SkullCandy Headphones Full Guide: Enjoy Superior Quality Sound

SkullCandy Headphones Full Guide: Enjoy Superior Quality Sound

In search of pleasant headphones featuring superior earcup construction and sound quality? Headphones by Skullcandy are among the exquisite options that are available. The 2015 model of the Skullcandy Headphones featured identical bass controls and plastic construction; however, the Skullcandy Headphones wireless iteration released later proved to be the superior iteration.

The subsequent article shall furnish fundamental details pertaining to these headphones, encompassing a comparison with the Skullcandy Headphones 2016 and an account of their characteristics.

Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy produces headphones and earbuds of superior quality for use with electronic devices, gear, and music. A considerable number of individuals are attracted to Skullcandy headphones due to the captivating and unique auditory experience they offer.

When the Skullcandy Headphones were introduced in 2014, the earphone industry experienced significant upheaval. A relatively recent headpiece, the Skullcandy Headphones feature exceptional noise-cancellation capabilities. The Skullcandy Headphones are comfortable and above-average for critical listening. One of the factors contributing to the widespread popularity of these headphones is their bone-chillingly intense bass.

In essence, what are headphones?

Small speakers utilized to listen to audio from a smartphone, computer, notebook, or other device are known as headphones. They are commonly either corded or wireless. In contrast to wireless headphones, which utilize Bluetooth to communicate with other mobile devices, wired headphones utilize a cable.

Among them are conventional headphones, over-ear headphones, on-ear headphones, and genuine wireless earbuds. As previously mentioned, French engineer Ernest Mercadier created and patented the first pair of headphones in 1891 as a bi-telephone. From 1891 until the present, numerous manufacturers have introduced headphones with remarkable listening capabilities. We will discuss these businesses at a later time. Subsequently, we ought to make every effort to acquire the necessary headphones.

In essence, what are headphones?

Who is the manufacturer or supplier of Skullcandy headphones?

The Skullcandy company created the Skullcandy Headphones. Their area of expertise is the development and promotion of audio technology products, including hands-free devices, premium earbuds, and headphones. Skullcandy, Inc., an American company with its headquarters in Park City, Utah, is the owner of the trademark. Rick Alden and Cris Williams established the private enterprise in 2003. Skullcandy introduced its inaugural product, the Skullcandy portable link, during the 2003 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Link system was developed by integrating hands-free cellular technology with headphones. It permitted users to make and receive phone calls using their cell phones while listening to music on a portable audio device. The company has a patent that guards against this technology. Following the introduction of Link technology, the organization has experienced uninterrupted growth. Presently, Jason Hodell serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The organization generates annual revenue of more than $250 million.

To gain further insights or satisfy curiosity regarding their products, one may access their official website at

The Skull Riff Headphones: An Innovative Design

Skullcandy, indeed. The name elicits images of snowboarders and skiers, as well as inexpensive headphones found in grocery stores. But whether you like them or not, Skullcandy remains a market leader in budget headphones. They reevaluated their entire sound signature design philosophy and began aiming for a more neutral, natural sound that still delivered some of the bass thuds that their target market anticipated around five years ago. They strive for an “emotional feeling” in response to your music, as opposed to designing their headphones with the same level of precision as other audiophile brands.

Although I had a preference for the previous Skullcandy Grind, it has been progressively discontinued from retail locations (alongside other lower-end Skullcandy products) in favor of the Riff, a significantly more affordable and contemporary design. The Riff provides the minimal minimum that one could reasonably expect from a pair of headphones priced at an absolute minimum. However, it is not satisfactory to be your sole or primary option.

A Brief Overview

Offering a wired model for $20 and a Bluetooth-enabled model for $50, the Riff is also available in an assortment of vibrant hues; therefore, it went without saying that I purchased the black model. The wired model requires a 3.5mm connection, whereas the Bluetooth model is only compatible with wired connections. To obtain a Skullcandy model that can perform both functions, you must upgrade to the Hesh 3.

After evaluating a store demonstration unit of the wireless model and concluding that it was virtually identical in both sound and fit, I made the purchase of the wired model. The Riff is an inadequately constructed closed-back on-ear headset that bears a resemblance to the previous Bose SoundTrue on-ear models. It is not completely awful due to its excellent sound quality and comfortable ear cushions.

