What are Chatbots? Top 15 Chatbots in 2022

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Chatbots that use artificial intelligence (AI) use machine learning to converse with humans. Joseph Weizenbaum, a professor at MIT, created the first AI chatbot in the 1960s. Chatbot technology has progressed significantly in recent years. It connects with people on a personal and emotional level.

Artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots are drastically altering the customer support experience. They are aware of the words’ context and meaning. They can ask inquiries to elicit intent and assist in the resolution of consumer issues.

Top best 15 Chatbot for your Company

These are the following Top best 15 Chatbots for your Company.

#1. MobileMonkey

best chatbot

MobileMonkey is a multi-platform chatbot that can help you save a lot of time. You compose your content once and utilize it across all chat platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and your website. This means you can communicate with customers directly through the messaging apps that they choose!

Because it is so simple to use, this software is excellent for new chatbots firms. It can also develop sophisticated behavior at the same time. It can, for example, save and reuse responses to similar client questions.

Free for an unlimited number of contacts, but with limited functionality. Paid plans start at $49 per month, with a premier plan costing $149 per month. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#2. Aivo bots


Aivo bots are AI-driven and can adapt to the needs of any enterprise. You’ll be able to have fluid real-time chats with your consumers without the need for workers.

It doesn’t require any code, supports 50 languages, text, voice communications, and emoticons, and is simple to integrate, including third-party programs like Salesforce and Zendesk. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#3. Zendesk


Zendesk is one of the several widely used chatbot platforms. To begin, it supports all sorts of media, including live messages, chat, audio, social media networks, and email, allowing you to communicate with your consumers from any location.

Second, it provides advanced customization and can detect when a manager is needed, ensuring that your consumers receive accurate information. Finally, you can record all of the information on a single screen.

Pricing ranges from $49 per month to $215 per month for a highly customized solution. On request, a free trial is provided. Therefore, This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#4. Freshchat


Freshchat allows you to start conversations across many channels, including your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, and more, using agents or artificial intelligence.

Its clever self-service automation will handle most of your clients’ repetitious inquiries, trigger actions, and auto-update customer data.

Pricing starts at $15 per month per agent, invoiced annually. A free trial of 21 days is offered. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#5. Botsify


You can create chatbots for websites, Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and SMS with Botsify. It has a drag-and-drop interface, so you won’t have to do any coding.

The bot’s capacity to self-learn will aid you in handling more complex conversations, and a live chat function allows you to switch to human support easily. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#6. Smart loop

best chatbots

The intelligent loop leader in AI solutions for growing businesses, with a simple chatbot and automation approach. After that, Through conversational bots that answer each client’s case, you may use the Smartloop platform to nurture new users. Therefore, the platform also allows for one-on-one conversations between bots and customers, which may tailor to your specific requirements.

Smart loop, which has already been adopted by global companies such as Glamour, Coca-Cola, National Geographic, and AOL, makes it simple to engage and convert customers. Moreover, Without employing a programming team, users can easily design chatbots for booking appointments and qualifying leads. Additionally, data and analytics are available to assist you in improving your outcomes. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#7. Lobster


Lobster is an AI platform developed by Ebi.ai that promises businesses the capacity to gain lifelong customers. The technology-neutral platform supports Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning solutions from renowned innovators across the world. Conversational AI, according to Lobster, is important in creating memorable experiences today.

Lobster offers an ever-evolving assistant for today’s businesses by selecting the best cloud and AI technologies available and combining them with bespoke AI models. Your representative can be multilingual and multichannel, as well as secure and auditable. You may even program your Lobster bot to know when to transfer a discussion to a human agent. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021.

#8. Flow XO


Flow XO is a useful and straightforward conversational chatbot platform. You can create a bot on this system with completely no coding knowledge. The automation product guarantees that you can quickly develop strategies to interact with your audience on various messaging platforms. After that, there is a drag and drop builder for creating your workflows and over 100 integration alternatives to choose from. 

