Top 7 Best App Lock Alternatives For Android

This post will explain best app lock alternatives. App Lock by Do Mobile is among the most popular application locking apps that let users lock apps behind a PIN, password and biometric authentication. However, for many years, the app has ended up being slow and buggy. Then there are the personal privacy ramifications. Its privacy policy mentions that “According to the needs of particular features, we may read your pictures, media, and files, use the mobile cam and microphone.”

Now, on the surface, this privacy policy does not seem harmful. Nevertheless, in the wake of continuous news of Chinese apps tracking user information, I can’t blame anybody if they are searching for its option. Well, if you find yourself in the very same position, here are the best App Lock alternatives that you can utilize in 2020

Top 7 Best App Lock Alternatives For Android

In this article, you can know about best app lock alternatives here are the details below;

There are many reasons to hide application behind a password. You may want to secure your chats or protect your banking applications. And while most of the mobile phone manufacturers, including OnePlus (App locker), Xiaomi (App lock), Realme (Application Lock), Vivo (App lock), and more, include an integrated app lock, utilizing a third-party app offers more security.

It’s because the built-in app locking function utilizes the same lock screen password. So, if someone knows your lock-screen password, they can easily enter it into your apps. If you use a 3rd app, you can set various passwords, hence adding layer of security. Now that you understand the advantage, let’s get to our list, shall we?

1. Norton App Lock

Norton Application Lock is one of the best Application Lock alternatives that you can utilize in 2020. Made by popular anti-viruses service provider, Norton Labs which Symantec runs, this app respects your privacy. Like App Lock, you can utilize this app to secure your apps using a password, PIN, or biometric authentication. I also enjoy that Norton App Lock is not so taxing on the phone’s resources.

That means you improve performance with a minimal battery drain. Likewise, there’s an anti-theft function that takes a picture of a thief or anybody who fails to open your phone after three attempts. So, not only is your information safeguarded. However, you likewise understand who was attempting to gain access to it. The app is readily available, totally free to download and use, and you must check it out. You can also check another post like best fortnite alternatives.

2. AppLock Fingerprint

AppLock– Fingerprint is an app protector that can lock and secure apps utilizing a password or pattern or a fingerprint. Similar to Norton Lock, the application brings a clean UI and is easy to use. It likewise brings the same anti-theft feature that permits you to record a picture of the intruder. One special function of this app is that it enables you to set a fake mistake screen for secured apps. So, anybody who is unfamiliar won’t perceive the app as locked, rather as a crash.

Another extraordinary function of this application is that it allows you to set multiples passwords. That mean’s you can set different passwords for opening the apps that you locked utilizing this app. This adds another layer to your security. The app is excellent and can replace App Lock for you with no issue.

3. Perfect AppLock

Perfect AppLock differentiates own from a sea of comparable apps by bringing additional features. Apart from letting you lock applications using password, PIN, or biometric authentication, it also brings other features. One such feature is the “Screen Filter” function. This enables you to set various brightness worths for different apps. You can likewise set rotation locks on certain apps.

This comes in handy if you browse the app while depending on the bed. Other features include phony pop-ups, locking both outbound and incoming calls, locking communication radios consisting of Bluetooth, WiFi, and mores, the ability to remotely begin app lock using SMS. While it’s not the best-looking application, it brings lots of extra features. This is the perfect App Lock option for people who want more.

4. Smart AppLock

Smart AppLock brings a beautiful interface. It has ones of the cleanest UI of all the applicaation locking applications on the market. My favorite feature of this application is the unlocking splash-screen. Unlike other apps that show ostentatious app unlock screens, this one shows a simple gradient background. And the background colors is taken from the application’s icon that you are unlocking. Talking about its functions, you get to lock apps with PIN, password, and Fingerprint.

There’s also integrated security for locking app setup and uninstallation and locking the recent app menu. Finally, there’s also the burglar selfie function. The app likewise brings built-in cleaner and booster performance; however, that’s an add-on, and I didn’t check it. The bottom line here’s is that if you like the minimal UI, you will like it. You can also check another post like best beautyplus alternatives.

5. AppLock

If branding was a competitor, none of these apps would win any award as they all have the same name. nevertheless, that does not mean that all of them are made the very same. This AppLock application by IvyMobile is another good appalication locking application that allows you to lock apps behind a PIN, password, or Fingerprint. Like the original Application Lock by Do Mobile, it brings an integrated theming engine that let’s you modify how the unlock splash screen looks.

Others features consist of burglar selfies, fake cover for the app itself, lock time-limit personalization, and more. If there’s anything I hate about this appalication, it needs to be intrusive apps. But once you set it up, you seldom need to open the app, so it doesn’t matter much in the long run. If you can survive a couple of ads, you must try it.

6. AppLocker

AppLocker is another great app that you can use to password-protect your apps. Like other applications on this list, it allows you to utilize a password, PIN, or Fingerprint to lock apps. It likewise has a style engine that lets you customize the unlock splash screen.

You can also utilize this app to lock system settings so no-one can disable it. Likewise, all the other functions like intruder selfie, the capability to conceal pattern trails, and more. There are ads. However, you can eliminate them using the in-app purchases if you want. There’s nothing special here, and it’s the same as the other apps that we have pointed out.

7. Smart Launcher 5

For the last application on this list, I wanted to include something various. There is a sea of application locking app, and we have currently mentioned the very best of them in the list above. Smart Launcher 5 is different since it’s not an app locking app. It’s an outstanding Android launcher app that has an integrated app locking feature. Smart Launcher 5 is one of my favorites launchers on Androids and I wanted to suggest it to you just as an extra choice.

If you do not like the native launcher on your mobile phone and desire something enjoyable and colorful, you should install Smart Launchers 5. As an added advantage, you will likewise be able to lock your apps. You can allow the lock function by opening the launcher settings and going to security and privacy. You can also check another post about best turbo vpn alternatives.

Best Apps to Lock Your Applications Behind a Password

So, there are the best app locking applications that you can you as Application Lock options. If I need to select, I will choose Norton App Lock, merely since it’s free and there are no ads. However, everybody has different tastes, so let me know which app caught your fancy by writing in the comments below.

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