Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Cars in 2020

In many nations, if you’re caught talking in your phone while driving, it can cost you a hefty fine and even put your license in jeopardy. Hands free driving is much safer driving, and luckily, you can get your car outfitted with a high-quality Bluetooth setup without spending much money and without needing to deal with the hassle of complex installation. However, how can you know where to start?

You don’t have to look any further than here. Our guide contains a review list covering 10 contenders for the best Bluetooth speakers for cars in 2020, and we also address some of the questions we hear about the subject from our readers.

10 Best Bluetooth Speaker for Cars

1 Jabra Freeway Bluetooth in-Car Speakerphone

You don’t need to spend $70 if you merely want hands free calling on your daily commute, but in the event that you truly wish to produce your music bump in the car, you should look closely at the best bluetooth speaker for cars kit from Jabra. Three distinct speakers are built in for a richer and more compact layering of sound, and it’s advanced enough to support virtual surround sound technology. And in addition to its commendable 14 hour battery when active, the Jabra also maintains a whopping standby time of 40 days. Rounding out the bundle on the Jabra is sound reduction tech for calls with greater clarity.

Key Features
  • Supports virtual surround sound
  • A2DP for music streaming and GPS directions
  • Voice operated controls
  • Makes use of three distinct speakers
Bluetooth VersionNot disclosed Charge Time2 hours Operating Time14 hours Connection Distance10 meters Standby Time960 hours

2 Yunjing Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

Yunjing’s Bluetooth car kit is compact but functional, and it’s available for a very affordable cost of under $20. This best Bluetooth speaker for cars to your car can connect to two devices simultaneously, so the driver and passengers can quickly share DJing responsibilities, and the existence of background noise reduction ensures you’ll get crisp and clear call quality regardless of the noise around you. A simple clip-on design means that there’s no need for complicated mounting, while the in-motion sensor will change to auto power once the door opens so that you won’t need to be concerned about your calls dropping.

Key Features
  • Motion sensor for detecting car door
  • Very simple inline controls
  • Compact and requires no mounting
  • Can connect to two phones at once
Bluetooth Version4.1 Charge Time2 hours Operating Time20 hours Connection Distance10 meters Dimensions4.5 x 3.7 x 2.6 inches

3 Avantree CK11 Bluetooth Cell Phone Car Kit

The CK11 out of Avantree is simplistic in its design, but there’s an inherent elegance into the spartan design here. It can be clipped right into position on your vehicle’s sun visor, and pairing with your mobile phone is a complete breeze. And you don’t ever need to be worried about a delay when leaving or entering your car. A movement sensor automatically tells this best Bluetooth speaker for cars once the door is opened or closed and turns off or on as appropriate. It also will come with Google Assistant and Siri compatibility built right in so people are able to control your music or telephone calls with their voices.

Key Features
  • Auto power on and off options
  • Incredibly easy to install
  • Offers an incredible standby time
  • Works with virtual assistants
Bluetooth Version4.0 Charge Time2 – 3 hours Operating Time22 hours Connection Distance9 meters Standby Time600 hours

4 Aigoss Bluetooth 4.2 Cell Phone Car Speaker

Despite of the modest cost on the Aigoss, it is a surprisingly robust best Bluetooth speaker for cars. If you prefer Siri or even Google Assistant, you are able to control all the significant functions only with the sound of your voice, and it uses Bluetooth 4.2 technology for some of the greatest call quality and most reliably connectivity available. This means you could tether two mobile phones to a Bluetooth car speaker at exactly the same moment. And an available slot for an SD card lets you store your music locally without having to rely upon a Wi-Fi link to electricity it.

Key Features
  • Backed by a one year warranty
  • Works with Siri and Google Assistant
  • Automatically remembers paired devices
  • Comes with an SD card slot
Bluetooth Version4.2 Charge TimeNot disclosed Operating Time10 hours (3 hours or music) Connection Distance12 meters Standby TimeNot disclosed

5 Motorola Sonic Rider SP-005BK/89589N Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

Want great hands-free mobile quality on your cars but you are concerned about the impact of road noise and other passengers in the vehicle? The Sonic Rider from Motorola makes use of noise reduction technologies and a rock solid echo effect to counteract environmental distractions and provide you with a microphone that sounds like it needs to wherever your vehicle appears to be. And you may count on these best Bluetooth speakers for cars to stick together with your for the long haul. You can talk for two days with one example of charging or expect it to last for five months of downtime, so it is one of the greatest models for road excursions.

