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Welcome to the Activate CIBC Costco card tutorial! You have the opportunity to earn even more cashback by logging in. Your current Costco Mastercard was replaced with a new CIBC Costco Mastercard on March 4, 2022. As you begin earning even more cashback wherever Mastercard is accepted, you will gain access to new Mobile Device Insurance for your next mobile phone purchase, flexible instalment payment options, and more. After activating your CIBC credit card, you’ll be able to enjoy your amazing new features. With CIBC Pace It, Installment Plans, you can get low discounts on Costco purchases. Spread out payments over a set period of time and use CIBC Pace It low-interest instalment plans to pay for larger items.

You Can Now Apply for a CIBC Costco Mastercard in Canada [Update] • iPhone in Canada Blog

With your new CIBC Costco Mastercard, you can get lower Installment Plan interest rates and no instalment fees on qualifying Costco purchases made in Canada and at Allow us to quickly activate and log into your Activate CIBC Costco Mastercard for more such rewards and perks.

How do I activate my CIBC Costco Mastercard?

You can activate your new credit card through CIBC Online or Mobile Banking. Simply select Activate Card from the main navigation menu in CIBC Mobile Banking or the Credit section of My Accounts in CIBC Online Banking to activate.

Cards are inactive until they are activated for your security. This will prevent unauthorised use of the card before it reaches you. Using online or mobile banking, you can activate any CIBC credit card. Each cardholder on the account must activate their own card. After completing the activation steps successfully, your card becomes immediately active and usable. If you change your credit card information, notify any businesses that have your card on file for pre-authorized payments and sign the back of your new card.

Remember to delete your old card after activating your new one to keep your account secure. Pre-authorized payments will continue because your card’s expiration date and number will not change. If your current card expires within nine months of requesting a placement, your replacement card will have the same number but a different expiration date. You must change the expiration date on your pre-authorized payments in this case.This only applies to the primary cardholder.

Make a simple Google Pay payment by following these steps:

Google Pay is accepted at any contactless payment terminal that accepts your qualifying CIBC credit, prepaid, or debit card.

To make a payment in person:

  • Press any button to wake up your device.
  • Tap your device on the contactless terminal to pay with your default card.
  • For security reasons, your device may need to be unlocked.
  • Online or in-app purchases:
  • When making a payment, select “Pay with Google Pay.”
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your transaction.
  • You may be required to provide your Google account password or biometric identification to connect the app to Google Pay.

How do I use a credit card after activating CIBC Costco?

You can pay off your credit card using a variety of methods.

CIBC Credit Card Services can be reached at:

To set up pre-authorized payments on your credit card account, call CIBC Credit Card Services at 1-800-465-4653.
If you are calling from outside North America, dial 514-861-4653. They will take collect calls. They are available to assist you from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET during the week and from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET on weekends.

Money transfer from your CIBC bank account:

By logging into CIBC Online Banking®, you can also transfer funds from your CIBC bank account to your CIBC credit card. Your CIBC credit card must be linked to your debit card in order to transfer funds. On the “My Accounts” tab, look for a “Link Account” button next to your credit card to ensure it is currently linked to your debit card.

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To pay with a credit card, sign in to your CIBC Bank account. Another option is to add your credit card as a payee via CIBC Online Banking while logged into your CIBC bank account:

  • Select “Pay Bills” from the menu.
  • Then, on the right, click “Add or Edit Payees.”
  • After entering the payee’s name into the text field, click “Search.”
  • The name of the payee should be selected from the search results.
  • After entering your credit card information in the “Payee Account Number” box, click “Next.”
  • After you have reviewed the payee information, click “Add Payee.”
  • By clicking “Add Payee” again, you will be asked to confirm the payee you want to add.

You will also be required to enter a one-time verification code. Once this step is completed, you will receive confirmation that your request has been submitted. A total of 99 payees may be present at the same time. By dialling 1-800-465-2422, you can also use Telephone Banking to register your CIBC credit card as a payee. Once your credit card bill has been uploaded to your account, you can access it by selecting the “Pay Bills” option in CIBC Online Banking, CIBC Mobile Banking®, Telephone Banking, or a CIBC ATM. Paying bills that are due in the future will be an option.

What is the registration process for the CIBC Mobile App?

If you are a new CIBC customer, you can access your credit card information, such as transactions and payments, by signing up for CIBC Mobile or Online Banking and entering your current Capital One Costco Mastercard 16-digit card number. You can register by following these simple steps:

  • Visit or use the CIBC Mobile Banking App to access your account.
  • Select “register.”
  • Under “New to CIBC?” click “Continue with registration.”
  • Enter your current credit card’s card number, expiration date, and the main phone number Capital One has on file.
  • If you are having trouble registering, please call the customer service number listed on the back of your existing card.
  • Click “next” and follow the on-screen instructions.


If the verification code sent to your phone number when you sign up for CIBC digital banking does not work, continue reading. You should wait at least 10 minutes before requesting another code because obtaining the code may take up to 10 minutes. The 6-digit verification code can be found in the body of the most recently delivered text message, so please open it when you receive it.

If you haven’t received the code or it doesn’t work, you can update your account by calling the customer service number on the back of your current card and providing an updated phone number.

That concludes our post on Activate CIBC Costco Mastercard, and we hope you found it useful!

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