16 Best Video Editing Apps for Android & iphone in 2023

Video Editing Apps

Editing used to entail sitting in front of a computer. That is no longer the case. You can produce appealing material from your mobile device with the finest video editing apps for iPhone and Android. The game-changer is that you don’t have to pay anything to utilize them.

Downloading a free video editing program for Android or iPhone also gives you the tools you need to quickly create entire advertisements or wild YouTube videos. But which app should you get? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. The following are our picks for the best free video editing apps for iOS and Android.

What Is the Best Video Editing App?

The vast number of applications accessible for download makes deciding on a decent video editing tool difficult. The ideal video editing tool for you is one that matches your preferences in terms of functionality and user interface. Your budget is also an important consideration. Many of the video editing apps on our list have a free trial period of 3–7 days to allow you to test out important features. This is always an excellent approach to assessing not just which features you truly require but also which software may be the most user-friendly to you.

Our selection of the top video editing apps includes five crucial characteristics to help you decide.

When You Need Video Editing Software

A competent video editing program is essential if you’re producing a lot of films and want more creative freedom and alternatives to stand out fast and effortlessly.

Most successful TikTok or YouTube social media influencers rely on video editing apps to stand out from the crowd and gain likes and shares. Using visual effects, transitions, stickers, and other stock media saves time and helps video creators stand out in order to attract more followers. If you want to improve your social media game, a good video editing program will help you.

Otherwise, having a competent video editing program is vital if you’re just seeking to save time, separate yourself from others, and truly dress up your movies to create the most impactful impression possible.

16 Best video editing apps In 2023

Let’s take a look at some of the best video editing apps that you really need to try for a better video editing experience.

1. Adobe Premier Rush

Adobe Premier Rush

When it comes to the best video editing apps for Android, we can’t leave out Adobe. Adobe Premier Rush is essential software for Creative Cloud users. Sign in using your Adobe account, then import photographs and videos from your phone and experiment with the video editing tools. You may change the video speed, merge several clips, choose from thousands of soundtracks, experiment with color settings, and add images.

If you have a Premier Rush Premium or Creative Cloud plan, you may sync your creations and continue editing on another phone.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To Download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To Download

2. PowerDirector


Making a snapshot into a cartoon has recently become popular, but PowerDirector is currently at the forefront of applying similar effects to films. PowerDirector is the world’s first program that allows users to cartoonize films with a single click.

PowerDirector’s mobile UI has all of the features of the desktop version. This features multi-track and 4K editing, which adds a professional touch to your videos and helps them stand out on social media.

Even if you have no editing expertise, the strong capabilities and user-friendly interface allow you to get started quickly. A linear timeline allows you to connect your clips. Your projects will greatly benefit from the use of an audio mixer.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

3.  KineMaster


KineMaster provides ready-to-use templates for Instagram, YouTube intros, vlogs, reels, gaming, and other platforms. You may also start from scratch and make a new video. KineMaster uses the same familiar landscape interface and includes all of the necessary video editing capabilities. You may modify your voice, add stickers, effects, text, invert the video, and delete the backdrop.

KineCloud has been introduced by KineMaster. Paid customers may submit films up to 10GB in size and continue projects on several devices.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

4. Filmora


Filmora targeted millennials and Generation Z with portrait video editing, eye-catching stickers, effects, emoticons, and other features. There are over 1000 sound effects to choose from, as well as over 5000 premium stickers, fashionable text styles, and reverse playback. You may also change the aspect ratio and add a backdrop to videos. It is the ideal video editing program for social networking networks. However, the watermark and advertisements might become grating. To remove them, you must sign up for one of the premium programs.

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For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

5. Promeo


Promeo is a time-saving video editing program that allows you to generate social network promotional content in three stages. Promeo, which has over 10,000 ready-to-use templates, is great for generating a range of content for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, and other platforms.

Simply select a preferred design, replace the images or videos with ones you like, and then share it directly with your followers.

You may produce content using your own films and photographs, or you can freely utilize videos, photos, and music from Shutterstock, iStock, or Unsplash.

