How to Fix Safari YouTube Black Screen

YouTube Black Screen

The browser Safari is known as Apple devices’ signature web access engine. Recently, many Safari users have been unable to load videos on YouTube, but instead of their video, a black screen appears on YouTube. This problem can readily be traced from the Safari browser itself because people could use Google Chrome or other web Browsers to access YouTube. This is how you can ensure that your computer doesn’t show up again while you are using Safari, the black Screen on YouTube.

Because of other things, such as your YouTube account or other apps you have downloaded, the black Screen might appear on YouTube. You can still correct the problem and continue to access YouTube when you see that Safari works when you change your accounts, uninstall software, etc. There are several ways to diagnose these options:

Account Based Causes

This suggests that the Black Screen on YouTube appears due to your Google account problems. Sign up from your Google account to test this. After this, return to YouTube as a guest/using a Safari guest account. If you click a video, this means that your Google accounts caused the problem that caused the Black Screen. Some hypothetical roots could include verification of browser and IP addresses or other obstacles imposed by Google.

Wired Device Based Problems

Devices connected to your computer by wires to ports on your computer may also be a problem. Try to run YouTube on Safari while unplugging several of the cables connected to your internet device to resolve this sort of situation. This would include, among other wires, Ethernet cables, and USB ports. You’ve found the trouble at hand if you can now use YouTube in the Safari browser.

Software Based Problems

These problems are caused by software conflicts on your computer. This will probably happen for other tasks your computer is supposed to do since many applications occupy too much space or interfere with the functionality of other computer functions by running these applications. It would be difficult to test it because, if you remove applications randomly from your computer, you’re probably not comfortable trying why YouTube doesn’t work on Safari.

However, it is possible to determine if software interference causes the black screen YouTube problem if you are willing to uninstall applications. You need this option to select and uninstall applications or plugins on Safari. If the black Screen is uninstalled after a specific application, the problem is found.

Smaller YouTube Videos Solution

This is important; in smaller YouTube videos, there is a straightforward solution to this problem. Only YouTube videos that are 480p or smaller can fix your black Screen. Go to preferences and then to the privacy section if you are on Safari. Click on cookies and go to the details once you’ve been there. Cookies are a word that refers to the history of your browser. After you have finally cleared your internet search history, there will be a list of all your internet searches once you have been here on Safari. Selecting and removing all websites searched will clear the history of your browser. This allows you to view YouTube videos that are less than 480p, once again, for some reason.

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Safari, Apple’s custom web browser, is not a product or service of Google. Therefore, it is highly likely that when you try to use Google services, there might be problems. This often means that while the application itself may not always operate directly and in its most effortless way, a solution to the question usually exists. You can now hopefully use YouTube without interruption on your Safari browser.

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