Best Places to Buy a Refurbished iPhone

The modern day smartphones don’t come cheap, especially an iPhone. If you are an iPhone lover and looking to upgrade your smartphone to latest version at best price possible, you ought to choose a refurbished phone. The used gadgets are having a renaissance too. There are a number of online places where you can buy a refurbished iPhone at affordable price. It’s just that you need to look for a verified dealer. Going for a refurbished or pre-owned iPhone can give you several benefits.

Benefits of refurbished and Pre-owned iPhones

A refurbished iPhone is diagnosed properly to ensure it meets the standards for sellable conditions. In some cases, these are returned iPhones or the ones that were broken and are now repaired. Most of the refurbished iPhone sellers might include an additional factory-refurbished warranty. Here are some of the benefits of buying refurbished phones.

  • Though refurbished iPhones are second-hand phones, but are well maintained. All technical glitches are addressed and removed by the manufacturer so that it the phone can be sold again and reused.
  • The faulty parts are replaced with much better parts and the iPhone functions better or equivalent to the new one.
  • The software of the refurbished phone is reliable as the developers handle the previous glitches ensuring every problem is fixed. You end up getting a more reliable software and hardware at a reasonable price.

You should be aware of the fact that used iPhones are different from the refurbished phones. The refurbished iPhones are diagnosed and tested in verified iPhone outlets and only a few verified resellers provide such gadgets to you.

Where to find refurbished iPhones?

There are multiple verified sellers of refurbished iPhones but the trusted ones are as follows:

  • Best Buy: It is one of the trusted sellers of refurbished and used products. You can buy a refurbished iPhones from here with 90 days warranty from the manufacturer. Most of the products are thoroughly tested and diagnosed from verified manufacturers before they are made available to for sale.
  • Amazon: Most of us are known to the fact that Amazon is one of the best places to do online shopping, but only a few of us know that you can refurbish products such as iPhones from here. Some of the resellers even provide 90-180 days of warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Walmart: You can even shop refurbished iPhones from Walmart. It is one of the trusted verified sellers of Apple gadgets in the US terrain.
  • SellCell: is USA’s no 1 phone trade site. It helps users to make good cash for their old cell phone. Its free and impartial service saves users time and hassle by comparing prices from 25+ buyback companies at a single place. ensures that you get the most cash for your old cell phone, smartwatch, tablet and other electronics items. SellCell also now compares the best deals across refurbished and pre-owned phones & tech.  So users can save money on buying and selling iPhones all in one place.

Benefits of using Quick Simple Price Comparison at SellCell

You can save a good amount of money when buying an iPhone using SellCell’s price comparison service for refurbished and pre-owned phones. SellCell compares the prices from the major top brands to fetch you the best prices. It also compares deals on other gadgets apart from the phones.

Things to consider before buying refurbished iPhone

  • Check for the serial number (ESN or IMEI) of the phone. It’s a crucial piece of information to find as you have to verify whether the phone has been registered, stolen or lost. It will also tell you if the phone will work with your carrier or not.
  • Check if the phone is under lease or contract as you can’t activate them until the agreement gets fulfilled.
  • Check if the phone has water damage or not. Moisture might erode the phone’s components with time. Even if the device looks fine and work well, it might not last for long if exposed to water. This is why you need to buy it from verified seller as you can’t just trust anyone.

The Bottom Line

At SellCell, all the refurbished phones are fully functional and come in a new generic packaging box with specified accessories. They are well diagnosed and tested before selling it to the buyer. Most of the iPhones have at least 12 months of manufacturer warranty.

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