Top 15 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android in 2020

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There are three types of best photo editors apps on Android. There are a few that attempt to rival desktop best photo editor in power like Adobe Lightroom CC. The second kind is a lighter editor such as Snapseed that does the fundamentals and tries to do it for you. Finally, we have the social networking filter photo editors that don’t do much but add some interesting effects. None of these have the power that Something like Gimp, Lightroom, or Photoshop has. For more serious photo editing, you’ll still need a computer and among the best photo editors on those platforms as well!

15 Best Photo Editor Apps For Android

Adobe apps

Photo Editor

Cost: Free / Up to $52.99 per month

Adobe Has released a plethora of editing tools during the past couple of years. Included are some of the best photo editor apps available. Some of the options include Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Photoshop Mix, and Adobe Lightroom. Each one has an assortment of features to help you do things. You will be able to do simple stuff like removing redeye to editing RAW Files taken by your smartphone or DSLR camera. Adobe Lightroom Especially gets updated fairly frequently with new features. The only potential caveat is that some of these need an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription to use all the features. Those who already use Adobe CC should just get these since they are included with a CC subscription anyway.


Photo Editor

Cost: Free / $3.99 per month / $19.99 per year

AirBrush is an excellent option for editing photos of people. It features a whole lot of people-focused features like pimple removal, skin smoothing, redeye removal, and teeth, and eye brightener function. There is also a bokeh mode to turn any photo into one with a blurry background. Additionally, the app comes with a separate camera function that lets you edit the photo before taking it. Thus, you can get your selfie framed up in the camera and then use edits before taking the final product. There’s a subscription for some of the more advanced features, but you do get a 7-day free trial to test it before you spend anything.

Enlight Pixaloop

Photo Editor Apps

Cost: Free / $3.99 per month / $59.99 after

Enlight Pixaloop is a fantastic photography program with some pretty cool tricks. It Turns static photos into GIF design images with a few basic swipes and taps. The effect works best with things like clouds or water, but there Are tons of other examples of usage. Adding elements that weren’t there before and overlay that may add to The ambiance of a photograph. This will not get the redeye out or harvest your photo. However, the capability to add some additional effects is sort of neat. The sole drawback is Enlight is super pricey with a $3.99 per month subscription or a single $59.99 price tag. Appreciate that we can purchase the program in full if we wish to.

Fotor Photo Editor

Photo Editor

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Fotor is a long time member of this list, and some numerous blogs and lists record Fotor as a must-have option. We agree. It’s has a lot more actual editing tools than most and includes the ability to enhance photos with a one-tap instrument for your convenience. Some of the additional tools include crop, rotate, brightness, contrast, saturation, exposure, vignetting, shadow, highlights, temperature, tint, and RGB. If those are not working, there are over 100 filters for you to pick from. It’s worth a shot. The only disadvantage is that the App enables you to log in to use it and it’s among the more expensive photo editor apps.

InShot Photo Editor Pro

best Photo Editor Apps

Cost: Free / $7.99 per year

InShot Photo Editor Pro is a fairly good editor. This is a brand new style editor. With a lot of things like stickers, filters, and similar effects. The App houses all of the effects in a store-style layout, and you can pick And pick the ones you want to download. Of course, some of them are Only on the pro subscription, so prepare for that. It does edit some photos. You can do things like retouch Photos, cut things from the image, and cover other principles like cropping and such. We think the $7.99 per year subscription is Relatively reasonable as long as you use the App consistently. Plus, the Programmer has a lot of other photo and video editor apps at the Play Store.

LightX Photo Editor

Editor Apps

Cost: Free / $0.99

LightX is one of the upcoming photo editor apps. It had a rousing victory on iOS. There are some decent features also. It’s a background changer tool, color splash effects, and a range of slider tools like color balance, levels, and curve. You can even merge photos. Additionally, there are blur features, photo collages, shape manipulation, and decals. It is still in beta. That means there are bugs. However, it should become among the top five or so photo editors on the market.

