Pokemon Sword and Shield: Pokemon Sword Gym Leaders

With the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield : gym leaders, one of the franchise’s classics has returned. This time, the gym leaders were crucial in Galar. Moreover, The Gym Leader Challenge requires players to collect eight pokemon sword and shield anime gym leaders badges in order to be considered for the title of pokémon sword  and shield gym leaders Champion of the Region.

Pokemon Sword And Shield

Unlike previous games, where players had to defeat the Elite Four in order to win, this time they will compete in a tournament of the region’s greatest trainers. Among these trainers are pokemon sword and shield gameplay, the pokemon shield gym leaders main character’s opponent Hop, and the undefeated, reigning Champion himself, Leon. The quantity of gym badges obtained by the trainer impacts how far the game progresses. As their numbers grow, they will be able to capture stronger Pokémon and explore new pokemon sword gym leaders areas. Sso, Because each gym leader concentrates on a different type of Pokémon, having a well-balanced squad is essential.

Shield Gym Order of Pokemon Sword

  • Hammerlocke Gym Leader Raihan – Dragon Type – Level 46 to 48
  • Spikemuth Gym Leader Piers – Dark Type – Level 44 to 46
  • Circhester Gym Leader Melony (Shield) – Ice Type – Level 40 to 42
  • Circhester Gym Leader Gordie (Sword) – Rock Type – Level 40 to 42
  • Ballonlea Gym Leader Opal – Fairy Type – Level 36 to 38
  • Stow-on-Side Gym Leader Allister (Shield) – Ghost Type – Level 34 to 36
  • Stow-on-Side Gym Leader Bea (Sword) – Fighting Type – Level 34 to 36
  • Motostoke Gym Leader Kabul – Fire Type – Level 25
  • Hulbury Gym Leader Nessa – Water Type – Level 22 to 24
  • Turffield Gym Leader Milo – Grass Type – Level 19 to 20

Where to Find Eevee in Pokemon Sword?

Eevee is one for the most well-liked Pokémon all through the series, and its numerous evolutions have always been a source of some enigma. Pokémon Sword and Shield feature eight distinct Eeveelutions, each of which can be captured or evolved in a unique way. Here are the steps for capturing Eevee and evolving it in Pokémon Sword and Shield, one of the top Nintendo Switch games currently available, so that you can complete your collection.

Sword and Shield Gym Leaders

Players must defeat eight gym leaders in total before entering the pokémon sword gym leaders tournament, but pokemon sword and shield episodes for the first time in Pokémon history, each game has its own set of gym leaders. Bea, the fourth gym leader in Pokemon Sword, is a fighting Pokémon expert. Allister, the fourth gym leader in Pokémon Shield, is a user pokémon sword  and shield gba gym leaders of the Ghost type. Gordie is the sixth gym leader in Pokémon Sword, and he uses Rock-type Pokémon. In Shield, players will meet pokemon sword gym leaders Melony, an Ice-type trainer. Here is our comprehensive guide to defeating all Gym Leaders.

1. Nessa – Hulbury Gym Leader

Nessa is the leader of the Hulbury Gym, which focuses on pokémon sword gym leaders Water-type Pokemon. In addition,Her Pokemon include a Level 22 Goldeen, a Level 23 Arrokuda, and pokémon sword  and shield online gym leaders a pokemon shield gym leaders Level 24 Drednaw (Dynamax), which deals both Rock and Water damage. Moreover, Make quick work pokemon sword gym leaders of her Water animals with Grass. Pokemon sword and shield price bulbapedia Electric assaults.

2. Milo – Turffield Gym Leader

Milo is the Turffield gym’s leader, and he specializes in Grass-type Pokemon. Secondly, He has a Level 19 Gossifleur and a Level 20 Eldegloss pokemon shield gym leaders among his Pokemon (Dynamax). Moreover, To do massive damage to his Grass-type Pokemon, use Flying, Poison, Bug, Fire. However, Ice-type Pokemon Shield Gym leaders in order Pokemon.