A Brief Overview

Headphones by Skullcandy Specifications

Among the exceptional qualities of the headphones is a robust sound component that includes controls. There is a plastic band on the top.
Amplifier integrated.

The longevity of batteries

  • The battery life of the Skullcandy Headphones for Gaming is the best (8–40 hours), enabling you to enjoy music and gaming. The minimal obstruction to your binge-watching of music, gaming, and films

Structure of Sound

  • These headphones are the most comfortable ones available thanks to the excellent noise suppression the sound system offers. The ear receptacles also include perforated cushions, which are an additional plus.

At ease

  • With their exquisite design and ability to collapse into a more compact size, the earcups will likely offer the highest level of comfort while also facilitating moderate portability. You will appreciate the combination of the most powerful clamping force and unparalleled comfort.

Construction of the Design

  • Is the aesthetic quality of the headphones significant to you? In contrast, the Skullcandy headphones designed for gaming are comparatively unimpressive owing to their plastic construction. Bear in mind that the unwieldy design may cause perspiration or disintegration, rendering it unsuitable for physical activities; thus, exercise caution when engaging in workouts and exercises.

Precision at low frequencies

  • 23-Hz low-frequency extensions are exceptional. Its midrange response is average, and its treble response is inadequate. Vocals may be adversely affected by the 15-dB decline in the mid-treble, which is centered at 6 kHz, of the sound system.

Diverse Color Selections

  • Thus, if you have a passion for huge sound or are a gaming enthusiast, the Skullcandy Headphones for Gaming’s extensive color selection may even capture your attention. Black, crimson, royal blue, and white are some of the many color options available in regal attire. What’s your opinion? A gray, snake, or camouflage bag may also be utilized to satisfy imperative requirements.

The following is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of Skullcandy headphones. By physically inspecting it, one can ascertain its portability, compatibility, and dependability.

Advantages and Drawbacks


  • Practical design
  • Sizable earcup
  • A design that exhibits low-weight
  • Reasonable price


  • The fidelity of the sound is average.
  • Additional plastic
  • Developed at an affordable price

Skullcandy: Is It Worth Purchasing?

A vast assortment of headphones brands are available on the market. Amid this variety, are SkullCandy headphones a reputable brand? We would state that the response to this inquiry is contingent upon the specific criteria you have in mind. This is due to the wide variety of requirements that consumers have.

Skullcandy: Is It Worth Purchasing?

Nonetheless, a few factors may prove useful in locating the correct response to this inquiry:

  • To begin with, what are the strengths of SkullCandy merchandise? It is their fashionable and aesthetically appealing appearance. Therefore, it is more accurate to classify their models as fashionable headphones. They are flattering to the eye of nearly everyone and in all circumstances. This explains why they enjoy such widespread popularity among regular consumers.
  • What is its audio fidelity like? It is dependent on the model in question. SkullCandy undoubtedly carries a number of products that produce aural output that is satisfactory. Despite this, they cannot be deemed outstanding. Its headphones are capable of producing powerful sound with rich bass. Therefore, if aesthetics are more important to you than aural quality, you should purchase the Skullcandy.
  • What additional factors may influence the response? Its price range is the only determining factor. Fortunately, the price of these headphones is not prohibitive. You may consider purchasing them on a constrained budget. Nonetheless, only a minority of individuals express dissatisfaction with their pricing. Why? They question why they opt for SkullCandy when Sennheiser and Bose offer superior sound quality in the same price range.
  • What do they have in common? In addition, they are easily accessible in all other markets. Therefore, its components are readily replaceable or interchangeable.

Which one do you find to be the best?

SkullCandy offers a variety of products in the headphones category. We will examine one model from each category in this section:

1. Wireless Headphones

The aesthetics of Crusher 360 are quite appealing. It is available in the fashionable color combination of black and tan. It features circumaural earpads padded for comfort. You can therefore wear them for an extended period of time without experiencing any discomfort. In general, the sound quality of Crusher 360 is precise. Conversely, when bass is present, some people with sensitive ears might find the sound awful. Due to its resonance, the earcups vibrate. Due to the presence of hepatic bass, the object appears to be experiencing the sound. However, they can only be rendered accurate and flat by disabling the bass.

The fact that the sound range is highly adjustable is a plus. You are free to modify them to suit your needs. The battery life of the pulverizer from SkullCandy is remarkable. It is capable of playing audio for hours after a mere 10-minute charge. Furthermore, Bluetooth connectivity is included. It appears fashionable. It provides solace. It produces excellent sound when used in tethered mode.

