25 Best Restaurants in Downtown Chicago to Experience Best Cuisine

25 Best Restaurants Downtown Chicago to Experience Best Cuisine

Welcome to Chicago, a city where skyscrapers and Midwesterner sensibilities coexist. It’s a location where elites from the coast frequently misunderstand one another, with summers being as hot as winters. This city is determined to dispel myths and demonstrate to visitors that it is a hotspot for affordable dining and inventive cooking. Unexpectedly, one can get wagyu hot dogs inside hardware stores and foie gras tacos at upscale French restaurants in Chicago. Let’s see the best Restaurants Downtown Chicago.

Restaurants downtown Chicago

The greatest restaurants downtown Chicago are diverse, ranging from Michelin-starred behemoths to pizza joints to some of the best reasonably priced lunches in the city. With meals from all over the world, including Korean, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean, and Indian, the cuisines are equally varied. Eating your fill at one of these restaurants is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in downtown Chicago, whether you’re a visitor or a native.

Our editors search the city for mouthwatering cuisine, incredible deals, and insider knowledge. They pay for what they get, and just like everyone else, their delivery person gets lost from time to time (here’s how we eat in Chicago to construct a list). We make an effort to faithfully capture Chicago’s dynamic culinary scene. We update it with the best recently opened Restaurants Downtown Chicago as well as our all-time favorites that tempt us to return. Perhaps one of the most well-known destinations for restaurants or delicious meals is Chicago’s downtown. We think anything that is on the list is fantastic, and we know you will too.

Top-Notch Restaurants Downtown Chicago

Here is a selection of fantastic Restaurants Downtown Chicago where you can enjoy your favorite dish.

1. The El Che Steakhouse and Bar 

El Che Steakhouse and Bar 

El Che Steakhouse is a fitting representation of the West Loop’s spirit. In addition to serving Argentine food, this restaurant features a live-fire BBQ to enhance the experience. In order to maintain balance, their menu offers a variety of meat dishes along with sides. It’s a terrific place for friendly gatherings and group meals because of the lively atmosphere.

2. The Au Cheval 

Au Cheval 

Au Cheval serves up delicious, juicy burgers—a traditional American cuisine! There is almost always a queue out the door of this restaurant, which is situated in downtown Chicago’s West Loop. But the burgers are so good and flavorful that the wait is worth it. It is one of the best Restaurants Downtown Chicago.

3. The Leña Brava

Leña Brava

Restaurants Downtown Chicago’s Lea Brava is a restaurant with a Mexican flavor. By highlighting the multi-cultural cuisine of Baja California Norte, which blends Mexican and American (Californian) ingredients, the restaurant offers a novel twist on Mexican cuisine. The restaurant is well renowned for its wood-fired cooking, which gives every dish a unique flavor.

4. The Formento’s


Another popular restaurant in Restaurants Downtown Chicago is Formento’s, which offers fantastic Italian food in a spacious dining area. They provide a variety of appetizers, such as salads, fried calamari, meatballs, and more, in addition to all of the traditional Italian fare, such as pasta and chops. For those who would rather eat outside, the restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining.

5. The High Five Ramen

High Five Ramen

The same people who own and run Au Cheval also run High Five Ramen, which serves ramen and other dishes that are similar. Every ramen bowl has new levels of taste thanks to the combination of Japanese chiles, numbing pepper, miso, nori, and sesame with a tonkotsu-style broth. This restaurant is perfect for those times when you want to stay in your jammies and watch Netflix because it offers both delivery and pickup choices.

6. The Oriole 


Oriole Restaurants serves American and Japanese food, as well as a fusion of the two, and is situated in Fulton Market in downtown Chicago. It is not, however, for the timid, as their high level of skill and attention is reflected in the substantial costs.

A 13-course meal that is both superb and simply prepared and presented as part of their menu. For those special occasions when you don’t mind shelling out a few hundred bucks for a fancy dinner night out, this is a great website to have on hand. It also includes in good Restaurants Downtown Chicago.

7. The Publican

The Publican

In Fulton Market in downtown Chicago, there’s a raw bar called The Publican. You’ll likely be disappointed if you’re a vegetarian because the major item on the menu is meat. They do, however, provide veggies and fish, so there’s something for everyone. The Publican’s u-shaped communal tables are perfect for mixing, lively conversation, and having way too much fun while savoring delicious meals. The Publican is designed and furnished to resemble a beer hall.

8. The Soju BBQ 

Soju BBQ

Restaurants Downtown Chicago, Soju is the most delicious method to combine the flavors of Korean food with BBQ. They provide bulgogi, brisket, short ribs, and other meals made with their carefully cooked, quality meat pieces. The restaurant is excellent if you would rather remain in rather than go out for the evening because it offers pickup and delivery throughout the neighborhood.

9. The Bonci Pizzeria 

Bonci Pizzeria 

Restaurants Downtown Chicago, This restaurant may be the greatest in downtown Chicago; it serves Gabriele Bonci’s renowned Taglio-style pizza. There are twenty distinct types of pizza, and it may be customized to your exact specifications by being cut to order.

