123Movies Alternatives: Top 25 Sites Like 123Movies To Watch Movies/Shows For Free


An interesting website where you may find movies to watch is 123Movies. The Vietnam-based website, however, has been the target of several shutdowns and attempts to disrupt its operations over the years. Even while there are still a lot of clone sites, they are growing fewer and farther between. The good news is that there are other websites available that serve as useful 123Movies alternatives. These are worthwhile options that merit your consideration if you’re looking for enjoyment. Although it helps to examine each site to see which best suits your entertainment needs, some of these sites also concentrate on particular shows that could be more intriguing to you.

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123movies alternatives

Important Note

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings while approaching someone you find interesting before searching for free movie streaming websites.

Use a reliable security application on your computer that can stop pop-up ads and other potentially dangerous events from happening.

To hide your true IP address, you need also utilize a virtual private network, or VPN. In addition to maybe finding a server for a connection that is quicker than anything closer to your location, a VPN can be used to avoid any potential legal concerns. In either case, you should search for a location with common sense, even though the twenty possibilities you will read about below are all worthwhile options for you.

Top 25 Sites Like 123Movies To Watch Movies/Shows For Free

#1. StreamingSites


As the name implies, StreamingSites is your one-stop shop for discovering all the high-quality, live streaming websites. The greatest streaming 123movies alternatives websites that are now accessible are actively gathered and listed on the website.

To make it simpler for customers to locate the best option, all streaming websites have been appropriately classified. For instance, they provide a list of free streaming sites if that’s all you’re interested in, and a list of premium streaming sites if that’s what you want.

They have further divided it into categories based on the type of material you are seeking, like video streaming services, TV shows, online series, etc. In order to locate the greatest streaming website that is currently available, visit StreamingSites.

#2. Netflix

123movies alternatives

Let’s look at a few of the official websites you may use for pleasure before moving on to other possibilities like 123Movies. Without a question, the most well-known and dominant brand in this field is Netflix.

For a monthly membership fee, you may access movies, TV series, and Netflix original content. Netflix is a global platform, so you may view films and television series from a wide range of nations. Netflix is an American entertainment corporation that was founded in 1997 and is rapidly extending its network around the globe. In more than 190 countries, Netflix claims to have access to more than 158 million paying users.

#3. PrimeVideo (Amazon Prime)

123movies alternatives

Prime Videos is an Amazon platform that has become one of the most well-known and well-known 123movies alternatives sites in recent years. All of your entertainment-related demands may be met here.

Amazon Prime lets you view movies and TV series as well as create original content like Netflix. You are certain to receive value for your money because of the company’s reputation for producing videos of the highest quality and compelling narrative. Additionally, you will receive speedy delivery of any items you buy from the Amazon store thanks to your Prime membership. More than 200 nations already use the Amazon Prime Video program. Therefore, this platform is unquestionably included in our list. Despite being a premium service, Amazon Prime offers a 30-day free trial.

#4. SolarMovies


SolarMovie, one of the most well-known free movie streaming 123movies alternatives websites, provides you with access to a vast library of films in high-quality video. You’ll come across a variety of mirror sites for SolarMovie as you search, each with a different extension. The majority of these websites are mirror sites or SolarMovies alternatives. You may use the website to view popular TV shows from many nations in addition to movies.

#5. Vumoo

123movies alternatives

Your first port of call while looking for online movies to watch should be Vumoo. Several streams are available on Vumoo, including ones for some of the most popular new television programs.

This 123movies alternatives website has sections dedicated to the most recent releases. To make this work, you also don’t need to bother about creating a new account.

#6. Showbox


Showbox is accessible on a variety of mobile devices, but you can also use it on a desktop computer by reading the app using the Bluestacks application. With Showbox, you may modify the stream’s quality according to your box or device. If you’d like, you may save stuff in your library, giving you even more entertaining things to play with or easy access to the ones you enjoy the most.

#7. YesMovies

123movies alternatives

YesMovies, one of the top 123Movies alternatives, is a center for endless amusement. Watch trendy movies and TV shows on this website in high definition.

The website makes it easy for visitors to search through a huge selection of well-liked films depending on their location and other factors. You have the choice to check out and view the most popular movies on IMDB as well. The genre is another category used to group all of the films. So, YesMovies is a terrific choice if you’re seeking for the best movie streaming sites.

#8. Watchseries

123movies alternatives

Another fantastic 123movies alternatives website for free, distraction-free movie watching is Watchseries.com. Before you begin watching the film, you won’t have to contend with pop-up advertisements.

The website is easy to navigate and basic. You may easily navigate through the many movie and TV series categories and find endless amusement.

#9. Niter


To utilize Niter and have access to all of its videos, you must first register a customer account. But doing so simply requires a short amount of time. Based on your profile and where you want to travel, Niter enables you to locate a variety of items you might be interested in.

#10. VexMovies

123movies alternatives

Finding a site with no irritating adverts is a crucial component of browsing for movies to watch online. One of the noteworthy 123movies alternatives websites is Vexmovies. You may search for movies on Vexmovies by genre, year of release, and quality.

The interesting selections you have to choose from here will provide you a terrific opportunity to experience enjoyable amusement. Although it will be simple to locate anything on the website that will interest you regardless of what’s nearby, be aware that not are quite mixed and comprise numerous minor possibilities.