2. Wired Headphones

The foldability of these headphones is their most notable characteristic. They are foldable and can even be carried in a pocket. This characteristic enhances its portability. This headwear has a vibrant appearance that would likely appeal to students. However, it may not be suitable for adults. Included are revolving earcups. Consequently, their position can be modified to suit your convenience.

With respect to acoustic quality, they are the optimal selection. They produce precise auditory output. Additionally, it produces a relatively strong sound. Nevertheless, it occasionally produces excessive bass that you might deem unsuitable. Given that these headphones are tethered, they are connected via cable. Foldability contributes to its portability. Wearing the headphones is extremely convenient. It provides excellent sound quality for the price.

3. Icon Broadband

The Icon wireless on-ear headphones are a more recent model of headphones. It represents a progression from its preceding legendary duo. Versions prior to this one were electrified. The manufacturers introduced the wireless version to increase portability.

This pair features a design that is both streamlined and lightweight. It is designed to be of assistance to athletes. Consequently, they have no difficulty donning headphones while participating in athletics. Bluetooth wireless technology enhances this characteristic even further. It can now be paired with any other device for music playback.

This pair’s sound quality is precisely adequate. It, like other headphones, enables the user to experience the music. Additionally, the device has a battery life of ten hours. It is sufficient to get through the entire day. Additionally, a microphone option is included. You may, therefore, also accept inquiries. It weighs little. It is transportable and portable. Utilizing wireless technology facilitates their operation.

3. Icon Broadband

4. Skullcandy Earbuds

The Ink earbuds have an extremely streamlined and slender appearance. Additionally, their cord is so slender. These qualities will prevent it from feeling heavy on you. The wire was nearly imperceptible through the collar-style blouse. The band is pliable. Additionally, it is equipped with an attached control to facilitate access.

The product provides balanced sound quality. There would be no audible bass or treble thrust. It provides merely sufficient sound, with distinct treble and midrange. Operating at nearly maximum volume, these earbuds have a battery life of seven hours. One charge provides sufficient power to last for an entire day. Sophisticated Bluetooth technology is employed to establish connectivity. They appear fashionable. It is priced affordably for the consumer. The headphones are flexible and lightweight.

5. Sports Earbuds

These attractive earbuds in gray are relatively lightweight. There are delicate filaments within. The earphones nestle snugly within the ear canal. Furthermore, the most notable characteristic is that it is sweat-resistant. All of these characteristics qualify them for use during athletic activities and exercise sessions.

In terms of sound quality, it provides satisfactory results. Nonetheless, the percussion may appear heavier. Nevertheless, the vocals and highs are ideal. These earplugs deliver precisely what is advertised. For connectivity, it employs Bluetooth 4.1, a dependable and cutting-edge technology. It has a maximum battery life of nine hours. It imparts resistance to perspiration. They are offered at affordable price points. Its in-ear design precludes the loss of sound. It weighs little.

What is the price of Skullcandy headphones?

The price range for the Skullcandy Headphones is $170 to $198.99, contingent upon the retail location.

Here, you will discover the latest Amazon prices.

The SLYR Multi-Platform Wireless Gaming Headset is available for $130

In contrast to the Pro Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset, which is priced at $100, the SLYR Multi-Platform Wired Gaming Headset is available for $60. Skullcandy’s SLYR Pro Wired, notwithstanding its “Pro” moniker, is the middle sibling. This $100 device possesses the majority of the functionalities that are also present in the PLYR headgear. Only the additional adjustable headpiece and the wireless connection are lacking. (A peculiarity is that both the noise cancellation and built-in hearing test of the SLYR Pro require rechargeable batteries.)

The Skullcandy SLYR Wired, which costs approximately $60, represents an additional economically viable alternative. Unsurprisingly, this corded earpiece lacks advanced features such as a hearing test, a noise-canceling microphone, or tile tracking. Nevertheless, it also features a bidirectional microphone and audio-tuning capabilities. This seems like an exceptional deal for recreational enthusiasts.

The SLYR Multi-Platform Wireless Gaming Headset is available for $130

Presently available for purchase on the corporate website are the brand-new Skullcandy Gaming Headsets. Considering Skullcandy’s apparent greater recognition among adult and casual gamers, it will be intriguing to observe their competitive strategy vis-à-vis Turtle Beach’s headgear.

