Good voice? Check.

Song decided? Check.

Know the lyrics? Check.

All things done? Cross!

There is still something left. A reliable karaoke machine.

It’s simply unfair to have a good voice which goes unnoticed. It deserves to shake the Earth with its intensity and its power. However, the world needs to hear your masterpiece. Now, how do you create a masterpiece?

It not only takes you several days of practicing, but also the right equipment to assist you. When we talk about the right equipment, we’re talking about a powerful karaoke machine that gives your voice a spotlight in the market.

Your voice can be the best voice to ever enter our ears, but without a background music, it’s incomplete and that’s where you need a karaoke machine. A good tune and a competent voice are companions that travel parallel to each other. If either of them is missing, your song is half-done.


Many of the good singers give their first shot at singing without any background music. However, it’s never up to the mark and definitely never close to the original song. You might record the song again but in reality, your voice doesn’t need a rehearsal, but a base to support it. Your job is to only sing with your soulful voice, the rest is the karaoke’s job. As it already reflects, a karaoke has a 50% part to play in your song. If you try singing without it, your song will be only 50% done. So, invest in a karaoke today because your euphonious voice deserves to get a 100% result.

However, it must be taken into consideration that buying a karaoke doesn’t mean the job is done. There are factors to consider before you buy it to ensure that your karaoke is not only up to the par but also worth investing in.


Like not all that glitters is gold, not all the fancy looking karaoke machines are a worthwhile investment. With the right information on your hands, you can easily point out the suitable karaoke for yourself. We have put together some of the factors that can help you land on the right karaoke.


Are you someone who’s a traveler and a singer? If yes, then you’ll want your karaoke to be a travelling buddy. This is possible only if your system is portable i.e. it’s light in weight, easy to carry and handle.

Other than this, your karaoke should be an easy-to-assemble system. At first, complex systems might seem adjustable but in the long run, you’ll get weary of it. Most of them come with a setting-up guide, go through it to know if you can easily set it up or you need an engineering degree for that.


There are times when you want to mute your sound and let the background music play. Hence, keep an eye out for a feature which doesn’t completely blocks the singer’s voice but instead allows you to adjust the high and low levels of the sound. Also, consider the pitch, echo and tone in a karaoke beforehand.


If you want to revise your vocals or improve them, a speaker can help you understand them better. Moreover, at larger venues or parties, you will need a speaker if you’re going to be the evening’s spotlight.

How loud your speakers are can be determined by its wattage. A karaoke can go up to 10 watts. For children, 5 wattage is more than enough but for adults wanting to sing on a larger platform, you will need more than 10 watts. In that case, buy a karaoke system with a speaker jack.


With the advancement in technology, there have been more than one way introduced to power up your karaoke. The common one that comes with main operated machines is where you simply plug it into a socket and after some time, it’s charged.

However, a socket cannot travel with you everywhere and might not even be available at some places. For such portable systems, there are batteries or chargeable machines in your karaoke. Generally, the standard karaoke is preferred, though the final buy ultimately depends on your need.


What you need should go parallel with what you have in your wallet. The features in a karaoke will determine its price. Generally, the rule of the thumb is, more the features, higher the price. Hence, it is crucial to point out your needs before your wants to ensure that your buy is not only within your budget, but also has the adequate functionalities. You don’t have to pay for the unnecessary features if it’s out of your budget.


Ease of use is important because if all of your energy is spent in setting up your system, then what will you give to your music?

Whether it’s for children or for professional DJ’s, you want to make sure your karaoke is user-friendly and saves you some energy for your songs. For children, the lesser the features are, the easier the use will be.


The temptation of an attractive karaoke can get in our heads and we might forget to consider what we are paying for. You should always be aware of the warranty of your karaoke because of course, you don’t want to know you invested two hundred dollar for a karaoke whose insurance is only up till a month.

Other than this, if you’re buying it online, make sure to give customer reviews a read. It’s better to know from experience than to learn after a loss.

To sum it all up, the above features are the necessary points to look for when heading out to buy a karaoke. Considering all of these points in mind, whatever karaoke you buy according to them, we’re positive that it will be bang for your buck!

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