Social media content templates are available in a variety of areas, including education, beauty, real estate, food, cars, fashion, travel, sports, wellness, finance, and others. Furthermore, seasonal and promotion-specific templates, as well as new designs, are released on a monthly basis, ensuring that you never run out of ideas for social media content development.

Promeo’s simplicity of use and variety of content production and sharing features are unrivaled by any other video editing tool.

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For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

6. iMovie


iMovie bridges the gap between professional and amateur video production. It, for example, offers 4K and multi-track editing, has a variety of effects, and allows you to include free music that automatically adjusts to the duration of a film. You don’t have to be an expert in video editing to master the iMovie learning curve.

One of the most significant features is iMovie’s theme library. Photo Album, Sports, Travel, Comic Book, and Neon are some of the pre-programmed themes. Each choice includes music, transitions, and text overlays, saving you time and effort when editing.

If you haven’t used iMovie in a while, it’s time to do so. Apple upgrades the software on a regular basis, giving consumers new options and capabilities. In August 2020, Apple will update iMovie with three new filters and 25 soundtracks.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Not available for Android 

7. GoPro Quik

GoPro Quik

While GoPro Quik lacks a large list of video editing options, it performs the job with an AI twist. When you select many photographs and videos, the software automatically selects the finest moments, applies theatrical effects and music, and creates a shareable film. One of the nicest tools for novices wanting to produce a short movie on the go is automatic editing. A premium subscription includes greater video editing options as well as comprehensive media backup.

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For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

8. Splice


Splice is an excellent starting point for anyone new to mobile video editing. If you want to make a highlight reel of your most recent hiking excursion, this software is ideal. You may cut and crop your videos after uploading them and placing them on the appropriate tracks. Although you can’t edit in 4K, the outcome is a smoother and clearer film.

Splice’s huge free music and sound effects collection might help you add some musical flare. Tap the appropriate track and drag it to the desired location on the timeline. You can also make transitions, apply video effects, and post directly to social media using Splice.

Do you want to get the most out of your Splice experience? An in-app purchase will allow you to upgrade. There are monthly, quarterly, and annual versions available. Each option also includes a free trial period.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

9. VivaVideo


Another useful video editing software for Android is VivaVideo. It’s popular among the younger generation because of the stickers, distinctive typefaces, FX effects, various backdrop effects, and trendy themes. Rather than pro-level functionality, VivaVideo focuses on usability to make video editing simple for beginners. The software includes a free TikTok video creator with music lyrics. You can’t go wrong with this one if you want to make fashionable short reels or tales.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

10. Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro allows you to edit professional-quality films in the palm of your hand. The app has the advanced capabilities required to create award-winning shows. Whether you want to edit green screen clips or change chroma keys, you have total control.

While the tool lacks a multi-track editor, Filmmaker Pro compensates in a variety of different ways. For example, you may personalize 4K clips with 30 filters and 17 transitions. It also has an Audiometer, allowing it to add a voiceover in minutes.

Filmmaker Pro is free software with in-app purchases for the finest features. A monthly or annual subscription grants you access to a diverse set of audio tracks, tools, and drawings. When you export the finished result, you can also remove annoying watermarks.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

11. InShot


InShot ties itself to the development of social media content. The program includes necessary editing capabilities as well as a tolerable learning curve. It even includes several functions that other editing tools don’t have, such as speed adjustments.

The all-in-one program can handle both video and picture editing. It includes pre-made themes for several social media platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram. Even if you have no video editing knowledge, the user-friendly interface makes it simple to import, edit, and customize your films.

InShot falls short of the requirements of a professional video editing program. It lacks multi-track or 4K editing, as well as support mechanisms in the event of a question or a technical difficulty. Many of these flaws are irrelevant if you only need a basic video editor.

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12. Magisto


Magisto provides smart video editing tools to social media users. The software has an AI assistant that will help you edit your media with attractive visuals, effects, filters, and audio tracks. With hundreds of colorful stickers at your disposal, you can quickly add fun to your film and create a fashionable clip. Magisto has a handful of premium options that allow you to add premium styles, erase watermarks, lengthen videos, and unlock 3+ million stock pictures for use in videos.

