15 Best NERF Guns of 2021

NERF debuted its first-ever Blaster, the Sharpshooter, in 1992, 23 years after the brand’s birth, beginning off an ever-growing series of toy firearms that continues to this day. NERF’s spectrum of toy weapons best nerf guns became increasingly complex over the next three decades, culminating in the present crop of fully motorised best nerf guns 2020 Blasters.

A number of NERF’s latest guns, with greater accuracy, fire rate, and power, may also be easily enjoyed by best nerf guns ever adults, providing a fun alternative to sports like airsoft and paintball battle. And it’s what is the best nerf gun this collection of grown-up-friendly Blasters that we’ll be looking into today in this guide to the top NERF blasters for adults on the market. So, whether you’re searching for a sidearm for plinking or an arsenal for foam dart warfare, this list has you covered.

The 15 Best NERF Guns


1. Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Elite Jolt Blaster

It is one of the lightest, low-impact, and fairly priced best nerf guns toys on this list, and it is appropriate for best nerf guns 2020 children as young as three. Obviously, it isn’t for Nerf war games because it just has a single shot and a limited best nerf guns ever range. However, if your child wants to join in the fun, this is an excellent Best Nerf guns 2020 beginner toy.

2. Nerf Fortnite RL Blaster

Nerf Fortnite RL Blaster

For Fortnite aficionados, this is a low-maintenance toy gun. It does not require batteries best nerf guns and comes with two Nerf rockets and a storage stock for more ammunition. Load the foam rocket into the gun, then what is the best nerf gun squeeze the trigger. Younger children can enjoy it as well because it is simple to use and Best Nerf guns for adults reasonably priced.

3. Nerf Doomlands 2169 Vagabond Blaster

Nerf Doomlands 2169 Vagabond Blaster

This side loading blaster differs from other variants in that it may be fired with one best nerf guns hand. The pump grip and the real blaster grip are both large, and if you want to shoot quickly, keep one hand on the trigger and the other on the pump. It fires Elite darts that can reach distances of up to 90 Top 5 best Nerf guns feet.

4. Nerf Rival Artemis XVII-3000 Blaster

Nerf Rival Artemis XVll-3000 Blaster

You’ll like this model because it has a unique feature that other blasters don’t have. It has two firing modes: slam-fire and trigger. In slam-fire mode, you will obtain a higher shooting rate, however best nerf guns 2020 in trigger mode, you will get more precision. In either case, you will have a lot of fun no matter how you Best Nerf gun in the world utilise it.

5. Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader

Nerf Modulus Ghost Ops Evader

There are so many reasons why this translucent blaster is awesome! First and best nerf guns foremost, the semi-automatic mechanism is visible, and the LED light activation button is ideal for what is the best nerf gun night gaming. Then, with the Ghost Ops accessories, you can modify it in so many different ways that you’ll never get bored. This is a wonderful investment because of the rapid Best Nerf guns for Nerf wars fire capability, barrel modifications, and reflected aiming.

6. Nerf Zombie Flipfury Blaster

Nerf Zombie Flipfury Blaster

For double the excitement, this unique blaster comes with two drums that can each hold six Zombie Strike darts. This amusing toy is simple to reload and requires no batteries. It is ideal for best nerf guns 2020 anyone over the age of eight. Once you’ve loaded both drums, you won’t need to reload in between, allowing you to fire up and New Nerf guns 2021 have fun.

7. Nerf Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher

Nerf Elite 2-in-1 Demolisher

This 2-in-1 Demolisher is a high-impact rifle with a detachable missile storage best nerf guns compartment. It has the ability to fire two missiles at 90 feet or ten darts at once. An excellent what is the best nerf gun gadget that may be utilised for nonstop action with darts or missiles for hours of entertainment. With this Nerf gun, you’ll be able to destroy your opponents once Nerf guns for free you’ve mastered it.

8. Nerf N-Strike Megalodon Blaster

Nerf N-Strike Megalodon Blaster

The drum of this machine gun can carry 20 whistler darts, allowing you to go to war with best nerf guns 2020 your pals. By pressing and holding the trigger, then cranking the handle forward and back, this remarkable contraption can fire all 20 darts at once. If you don’t want to show off, you can release the darts one at a time.

9. Nerf Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS-6 Motorised Blaster

Nerf Elite 2.0 Phoenix CS-6 Motorised Blaster

A fantastic toy for quick firing that is appropriate for toddlers as young as three. It can fire six rounds at once and store six more, plus it has an acceleration button for added power. The batteries what is the best nerf gun are not included, however it can shoot up to 90 feet and you can launch the darts Nerf guns for sale one at a time.

10. Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster

Nerf Fortnite AR-L Elite Dart Blaster

This is a fantastic motorised alternative for youngsters over the age of eight, albeit it is a touch on the heavy side. It’s an excellent recreation of the video game, and the darts fire faster than non-motorized counterparts. It has 20 darts and a 10-dart clip, which will come in handy during those hard matches.

11. Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka Multicolor

Nerf Super Soaker Soakzooka Multicolor

Summer wouldn’t be complete without this colossal soaker. It provides hours of enjoyment in the sun and is suitable for children as young as seven. It carries 1.6 litres of water, is simple to use, and for what is the best nerf gun the price, it is an excellent way to enjoy those hot summer days outside.

12. Nerf Megalodon N-Strike Blaster

Nerf Megalodon N-Strike Blaster


This Megalodon comes with 60 Nerf Mega Whistler sound-effect darts. The sound it makes is definitely not for everyone, and it can become too much for others. The item is deemed appropriate for children as young as four years old. It does not require batteries, however the bulky shape may be too heavy for younger children. It does have a really long firing range, so it is an excellent overall pick.

13. Nerf Ultra One Motorised Blaster

Nerf Ultra One Motorised Blaster

This motorised type is one of the greatest battery-powered weapons for Nerf battles. It has on-board dart storage and comes with 25 darts that can fly up to 120 feet. It can also be used what is the best nerf gun both indoors and outdoors. Some may consider this a disadvantage, but it only works with Nerf Ultra darts. You should think about investing in some protective eyewear, which must be purchased separately.

14. Nerf Mega Motostryke Motorized Blaster

Nerf Mega Motostryke Motorized Blaster

This is a lightweight yet powerful weapon that will provide you with hours of entertainment both indoors and outdoors. It has a 10-dart capacity and a retractable clip, making reloading simple and rapid. The motorised system allows you to fire the rounds sequentially or individually using the trigger control.

15. Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster

Nerf Ultra Pharaoh Blaster

A medium-range blaster with a bolt-action reloading mechanism. It comes with a 10-dart removable clip, eye-catching gold decorations, and gold Nerf Ultra darts. The darts can go up to 120 feet when fired, making this a wonderful bolt-action toy that will make you feel like you’re on a real battlefield.

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