How To Use PDF Page Numbering Online Tool

PDF has become the most common format for documents. It is accessible, easy to read, and presentable. It is also easier to share online because of its small size. PDF file format maintains the integrity and authenticity of your documents. Editing a PDF file will require you to have PDF tools. Since PDF formats are designed to be non-editable functions, you can perform limitedly. You may open, read, and fill out the file, but you can’t make revisions to the original form. To make the file more presentable and add page numbers to a PDF document, you can use a PDF reader installed on your computer or through an online tool.

How to Add Page Numbers

One way to add page numbers to PDF file is by adding a header and footer through your pre-installed PDF reader. Select where you want to add the page number, the font, and the size of the text. Then click on the insert page number.

Another fast and easy way is to add page numbers to PDF files through online conversion tools. It is simpler than using software installed on your device. You can enjoy this feature in PDFBear without creating an account. It keeps you from sharing your personal information online. PDFBear is a web-based tool for all things related to a PDF file format. You can convert, merge, and split your documents on their site. In adding page numbers to your PDF document, first, open their website on your device. You can use any internet browser.

  • Click on the Add Page Numbers to PDF Tool. Now you may select the files you want to edit. You can choose files from your device or your Dropbox account. You need to log in to your Dropbox account to access your files. Dragging files from your device to their site is more convenient.
  • Simply wait while your files are uploaded. Make sure to have a reliable internet connection. Waiting time will depend on your internet speed and file size.
  • Select your chosen position where you want to place the page number. Select the font style and size that you want. PDFBear allows you to customize the page number in any style that fits your need. You may tag the first page as the cover page if you want to start the page number on the second page.
  • When done, click on the Number pages button. You can now download the file to your device. With the available file link, you can directly share it online.

Advantages of Online PDF Tool

Online PDF tools are accessible to any device. They don’t require a standard system to work. They can be used using a web browser anywhere you are. You don’t have to download and install software on your device. Most installed software has system requirements. Paid online tools are much cheaper than installed programs.

Why Choose PDFBear

PDFBear is an online PDF suite that is 100% free. You can use their tools without creating an account. PDFBear takes high value in the privacy of your files. After 1 hour, your edited files will be deleted from their online cloud server. All files are encrypted with SSL security. They offer 14 days free trial for their premium account. Having a premium account allows you access to their more advanced PDF tools. You can have unlimited tasks, storage space, storage life, no advertisements, and priority customer support. PDFBear is cheaper than other online PDF tools you can find online. Most of the basic functions like adding page numbers require a premium account, while in PDFBear, you can access it for free.

In Conclusion

The essential feature of a PDF file that it has become a favorite format is that it is non-editable. This feature has advantages and disadvantages. It protects your files from unauthorized changes. However, it will be a problem if you need to make minor revisions that don’t affect the document contents. These minor edits can be adding page numbers, watermarks, and electronic signatures. Luckily PDF tools are easily available now. If you want to have the files edited on your device, you can install a PDF reader that offers this feature. But if you want it to be fast and simple, you can use an online tool like PDFBear.


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