The software also has video hosting and sharing facilities, as well as the ability to generate password-protected connections. Only authorized individuals will be able to view your modified video.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

13. Mojo


Mojo will ask you some questions about how you want to use it right after you download it, such as whether you want to use it to promote your business or just for pleasure. The UI is inspired by social media platforms, so Instagram and Facebook fans will have no trouble locating what they’re searching for.

Mojo provides a range of video sizes to accommodate the most popular social media networks. Popular templates and subjects are listed on the main menu to help you get started writing content. Simply click on one to update it right away. Mojo, in addition to basic video editing tools, provides filter effects such as VHS, glitch, and bokeh to make your movie stand out. If you have your own brand, Mojo lets you design your own Brand kit, to which you may add colors, fonts, and your own brand logo.

After installing the app, you must subscribe to receive a 3-day free trial.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

14. Funimate


Funimate is not intended to replace a professional video editor such as Premier Rush. It attracts social media users by utilizing top video editing capabilities such as transitions, keyframes, video masks, AI effects, text effects, and effect mix. The app also has nice social integration. To increase your social media participation, you may record videos for weekly challenges, share your creativity with the Funimate community, and draw inspiration from others.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

15. CapCut


CapCut is the official video editor and creator tool for TikTok users, owned by Bytedance (the parent company of TikTok). If you routinely produce videos on your TikTok account, you should look into this one. Slow-motion effects may be added, footage can be stabilized, the chroma key can be used to eliminate particular colors from films, and auto-captions can be added for a worldwide audience.

Every week, CapCut introduces new filters. You should also look at popular effects like blur, Glitch, and 3D to exhibit your originality. While the video editor is optimized for TikTok, you may change the format to make it compatible with other social media networks.

For iPhone Users:  Click Here To download

For Andriod Users: Click Here To download

16. Zoomerang


Zoomerang is a video editing program featuring a simple editor interface, unique stickers of yourself that you can design and personalize, emojis, GIFs, and Text effects, as well as some essential tools like a backdrop remover.

Among the video editing apps on our list, Zoomerang stands out for its step-by-step lessons for recording short-form dancing videos, which are now trendy on social media. You can also utilize hashtags to find out what is presently trending, and the app provides templates to help you jump on the bandwagon.

As soon as you start a project in the app, you can capture a video with your phone’s camera. It also includes A.I. out-of-body effects and Body Tracking effects with pulses and energy, which are common in dance videos on social media sites such as TikTok.

Zoomerang also has its own community with over 25 million members worldwide, so you can see how others utilize the software.

Zoomerang is a terrific video editing tool for staying up to speed on what’s happening on social media, and it also provides simple options for generating your own trending content. However, it lacks more powerful artificial intelligence and ultimate creative control over your films.

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Q. What Are the Advantages of Editing Videos on an iPhone or an Android?

Mobile video editing is ideal for anyone trying to produce videos on a tight budget, allowing you to create videos without breaking the bank. To create intriguing and compelling material, you don’t need a huge team or high-tech equipment.

Downloading the finest free video editing tool for iPhone or Android will give you the freedom to produce videos exactly as you want them. Normally, you’d have to wait until you got back to your desktop to upload and edit your clips. However, if you edit on your phone, you already have all of the video files and can begin editing whenever and wherever you want.

Q. Is it difficult to edit videos using a video editing app?

The difficulty of editing a video with video editing software varies based on numerous aspects, including the intricacy of the editing work, the user’s degree of skill, and the program’s capabilities.

While some parts of video editing can be difficult, most video editing apps are designed to make the process as simple and accessible as possible, with a variety of features and tools for both novice and experienced users. If you are not experienced in video editing.

Q. What Is the Most Effective Video Editing App?

PowerDirector is the greatest video editing program because it provides a robust set of tools that enable users to easily edit, improve, and create high-quality video footage. PowerDirector is the go-to solution for both amateur and professional video editors, thanks to features like multi-track editing, excellent color correction, and customized special effects like AI anime video or body effects. So, whether you’re a novice just getting started or a seasoned pro trying to take your work to the next level, PowerDirector provides everything you need to produce visually amazing video material that genuinely stands out.

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