalOcean is very basic, with just enough of what most customers need to get by, whereas Linode has a lot more to offer but also tries for simplicity and ease of use.

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