With respect to rival brands:

  • Brilliant patterns: Skullcandy offers some of the most vibrant headphones on the market. For those who have a tendency to coordinate their technological accessories with their apparel, many companies offer an extensive range of color alternatives for each model. These alternatives may include camouflage or military color schemes, as well as two- or three-tone variations.
  • A solid assortment of headphones: Skullcandy offers a vast selection of models for a variety of purposes, but we have not yet evaluated the entire lineup. Nonetheless, they offer a respectable selection, particularly in light of their price range, but not enough for more discerning listeners.
  • Substandard construction: Skullcandy’s preponderance of headphones is relatively economical. Nevertheless, this may be attributed to their relatively fragile construction. Although it is preferable to some extremely low-priced brands, it lacks the durability of other budget-friendly options.
  • Substandard audio quality: While there are numerous models designed for casual listening, none of them cater to the needs of critical consumers. Neutral-wondering individuals may find Skullcandy unsuitable, as the brand’s emphasis is often on generating a bass-heavy sound.

In general, Skullcandy provides a commendable assortment of fashionable headphones available in a diverse array of unique hues to accommodate individual preferences, tastes, and fashion senses. They also offer reasonably priced headphones suitable for sports and gaming. Their sound is not the most balanced, and their construction is subpar, as they favor a bass-heavy reproduction over a neutral audio reproduction.

Order of things

Each Skullcandy model is designated with a distinct name. The store offers a variety of headphones, including on-ear and around-the-neck models as well as gaming headgear. A few samples of their headphones are provided below, as the company has not yet assigned names to all of them.

  • The objective of the Crusher over-ear bass-focused line is to provide the consumer with the ability to modify the bass volume. Additionally, a wireless version of this is available.
  • The Hesh is a compact, wireless-capable over-ear earpiece.
  • Grind is one of the on-ear devices that features a well-constructed and wireless design.
  • An in-ear device that is suitable for active sports and casual listening while also fitting around the neck.

Order of things

Recent Updates:

  • June 29, 2022: “Best Skullcandy Headphones” will replace “Best Over-Ear Skullcandy Headphones.” Due to the Skullcandy Push Active True Wireless’s longer battery life and more comfortable fit, the Skullcandy Jib True Wireless was subsequently obsolete.
  • As of February 3, 2022, their companion application will also feature presets and a visual EQ.
  • The Skullcandy Crusher Evo Wireless was included on the list of the “Best Skullcandy Headphones for Bass” on December 2, 2021, due to the fact that its tactile bass adjuster may appeal to some users.
  • As of September 3, 2021, we have validated the product availability and the accuracy of our recommendations. We have not implemented any modifications to our recommendations.
  • Skullcandy Dime Due to Dime’s perceived lower price point by the majority of consumers, True Wireless has replaced Skullcandy Jib Wireless as of June 7, 2021. Additionally, “Best Over-Ear Skullcandy Headphones” has been added to the title of “Best Skullcandy Headphones.”

In conclusion,

Despite being an affordable option featuring several desirable features such as noise cancellation and a mechanical adjuster, the Skullcandy Headphones for Gaming do not include a microphone or volume controls. The control mechanism is rudimentary, featuring a single button that controls playback, halting, and track skipping.

FAQs Regarding Skullcandy Headphones

1. When did Skullcandy headphones become available?

A difficult task is to surpass the wireless Skullcandy headphones. This wireless installment from the Crusher collection is wired and wirelessly operable. Upon its initial distribution in late 2016, the product was priced at $199. It was once priced at a premium but is now offered for less than $100.

2. Which headphones by Skullcandy feature the most robust bass?

We’ve found the Skullcandy Headphones Evo Wireless to be the most bass-rich Skullcandy headphones. You can modify the bass on these headphones using the haptic bass slider if you desire greater rumble, boom, and thump in your compositions. They even rival the highest-quality audio headphones we’ve ever tested.

3. What are the most effective cranium crushers?

Skull crushers are an exceptional exercise for building strength and heft in the triceps. Additionally, they are a fantastic method to improve shoulder stability. Bear in mind that while the exercise’s name suggests that it may be excruciating, proper execution should not result in any adverse effects. At all times, execute the movement carefully and with control.

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