Key Features
  • Uses integrated multipoint technology
  • Top of the line battery life
  • Clear and distinct 2 watt speaker
  • Answer or reject calls by voice
Bluetooth Version4.0 Charge TimeNot disclosed Operating Time45 hours Connection Distance10 meters Standby Time45 days

6 Nulaxy Car Best Bluetooth Speakerphone

The Nulaxy BR05 is a Bluetooth car speaker that’s designed to clip directly on your car’s visor, and while it is one of the least expensive models we have included on our listing, it’s really got a fairly impressively broad assortment of comfort features. Including Siri and Google Assistant voice functionality and an above average battery life and standby time. As long as you keep in mind that this speaker can not be used for navigation or music, it can be a great and budget friendly way to make the most of your morning and afternoon drive time.

Key Features
  • Support for Siri and Google Assistant
  • Battery well suited for long trips
  • Employs noise cancellation technology
  • Motion sensor with auto on feature
Bluetooth VersionNot disclosed Charge TimeNot disclosed Operating Time18.5 hours Connection Distance10 meters Standby Time45 days

7 SOAIY S-32 Voice Command Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

All you need to do to get the SOAIY S-32 for working will give it a quick shake. It reacts just as well to the closing of a car’s doors, and that can ultimately save you a lot of time spent charging your best Bluetooth speakers for cars. It’s also built to deal with of road noise and anyone who might be in your car due to noise reduction technology which reduces the echo and creates a richer and fuller sound in any environment. Built from the Bluetooth 4.1 protocol, this Bluetooth speakerphone also works along with Siri and Google Assistant.

Key Features
  • Strong voice assistant compatibility
  • Great power saving features
  • Goes active with a solid shake
  • Allows you to connect two devices
Bluetooth Version4.1 Charge TimeNot disclosed Operating Time8 hours Connection Distance10 meters Standby TimeNot disclosed

8 SuperTooth Buddy Bluetooth Visor Car-Speakerphone

The SuperTooth is slick, compact, and equipped with everything you need for easy connection to best Bluetooth speakerphones. Rejecting, calling, and correcting the volume can be dealt with easy to understand buttons built right into the visor port, but it also supports voice recognition for all mobile phones that support them. And the ability to configure it into two different best Bluetooth speakerphones means you can easily shift back and forth between passengers and drivers as necessary.And automated pairing means it is among the simplest best Bluetooth speaker for cars for automobiles to use.

Key Features
  • Highly intuitive design
  • Easy to pair with Bluetooth speakerphones
  • Can pair to two phones at once
  • Supports voice recognition
Bluetooth VersionNot disclosed Charge Time3 hours Operating Time20 hours Connection Distance10 meters Standby Time1000 hours

9 VICOODA Bluetooth Car Speakerphone

Most cars could benefit from the inclusion of this phone compatible speaker in Vicooda. Available on Amazon for $22, it combines one of the coolest looking layouts we have seen along with solid audio quality plus a wireless range that may keep pace with just about any other wireless speaker around. Up to two best Bluetooth speakerphones can be synced in unison, and this device will automatically detect any mobile phone that has already been linked as soon as it comes into range. It’s a compact enough model to match on both the sun visor or a car’s air outlet.

Key Features
  • Supports music and phone calls
  • USB charger works very quick
  • Uses a powerful 2W speaker
  • Built-in mic drowns out noise
Bluetooth Version4.1 Charge Time2.5 hours Operating Time20 hours Connection Distance10 meters Standby Time1000 hours

10 Aigital Bluetooth Cell Phone Car Speaker

You don’t have to do much to make this speaker work best with Bluetooth speakerphones. The tethering process is remarkably easy, and it can use two devices simultaneously. Meanwhile, the built-in motion sensor will automatically turn off and on based off the opening and shutting of a cars doors. Each button is intuitively designed and easy to use, and you are able to understand the specific interface in only a few seconds. Voice commands are supported for Siri.

Key Features
  • Very easy to use design
  • Multiple automated on and off settings
  • Comes with a two port charging cable
  • High def sound with noise cancellation
Bluetooth Version4.1 Charge Time2- 3 hours Operating Time20 hours Connection Distance10 meters Standby Time600+ hours


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