#11. Zmovies


You will enjoy Zmovies because of the consistent updates it provides. Movies and television series are often added to Zmovies.

In addition to movies from the past and the present, you may find movies in a variety of genres. When searching for movies on Zmovies, there aren’t as many links to click through as you may anticipate.

#12. HDO

123movies alternatives

Although the moniker HDO may be well-known, the location stands out from the crowd since it offers fantastic films in high HD. To learn more about the most recent noteworthy movies, browse the website.

Here, you’ll have access to a wide range of films, many of which are more attractive than you may anticipate. Many of the most recent television programs are more exciting for you to try out and are available on this 123movies alternatives website. If a movie isn’t accessible, you may also ask for it to be added to the website, albeit it could take you a little longer to locate something.

#13. Fmovies

123movies alternatives

Recently, Fmovies underwent substantial makeover. This 123movies alternatives website’s design has a more engaging appearance and allows you to hunt up movies by keyword. You may get a ton of stuff involving a certain actor or movie by just typing in the name of the actor. Although the adult portion of Fmovies is one that is growing in popularity among users, the variety of movies available is still valuable thanks to the site’s different divisions.

#14. Cmovies

123movies alternatives

Cmovies is an additional option, although it is advised that you hunt for an ad blocker in order to discover anything worthwhile.

You may search for movies on Cmovies by nation, rating, genre, and a number of other criteria. However, many viewers find the adverts that show around Cmovies to be inconvenient. After you jump through some of the difficult hoops that could be difficult for you to pass through, locating movies will be simple for you.

#15. WatchFree

123movies alternatives

On View Free, you may watch movies for free, as website’s name indicates. However, the fact that Watch Free doesn’t use a conventional database to run its operations gives it a little something extra.

Instead, this 123movies alternatives website provides links that take you to the many locations where you may view these movies. You can get the maximum enjoyment out of your amusement thanks to the site’s meticulous approach to content discovery. Fortunately, the website provides information on a variety of film genres with a concentration on the most recent releases.

#16. GoMovies

123movies alternatives

On Go Movies, you may download movies as well as stream them for offline viewing at a later time. It is among the greatest alternatives to watch movies online instead of 123Movies.

You’ll be interested in a place because of the variety of fresh movies you may find there while visiting Go Movies. You may select movies based on what has received the most positive reviews and what has had the most viewers.

#17. Movie25.me

123movies alternatives

Another 123movies alternatives website that needs you to create a free account before you can use it is Movie25.me. Applying for a new account just requires a short amount of time.

After that, you may look around for numerous movies in a variety of genres. The variety of movies you have to choose from is fun and should make it easier for you to locate something noteworthy.

#18. MyDownloadTube

123movies alternatives

From MyDownloadTube, you can choose to download movies. However, you would need to create an account first in order to accomplish so.

Fortunately, MyDownloadTube runs on a practical server that can handle multiple movies and streamlines your search for films so you don’t have to click on several links.

In addition, MyDownloadTube does not contain distracting adverts, making it simple to use. You can easily load the videos you wish to view because there are no adverts.

#19. Movie4U

123movies alternatives

Movie4U offers a practical layout that makes it simple to locate movies. To find movies, utilize the search engine located at the top of the screen.

Additionally, you may search for movies by genre or year of release. Finding older movies that interest you won’t be difficult because the movies that you may locate date back nearly fifty years. The wide range of films available here will complement the numerous entertaining things you may already check out.

#20. Popcornflix


You can be trying to find a 123Movies alternatives that is mobile device compatible. PopcornFlix is a practical solution that provides assistance across a number of platforms.

PopcornFlix may be accessed on a mobile device by downloading an app for iOS or Android. If you’re interested, you may also create a specific account with PopcornFlix. Together with the movie part, the enlarged television portion works effectively.

#21. YoMovies

123movies alternatives

Some of the 123Movies alternatives you may find are primarily intended to serve as hubs for particular genres of movies. One such choice is YoMovies, which specializes in South Indian and Bollywood films.

These are movies that have had English and a number of other regional languages dub or subtitled. The website is appealing to many individuals looking for something entertaining, but it works best if you’re interested in the movie.

#22. BMovies

123movies alternatives

You may watch free movies at Bmovies, which is an interesting site, but you should exercise caution when using it. B-movies have a lot of advertisements. Additionally, you might need to include a Bmovies exemption in your internet security system. The good news is that Bmovies is easy to use and doesn’t require any planning. Even yet, if you want to discover anything interesting, you should watch to see how well B-movies function.

#23. MovieZap

123movies alternatives

MovieZap, formerly known as Movierocks, focuses mostly on the most recent film releases. You may have fun in a variety of ways thanks to MovieZap’s straightforward setup.

Any movie poster on the website may be clicked to open a relevant link for watching the film. The configuration utilized by MovieZap is practical and easy to load.

#24. Movie Ninja


New servers have recently been added to Movie Ninja’s website. You will have a lot of fun with the additional servers. Both movies and television series are successful on the website. This 123movies alternatives website also provides information on the top films or television series that are highlighted. When you locate anything online, the procedure of loading it up is simple and provides you the enjoyment you deserve.

#25. Afdah


Another excellent 123movies alternatives website where you may watch movies online is Afdah. There is a good selection of well-known films available for free viewing. The website is easy to navigate and basic. You may easily search through the many movie genres that interest you and watch them online.

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