PhotoDirector Photo Editor

Photo Editor Apps

Cost: Free / $2.99 per month / $17.99

PhotoDirector Is a newer entrant (relatively speaking) to the photo editing Distance on Android, and this one is very good. Focuses far more on manual enhancements than filters, and you Have access to HSL sliders, RGB color channels, white balance, and much more To edit your photos correctly. Brightness, shadow, exposure, and contrast for more comprehensive editing. It is stronger than most and should be good for those who want Something aside from filters.

Photo Effects Pro

Photo Editor

Cost: Free

Photo Effects Pro is definitely an editor for those who like to play with It boasts more than 40 Filters and effects in addition to the ability to add text, stickers, and Frames too. An odd feature Photo Effects Pro has is the ability To finger paint on your photo to make it Something unique that you create. There’s a small selection of photo editing tools, but you are definitely getting this one for the consequences. It is free to download and use, which makes it great for those on a budget.

Photo Lab Picture Editor

Photo Editor Apps


Cost: Free / $9.99

Photo Lab isn’t among the most popular photo editor apps. Do quite well, though. It boasts over 640 filters, frames, and impacts For you to play with, which makes it among the largest collections available to consumers. With this one, you can create montages, lightly Edit photos, and stitch together effects to create unique photos to share with friends. There’s a free version with advertising and watermarks. You can try the free one first before purchasing the pro version.

Photo Mate R3

Editor Apps

Cost: Free trial / $7.49

Photo Mate R3 is the spiritual successor to Photo Mate R2, which was one of the best photo editors on the list. It’s still rather new, so do anticipate, For now, you’ll have access to some Fairly powerful suite of editing tools, including all of the fundamentals. It also has native support for RAW files, which is great for photographers. The program also comes with a Lens Collection to fix lens issues Such as vignetting, distortion, and chromatic aberration. This is About as Pro as it gets on Android. Photo editors are getting similar features.


Photo Editor

Cost: Free / $5.99

PicsArt has been around for quite a long time and has accumulated over 250 million downloads so far. Luckily, the developers have done an adequate job updating the program to keep it modern. You’ll find a good deal of the usual stuff, including the mild editing tools and text, filters, stickers, and collages. It boasts over 100 editing programs as well as a community of creative people to share stuff with. You can also use this App to generate animated gifs and even draw stuff on your photos. It’s a powerful option with a lot of features. There are also a lot of other photo tools by PicsArt.


Photo Editor Apps

Cost: Free / $1.99

Pixlr by one that our readers have recommended to us time and time again. It has Among the finest one-touch enhance tools that we’ve seen, and it also includes a ton of other features and tools that you can use. There are Also filters, even though it cleverly disguises them as”overlays” and includes decorative editing tools like blemish removers and teeth whiteners. It one of the better photo editor apps that apply a little being for everybody.


Photo Editor

Cost: Free

Google bought this a couple of years back. The program has become quite a powerful photo editor in this area. It’s support for RAW photographs, which will please photographers greatly. You can even tune the image using an assortment of sliders and one-touch improve tools. Additionally, there are some filters as well if you are into that. It is deceptively light and easy for how strong it is. The program is also one of those rare free photo editor apps with no advertisements or in-app purchases. But this App also has not had an update since 2018, so we are not positive whether that is in active development anymore.


Best Photo Editor Apps

Cost: $1.99

TouchRetouch is among the more unique photo editor apps. It does not do normal stuff like smooth skin or eliminate redeye. Instead, it eliminates other stuff in the photo. You can do things like removing unsightly power lines out of your shot, little objects that you don’t want there, and sometimes, you can even eliminate people. We don’t advise that you expect miracles, but it does do a pretty good job the majority of the time. It runs for just one $1.99 buy, so make certain to check it before the refund period runs out. You could even use it for free with Google Play Pass if you’ve got it.


Photo Editor Apps

Cost: Free / $1.99 per month / $11.99 per year / $24.99 once

Vimage is a newer photo editor app with a few decent features. It’s very similar to the LG V40’s cinematography feature. You can take photographs with no moving components and add moving components to them. You can perform basic editings such as brightness, blur, crop, rotate, saturation, and other stuff. Then, you can add anyone of some pre-made animations to the photograph to give it life. During our testing, I added steam to a food item and falling flower petals into a selfie (don’t judge). This creates some unique animated photos that you simply don’t find daily. The program has a couple of subscription options or a single purchase price if you don’t mind the price tag.

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