15 Best Web Hosting UK Providers Compared in 2022

best web hosting uk

If you choose the incorrect best web hosting UK, you’ll pay more than just for subpar service.  You must accomplish this correctly since a dependable best web hosting UK maintains your website and assists you in avoiding unneeded downtime.  Isn’t the term “free” just wonderful?  Especially when it’s associated with a service like the best web hosting UK that most people find themselves paying for, it scores well among our favorites. If you’re like me and like getting important online resources for free, this post might be just what you’ve been looking for.

We searched online and discovered the best free best web hosting UK services.  While many people think that using a good web hosting UK is expensive, the following 15 alternatives aim to dispel that myth and show that the best things in life are really free, especially for those wishing to launch a website on a tight budget.

15 Best Web Hosting UK Providers Compared in 2022

The best kinds of the best web hosting UK are described in this article for various scenarios.  Use these reviews to find the best web hosting UK without going over budget. For the vast majority of our readers, Hostinger is the best best web hosting uk since it offers everything your website requires at an affordable price.  Today, Hostinger is offering up to 80% off the best web hosting UK.

1# 000WebHost


Please don’t worry about the strange alphanumeric URL. It’s there to show that the total cost of running a website is “$0.00” via 000WebHost. You’re probably searching for the catch that makes this host free to use, but there are many features that enable 000WebHost to compete with its more expensive rivals, like a 99% uptime guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, and PHP with MySQL support. Also, the service provider says that customers can use an easy-to-use website builder to make eye-catching pages for their websites.

2# Hostinger


The hosts at Hostinger aren’t afraid to make big declarations; they’re proud to refer to themselves as the best website provider of the year and to provide the best website builder in addition to their service. Hostinger’s free features also help to support some of their assertions.  Because the service is entirely cloud-based, you won’t ever see bandwidth restrictions or streamlined content. Also, Hostinger’s 1-Click WordPress Installer makes it easy, quick, and smooth to get your new website up and running.

3# Cloudaccess

The fact that Cloudaccess is a host with open source beginnings is something they take great pleasure in.  This gives the service a welcome sense of community. The fact that Cloudaccess is open source also contributes to its remarkable feature set. Automated daily backups and extras in the Cloud Control Panel, like one-click site replicators and app snapshot tools, all add to security. A free subdomain, 500 MB of disc space, thorough training to bring you up to speed, and MySQL access are also included with Cloudaccess. If you feel like your platform isn’t meeting your needs anymore, you can upgrade to get more support and better web administration.

4# x10 Hosting

x10 Hosting

You have total control over your website with x10, and your material is safe and secure thanks to 100% cloud-based SSD servers. Users benefit from the features of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel, which give webmasters full control over their sites.  One major advantage of x10 Hosting is its status as a cornerstone in the domain industry. It has been in business for ten years and is still going strong, so your website will be secure from the threat of digital sharecropping. With over 300 one-click installs, you’re sure to discover the tools that are best for you and have access to x10’s in-house, local support staff in the event that anything should go wrong.

5# Free Virtual Servers

Free Virtual Servers

The ideal setting for anyone looking to launch their own website management business. Even webmasters who don’t like technology may be able to do well with the help of video courses at Free Virtual Servers. You can’t go wrong with trouble-free hosting with 99.9% guaranteed uptime, around-the-clock assistance, and UK-based servers. Additionally, Free Virtual Servers has a long list of partners, including Cisco, Intel, and CentOS.
Users are even given normal access to CPanel.

6# WordPress.com


There are times when it makes sense to cut out the middleman, and WordPress’s services are nothing to laugh at. WordPress makes it very simple to create a domain and provides a tonne of themes to give your sites the ideal appearance regardless of their requirements. You get an amazing 3 GB of free online storage space, as well as a free.wordpress.com URL, which is a bit awkward. A record-breaking 27% of the internet is run by WordPress, and when it’s time to upgrade your service, you have more options than anyone else. If you want to move up to paid hosting in the future, it’s a good idea to let WordPress host your site for free. If you want to set up a self-hosted WordPress site, you can choose from a number of cheap hosting options. Also, WordPress will be installed for free if you sign up with one of our partner web hosting UK companies.

