You Can Protect your MS Word Documents by Doing This

People pay for security software to protect their important documents. We live in an era where anything we do online is vulnerable to spyware, malware, or viruses. Creating a backup copy of your cherished documents seems like a sound idea at first. Unfortunately, we no longer live in the 2000s, and things have changed dramatically in cyberspace. Creating several backup copies of your manuscripts is no longer a safe bet. There is always a downside to any tech protection these days. Either you pay a huge amount of money for first-rate security software or download a hardware copy of your files.

PDF Bear: Protect Your Files 

PDF Bear is a robust online converter. It can work with documents such as a word to pdf converter online. It converts all types of files into PDF format fast. Converting your existing MS Word file into a PDF form will protect its formatting and prevent accidental alteration or text deletion. PDF files are also universal. Even your mobile gadgets will read them while preserving their raw format. Thus, this is crucial in files with graphs, illustrations, or symbols. This is also great with mathematical equations or manuscripts.

PDF Bear Pro: Extra protection and Productivity 

While regular PDF Bear is good enough to help you with your daily tasks, PDF Bear pro is more powerful and is geared for corporate tasks. The extra protection comes from its customer and tech support. You also get unlimited storage to its cloud space. The converted files you store in the cloud are encrypted. They will also remain there for as long as you want. This is helpful when you are running out of computer space or if you’re going to protect your documents from hackers or viruses. The conversion process happens in the cloud. This means no computer resources are spent. When you are doing too many tasks at the same tie, you will notice your speed slows down. This computer issue is due to the lack of RAM and processing speed. With PDF Bear pro, you can do as many uploads or downloads as you want. You save time and also improve your productivity. There is no limit to file size and the numbers of tasks you can do with the pro version. Remember that creating a backup copy of your important documents is always a wise decision. And more so when you are working on a large company dealing with big data.

Steps in converting MS word files to PDF using PDF Bear

The steps are simple and fast. You can do this even with an old computer. However, a decent internet connection is always necessary to get the job done as soon as possible. You will need the following:

  1. A working computer – either MAC OS, Windows, or Linux. Ensure you have at least 4 gigabytes of RAM (but 8 gigabytes is now the norm).
  2. A wifi connection. Since PDF Bear is an online tool, you need Internet connectivity to complete the task.
  3. A browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, to mention a few.

The steps:

  1. You open your browser and type the official website of PDF Bear. This will direct you to the tool page with all types of conversion you need to do.
  2. Look for “Word to PDF.” Click on it and get directed to a page where you can upload the files you want to convert. You can upload multiple MS Word documents. The tool will scan your documents and then convert them into PDF.
  3. The converted file can be downloaded to your computer. A copy of them remains on your PDF Bear account. They will only disappear when you delete them. For non-pro users, the files will be deleted by the system after an hour.


As you have learned, the steps are simple and straightforward. The tool has a minimalist design. The pro version has no ads. PDF Bear is also easy to use, and you can do all sorts of conversion, like combining, putting several numbers on pages, signing, and many more. For people who write long manuscripts like works of fiction, play, or even a magazine, PDF Bear pro is a great tool. It can boost your productivity and offer you the security that no other tools can.

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