Sandwiches, pies, salads, pizza, and the Bonci Pizzeria specialty of cheese- and meat-stuffed rice and pasta balls are all available on the menu.
Stylishly late.

10. The Smyth & The Loyalist 

Smyth & The Loyalist 

Many people consider Smyth, a Michelin-starred Restaurants Downtown Chicago, to be the greatest in the city. The BBQ menu options are excellent, and you can phone in for takeaway or order in advance to save waiting.

To make a wonderful dinner for yourself, the fine dining restaurant also offers meal kits. Better still, it has The Loyalist, a pub in the basement. They also have a delicious and outstanding burger at their basement bar. With this one, it’s extremely hard to go wrong!

11. The Mi Tocaya Antojería

Mi Tocaya Antojería

Dávila uses her culinary skills to bring her diners back to their childhood by preparing filling dishes like duck carnitas and fish in mole rojo. The menu still has the guacamole with chile ash, and there’s also a range of drinks.

12. The Jeong


The most luxurious Korean experience in Chicago is at Jeong. Park, the former owner of the well-liked suburban food court booth Hanbun, uses modern methods to enhance classic flavors. A dollop of crème fraiche, crispy rice pearls, and a disc of salmon doenjang yuzu gastrique with tartare topping are just a few of the visually striking and creative items on his tasting menu. It is one of the good Restaurants Downtown Chicago.

13. The Virtue


You can really feel the energy leaking from the dish at this Hyde Park restaurant. The reason for this is that Williams cooks from the heart, whether it’s his renowned collards filled with chunks of smoked turkey meat or his fried green tomatoes with soft shrimp and creamy rémoulade. The atmosphere is perfect for a romantic date night since it is seductive without being too much.

14. The Parachute


Restaurants Downtown Chicago, There won’t be a large menu since the husband and wife pair prefers quality to quantity. All of the meals are excellent, so you can unwind. In the beginning, the yukhoe (Korean beef tartare) may be made more special with the addition of caviar, and the seafood pancake (shrimp, calamari, garlic chives, and spring onions) is incredibly crisp and served with an onion-chili dipping sauce. The bossam dish, which comes with half-shell oysters, cabbage for kimchi and wraps, and pork belly is a major attraction.

15. The Owen & Engine

Owen & Engine

Whether you’re a frequent customer or this is your first time here, walking inside this friendly tavern is like making up with an old friend. The menu is dominated by classic English fare like fish and chips, bangers and mash, and Scotch eggs, but the burger is a must-have. Packed with caramelized onions and made from Slagel Farm chuck, short rib, and brisket, it’s one of the finest in town. There are many craft beers available to wash it down. A Chesterfield sofa and leather armchairs beside the fireplace on the second floor entice guests to remain awhile.

16. The Bandit


Bandit The laid-back vibe and bar food of Bandit were greatly influenced by the 1990s. Two of the restaurant’s most well-liked dishes are pull-apart sliders that practically melt in your mouth and Kung Pao cauliflowers, a modern take on the classic dish. It’s as good as other good Restaurants Downtown Chicago.

17. The Birrieria Zaragoza

Birrieria Zaragoza

Restaurants Downtown Chicago, On-the-go options include thick housemade tortillas, custom salsas, and vibrant pink agua fresca. But their only function is to enhance the restaurant’s signature dishes of chopped goat meat. This goat is not in contact with a consommé until it is served and part of the tomato-based broth is spooned over it, in contrast to other birrierias. At that point, all you need for the best tacos in town is a generous helping of hot sauce, a squeeze of lime, and some onions.

18. The Johnnie’s Beef

Johnnie's Beef

Just as locals can’t agree on the greatest deep-dish pizza or Chicago-style hot dogs, they can’t agree on the best manufacturer of Italian beef. The restaurant known as Johnnie’s among Restaurants Downtown Chicago, which is located in the suburbs, is the most in accord. You’ll have plenty of time to choose what to eat while you wait in line behind regulars, but we suggest the beef, which is topped with spicy peppers and coated in a sauce. Have an Italian ice with lemon afterward to cleanse your tongue.

19. The Kyōten


Phan relocated from Austin, Texas, to Chicago with the goal of creating the best sushi in the city. At his modest Logan Square restaurant, which also happens to be one of the priciest in town, he fulfills their wishes every night. If you’re lucky enough to secure a seat, you may see the chef prepare fresh fish by slicing it and serving it atop very large rice grains that have been seasoned with ancient red vinegar. Kyoten’s omakase, made with quality ingredients flown in from Japan, delivers some of the greatest tastes money can buy, but it will set you back. It also takes place in best Restaurants Downtown Chicago.

20. The Kasama


As amazing as everyone thinks Kasama is, so don’t believe the hype. Visit in the morning for some of the Restaurants Downtown Chicago’s best pastries and a complete Filipino breakfast consisting of longanisa or fried egg, tocino, pickled papaya, and garlic fried rice. You may also have a breakfast sandwich topped with longanisa. Get a table for the restaurant’s 13-course tasting menu at night, which features dishes like nilaga with A5 wagyu and a gorgeous little croissant topped with freshly shaved black truffles. The menu is inspired by the cuisine of the Philippines.