7# Award Space

Award Space
Award Space is the host for you if you don’t want unwanted and spammy advertisements cluttering up the pages of your website.  With up to three subdomains and even an email account connected to your URL, they guarantee 100% ad-free hosting. With Award Space’s web-based file manager, you may upload and download files for your website as well as edit programming files like HTML, CSS, and PHP. A 99.9% uptime guarantee and round-the-clock assistance are included as standard.  The 5 GB monthly traffic cap is the icing on the cake; it should be plenty for any owner of a modest website.

8# Host Awesome

Host Awesome

Host Awesome’s main selling point is that its domains are “totally scalable.” This means that your website’s capabilities can grow as it gets more popular and bigger.  Additionally, you are allowed to move away from your current host. An incredibly useful feature when it comes to internet security for free sites is SSL integration with Host Awesome sites.  Daily backups and 99.9% uptime assurances are included as standard features. Host Awesome is a good option for webmasters who want to build what they hope will be a successful website.

9# Freehostia


Freehostia has a great set of features for a small business. It can handle up to five domains and three email accounts for each domain. With their free “chocolate” hosting plan, you get a huge 6GB of traffic and can install scripts with just one click. Users also benefit from having 250 MB of storage space and a server that is up 99.9% of the time.

10# Free Hosting No Ads

Free Hosting No Ads

Really, the name says it all.  Free hosting, no pop-ups, and straightforward. Your free hosting site will be free of pop-ups and banner ads “forever,” which is helpful given how many annoying ads some free providers use to monetize your visitors. Free hosting comes with standard features like password-protected directories and folders, web statistics, a POP email account, a file manager, PHP 5, and custom error pages. Users of Free Hosting may also take advantage of an excellent selection of HTML templates to add a customized touch to their pages.

11# Biznf

Biz is a unique web hosting UK that offers advantages to those of us who care about the environment.  The hosts are 100 percent green service providers, which means that all of their activities are run on renewable energy.  refreshing. While utilizing the platform, you have the opportunity to benefit.  By introducing affiliates to Biz’s “Hosting Affiliate” program, you may make money and eventually upgrade your website to a premium plan without paying any additional fees. Aside from Biz’s peculiarities, all decent hosts should offer the following features: Help is available 24/7, there are no ads, domain names and webmail are free, and there is 100 MB of disc space and 5 GB of bandwidth.  Not bad for a free, green service.

12# FreeHosting


Free hosting is the right host for you if you want to upload as much as you want or get as much traffic as you want. Users have access to a control panel that can be used in more than one language; domains without ads; unlimited bandwidth; email hosting; forums; unlimited storage; and hosting for tools and applications. You would be hard-pressed to find a better deal online than Free Hosting, which claims to have the freest tools to help your website of any low-cost platform, as well as 24/7 support and backups.

13# Accu Web Hosting

Accu Web Hosting

From their enormous 30GB of bandwidth to the 10 MySQL databases that may be registered, Accu’s free WordPress hosting solution is jam-packed with impressively large services and features. This is undoubtedly a plan that can benefit all of the most ambitious web providers among us. Additionally, you may register up to 25 email addresses, which is the ideal number for a startup or small company.  There shouldn’t be any bumps in the road on your way to dominating the World Wide Web if you’re a little new to the procedure, because Accu web hosting UK provides lots of video lessons to get you going.

14# Byet Host

Byet Host

The amazing claim that Byet makes that they are the fastest free web hosting UK in the world is supported by their substantial 1 GB of storage space. With Byet’s custom “VistaPanel,” you can offer yourself a special sense of control. All free domains also come with SSL security and are ad-free. Byet’s huge 24-core CPU Xeon web servers are a big plus, but subscribers also get free tech support and access to discussion forums, which makes it a sure thing that they will connect quickly.

15# 100 WebSpace

100 WebSpace

Support has never been simpler than it is with 100 WebSpace, as the hosts not only provide 24/7 assistance but also a one-hour email ticket service that guarantees the quick resolution of issues.  With the added convenience of video courses, you might not even need to rely on needing to call professionals for assistance. With 100MB of disc space and 3GB of monthly traffic, WebSpace’s features are strong, giving you everything you need to launch a website.  Three email accounts and the common one-click program installer will also assist you in getting started. You’ve discovered the ideal host in 100 WebSpace if you’re new to webmastery and want a host that’s always available to look after its clients.

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