Flow XO tries to make chatbot service more accessible to companies that don’t have the budget or on-site construction talent they need to build from scratch. There’s also a range of more “techy” functions possible for developers with different experiences. Therefore, This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#9. Xenioo


Companies can use the Xenioo chatbot platform to automate conversations with customers and clients across various voice and text platforms. Companies may quickly develop chatbots to meet their specific demands thanks to an advanced flow editor with a clean interface. However, You may choose which actions and activities to activate by dragging and dropping components within the conversational interface.

The Multichannel Conversational AI system has a preview feature that allows you to see how well your service will work and make modifications before engaging in customer conversations. When you’re ready to get started, Xenioo makes it easy to set up your channels, launch your bot, and build deeper connections with your customers. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#10. Hyro



Hyro promises to boost client engagement across all digital channels by delivering extraordinary customer journeys. Companies may engage with their audience in any environment using this simple but powerful chatbot platform. Therefore, You may also utilize the service to glean helpful information from conversations with your clients regarding their requirements.

Hydro supports both speech and text-based bots, allowing companies to create scalable, context-driven interactions that delight customers throughout their journey. The in-depth reporting capability makes it easy to communicate findings with stakeholders, and the plug-and-play platform allows any company to participate. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#11. ManyChat


ManyChat is a chatbot builder for Facebook Messenger. With over 1.3 billion users on Facebook Messenger, you can reach a larger audience and use more sophisticated retargeting capabilities on the platform. Put, leveraging Facebook Messenger helps you earn sales, reduce cart abandonment, acquire leads, and more.

It has an easy drag-and-drop interface that makes creating a chatbot for your Facebook page a breeze. You may greet new users automatically, direct them to items, send messages on a timetable, respond to specific keywords, and much more. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#12. Freshchat


 You can create chatbots for WhatsApp, Messenger, Apple Business Chat, smartphones, and the web with Freshchat. Moreover, their artificial intelligence algorithm is at the heart of it. Rather than simply freeing up the time of your live chat workers, it is designed to detect intent and communicate with the customer.

Freshchat can even present you with a list of customer and prospect queries that require more specific or better answers, thanks to their machine learning technology. However, This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

 #13. Drift


Like many other products on our list, Drift allows you to mix live chat and an automated chatbot. It also connects to the most widely used CRMs and email marketing services. Drift enables you to initiate conversations with customers who have already expressed interest in your products or services. It’s built to use exchanges to increase conversions, and it lets you construct scenarios to help you sell more.

It integrates with a variety of third-party technologies, including Zendesk, Help Scout, and others. Drift is more suited to larger companies, as evidenced by the pricing. If you’re getting started making money online, one of the other tools on our list is an excellent place to start. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#14. Chatfuel

best chatfuel

Chatfuel is a robust chatbot platform that works with Messenger, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. It is used by various companies, including Adidas, T-Mobile, LEGO, TechCrunch, and others. Your bot can help you improve sales, qualify prospects, and respond to commonly asked queries. This allows your customer service team to save a significant amount of time.

On this website, there are lots of instructions to assist you with creating a bot quickly. This includes tips on how to make sure you’re following Facebook’s Messenger bot guidelines. This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021

#15. Tars



Tars is a landing page creator that allows you to construct conversational landing pages. Essentially, a chatbot will take the place of a specific landing page. It makes it simple to qualify leads. Moreover, Tars are especially well-suited to mobile consumers, allowing for a natural and straightforward chatbots dialogue.

Using Tars, creating a chatbot is simple. You can either start from scratch or utilize a pre-built template to design a chat pipeline. Therefore, This is the best chatbot to use in your company in 2021


We recommend ChatBot.com as the finest AI chatbot software for most organizations because it’s simple to use and comes with pre-built workflows. They also have many built-in interfaces with third-party marketing firms, and their pricing is reasonable compared to other options. If you’re searching for something different, check out FreshChat or Drift.

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