21. The Community Tavern

21. The Community Tavern

Restaurants Downtown Chicago, Community Tavern, a Portage Park restaurant that started off as a community steakhouse, has moved away from its original menu since Joey and Brenna Beato took ownership. Thankfully, though, the neighborhood element endures. There’s a good bar program and complimentary meals for children under 12 on certain days. It’s not a terrible thing that the menu lacks coherence; for example, there is a section featuring Asian-style dumplings, one of which is loaded with mushroom butter. With a reference to the classic steakhouse, skirt steak can elevate the bibimbap and make it taste as Thai as it does Italian.

22. The Luella’s Southern Kitchen

22. The Luella's Southern Kitchen

Chef Darnell Reed dreamed of building a restaurant named after his great-grandmother Luella, who came to Chicago from Mississippi in 1943, while he worked in hotel Restaurants Downtown Chicago. His little Lincoln Square eatery now offers a mean platter of fried chicken and waffles, shrimp and grits, and chicken gumbo—some of the greatest Southern cuisine in the city. A well-liked brunch spot on the North Side is this Black-owned eatery. Although it’s a laid-back restaurant with counter service, the menu is substantial and offers something substantial and delicious for every palate.

23. The Smoque BBQ

23. The Smoque BBQ

Restaurants Downtown Chicago, Tender brisket, apple-and-oak-smoked pulled pork, and meaty St. Louis-style baby back ribs are all prepared by two smokers at this Irving Park neighborhood spot on the Northwest Side. The barbecue here is inspired by Memphis and Kansas City. Owner Barry Sorkin increased takeaway and alfresco eating options—including a terrace in the old parking lot—during the epidemic.

24. The Superkhana International

24. The Superkhana International

Are you looking for a wonderful pizza and burger that are topped with the season’s freshest vegetables? Not what diners anticipate is Superkhana International. Indian food is the main attraction of the restaurant, and patrons will notice the characteristic spices that set subcontinental cuisine apart. However, Tata’s Indian American restaurant isn’t this. The pork vindaloo is excellent; it’s almost a simplified version of the meal. With appam, Indian griddle cakes flavored with seasonal ingredients like spring peas, the breakfast has the potential to be the greatest in the city. This traditional vegetarian choice may be turned carnivorous by adding bacon. Chicagoans will not find a better rendition of the traditional Indian Chinese dish than the freshly made Hakka noodles. Superkhana’s cooks are still getting their bearings. It also includes in famous Restaurants Downtown Chicago

25. The Pat’s Pizza and Ristorante

25. The Pat's Pizza and Ristorante

Restaurants Downtown Chicago, Chicago’s pizza manufacturers are keen to dispel the stereotype that the city is solely known for its deep-dish cuisine, while thin-crust pizza is currently enjoying popularity. The thick slices are still amazing, so calm down, deep-dish lovers. Pat’s Pizza in Lakeview has a long history of bringing tavern-style pies to the masses. Pizzas from this family-run restaurant are among the thinnest and crispiest in the area. The utilization of Pat’s own sausage blend further distinguishes this establishment. Pies are served indoors, on the terrace, and for carryout or delivery.

In summary:

The best Restaurants Downtown Chicago provide both residents and visitors with a gourmet excursion thanks to their wide variety of cuisines. Our meticulously selected list, created by passionate editors, guarantees a true portrayal of the city’s constantly changing culinary landscape. Every suggestion we provide, whether for Michelin-starred restaurants or undiscovered treasures, is a testament to our conviction that Restaurants Downtown Chicago offers the best eating experiences. Embark on a culinary adventure across the city with us, where each meal is an ode to culture and flavor.


1. Which dish is famous in Chicago?

Chicago is known for many things, including jazz music, Maxwell Street Polish Sausage, Chicago-style hot dogs, Chicago-style (deep-dish) pizza, and 1920s gangsters like Al Capone. Restaurants Downtown Chicago is renowned for its architectural structures, including the museums and the Sears Tower. It is renowned for its passionate sports fans as well.

2. Which cuisine is exclusive to Chicago?

Chicago is a class apart when it comes to unique cuisine. Identify another city that offers at least one traditional food. Restaurants Downtown Chicago is home to deep-dish pizza, Italian beef sandwiches, popcorn, and hot dogs prepared the Chicago way.

3. Which street in Restaurants Downtown Chicago is the most well-known?

While some of Restaurants Downtown Chicago’s most well-known street names are only known to residents, others are well-known to tourists, such as Michigan Avenue with its Magnificent Mile and Lake Shore Drive’s expansive vistas of the city and lake.

4. Which meat kind is well-known in Chicago?

Chicago has long been associated with the meat processing industry. The cattle industry did more for Restaurants Downtown Chicago than only contribute to its growth; the city was once known as the “World’s Hog Butcher.” The most recent book by historian Joshua Specht claims that the cattle industry benefited modern-day America.

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