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white source software

WhiteSource is the most popular open source security and licencing compliance management solution. As a global leader in Software Composition Analysis (SCA), WhiteSource has worked hard to give you the greatest open source security and licensing compliance management platform available, so you can control and manage your open source assets effectively and efficiently.

WhiteSource now provides a static network security testing solution to assist your businesses to safeguard proprietary code, in addition to open source code, after ten years as a pioneer in SCA.

Overview of WhiteSource Software Composition Analysis Tools

white source software

WhiteSource is the most popular open source security and licencing compliance management solution. It works with your development environment as well as the complete DevOps channel to detect open source features with security or keeping concerns in real time.

WhiteSource not only warns you about problems, but it also prioritises vulnerabilities depending on whether or not your code uses them, ensuring that no false positives waste your team’s time. WhiteSource also offers actionable, verified remediation routes for speedy resolution and automatic policy enforcement, resulting in a shorter time to resolve.

Features of the WhiteSource

With help for over 200 programming languages and constant monitoring of several open source vulnerabilities databases such as the NVD, security advisories, peer-reviewed vulnerability database, and open source project issue trackers, WhiteSource has you covered.

  1. There’s a chance your licence and identity may be discovered.
  2. Identification of open source code
  3. Integration of open source management
  4. Management of open source policy
  5. Alerts about potential threats
  6. Threat detection
  7. Components that are vulnerable mapping

The advantages of utilising WhiteSource

WhiteSource’s key advantages include: – Finding and fixing open source vulnerabilities in real time – Prioritizing vulnerabilities depending on their effectiveness

  1. Inventory management – Open source licence compliance – Automate policy enforcement and report generation for various teams, including security, DevOps, legal, and management
  2. Assists with due diligence, OEM, and M&A benefits; identifies vulnerabilities and risks
  3. WhiteSource enables software developers to detect defects, vulnerabilities, and dangers in their products that, if not identified, might create major problems.
  4. There is a high need for safe and effective apps and software, which makes it difficult for businesses and developers to produce software faster.
  5. Early Bug Detection
  6. Due to the rapid pace of software development, vulnerabilities and flaws are frequently discovered only in the latter stages of development.
  7. Fixing the hazards at this point can be costly.
  8. WhiteSource comes to the rescue and solves the problem.

Effectively Audits Your Code

Each time you run your build, the platform audits your codes, automatically detecting errors and informing you in real time. It also generates reports on the issues found in your build and supports you in finding appropriate open source codes for your needs. Time and money are saved.


In summary, WhiteSource enables you to create better builds by detecting system problems and errors every time your code is run. By identifying these flaws early in the software development process, you can quickly address them, ensuring that the application development process gets easier and smoother as time goes on. As a consequence, you’ll not only be able to create high-quality software that fits your clients’ expectations, but you’ll also be able to save money and time.

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