3. Bea – Stow-on-Side Gym Leader (Pokemon Sword)

Bea is the owner of the Stow-on-Side gym, which pokémon sword gym leaders focuses on Fighting-type Pokemon. Eventually,Her pokemon sword and shield gym leaders Pokemon include a Level 34 Hitmontop, a Level 35 Sirfetch’d, and a starters gym leaders Level 36 Machamp (Gigantamax). Moreover, Against pokemon shield gym leaders deal more damage to pokemon sword gym leaders her Fighting creatures. However, use Flying, Psychic, or Fairy-type attacks.

4. Kabu – Motostoke Gym Leader

Kabu is the leader of Motostoke Gym, which focuses on Fire-type Pokemon. He has a Level 25 Ninetales, a Level 25 Arcanine, and a Level 27 Centiskorch among his Pokemon (Gigantamax). However, To quickly pokemon sword gym leaders get rid of his Fire Pokemon, use Ground, Rock, or Water-type 4th Gym Pokemon Shield techniques pokémon sword and shield release date.

5. Opal – Ballonlea Gym Leader

Opal leads the Ballonlea gym, which specializes on pokemon sword and shield gym leaders Fairy-type Pokemon. She gym leaders has a Level 36 Weezing, a Level 36 Mawile, a Level 37 Togekiss, and a Level 38 Alcremie among her Pokemon (Gigantamax). To dispatch her Fairy-type monsters, use Poison or Steel-type Pokémon Gym Leaders moves.

6. Allister – Stow-on-Side Gym Leader (Pokemon Shield)

Allister is the trainer in charge of the Stow-on-Side gym, which specializes on Ghost-type Pokemon. His Pokemon include a pokémon sword  and shield gym leaders Level 34 Yamask, a Level 35 Cursola, and a Level 36 Gengar (Gigantamax). To pokemon sword gym leaders deal greater damage to his ghostly creatures, use Ghost or Dark-type 6th Gym Leader Pokémon Shield techniques.

7. Melony  – Circhester Gym Leader (Pokemon Shield)

Melony is the Circhester gym leader that specializes in Ice-type Pokemon. She has a Level 40 Frosmouth, a Level 40 Darmanitan, a Level 41 Eiscue, and a Level 42 Lapras among her Pokemon (Gigantamax). To pokemon shield gym leaders dispatch her Ice-type creatures, use Fighting, Rock, Steel, or Fire-type Pokemon Sword Gym Leaders levels attacks.

8. Gordie – Circhester Gym Leader (Pokemon Sword)

Gordie is the Circhester gym leader who specializes in Rock-type Pokemon. He has a pokémon sword  and shield gym leaders Level 40 Barbaracle, a Level 40 Shuckle, a Level 41 Stonjourner, and a Level 42 Coalossal as Pokemon (Gigantamax). To deal pokemon sword gym leaders with his Rock-type creatures, use Fighting, Ground, Steel, Water, or Grass Pokemon Sword Fairy Gym answers techniques.

9. Raihan – Hammerlocke Gym Leader

Raihan is the Hammerlocke gym’s leader, and he specializes in Dragon-type Pokemon. He has a Level 46 Gigalith, a Level 47 Flygon, a Level 46 Sandaconda, and a Level 48 Duraludon among his Pokemon (Gigantamax). To pokemon shield gym leaders defeat his Dragon-type creatures, use Dragon, Fairy, and Ice Pokemon Sword Gyms assaults.

10. Piers – Spikemuth Gym Leader

Piers is the Spikemuth gym’s leader, and he specializes in Dark-type Pokemon. He has a Level 44 Scrafty, a Level 45 Malamar, a Level 45 Skuntank, and a Level 46 Obstagoon among pokemon sword gym leaders his Pokemon. To pokemon shield gym leaders get rid of his vexing Dark-type creatures, use Fighting, Bug, or Fairy techniques.

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