5 Most Affordable SUVs In The UAE


One can’t simply overlook the fact that the UAE has some of the most stunning deserts. Known as a venue for extravagant parties, it would leave you with a sensory overdose and a lifetime hangover. This celebration can increase by many folds if you can get to enjoy some off-road drive with the car of your choice.

UAE is known for its hot climate with a mixed terrain consisting of mountains and deserts. However, the best part is that the road infrastructure in the UAE does not compromise with your ride. The UAE people have a liking towards SUVs due to their fascination with off-road and desert driving. Be it road-tripping across the country or dune bashing, one thing for sure – you will need an SUV or a 4×4.

If you are wondering what affordable yet reliable SUV to purchase in the UAE, then continue reading:

  • Mitsubishi Outlander

This is a seven-seater SUV having seven airbags for utmost safety. It is known for its extreme ride and has a transition time of 10.8 sec from 0 to 100km/h. Other SUV features include above-average fuel efficiency, Hill Start Assist, and a tire pressure monitoring system. If you are someone looking for a balance between work and play, this is the right choice.


Features of the SUV

  • The SUV is priced between AED 79,500 – AED 117,900.
  • It is packed with a 2360cc engine that comes with 165hp.
  • The transmission is CVT.
  • It is a 5 and 7 seater(optional).
  • The length of the car is 4695mm, and the width of the car is 1810mm.
  • The wheelbase is at 2670mm.

  • Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a 5 seater SUV built for style. It packs a 184 horsepower engine and comes with a CVT transmission. The transmission time is clocked at 8.5s from 0 to 100km/h. The SUV isn’t a sigh when it comes to comfort. The SUV interior is tweaked with colossal legroom and headroom space and ensures utmost comfort and luxury. Another essential thing about this SUV is its fuel economy, making it one safe and luxurious vehicle off-road. This is no doubt one of the most affordable SUVs in the UAE.


Features of the SUV

  • THE SUV is priced between AED 94,900 – AED 119,595
  • It comes with a 2399cc engine and packing 184hp.
  • It has a CVT transmission.
  • The SUV is 5 seater.
  • The length of the car is 586mm, and the width is 1855mm.
  • The wheelbase of the car is 2660mm.

  • GMC Terrain

This SUV comes with a 170horsepower engine built for an adventurous ride. The transition time is 9.2s from 0 to 100km/h. One of the facts about this SUV is that it comes with a powerful turbo-diesel engine. The car has also taken care of its comfort section with a two-row seat design, ensuring enough legroom and space for rear seats. The SUV is also equipped with a fantastic infotainment system equipped with the latest features that are easy to navigate and enjoy.


Features of the SUV

  • This SUV is priced between AED 98,000 to AED 143,000.
  • The SUV comes with a 1490cc, 170hp turbo diesel engine.
  • It comes with automatic transmission.
  • It is a 5 seater SUV.
  • The length of the car is 4630mm, and the width is 1839mm.
  • The wheelbase of the car is 2725mm.

  • Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is true to its name, comprising features from the jeep family for a timeless appeal. One unique feature of this SUV is a 7-inch touchscreen with a dazzling interior like its predecessors. Another feature is its all-wheel-drive mode that ensures better handling and safety. The transition time of this SUV is under 10 seconds for 0 to 100km/h. This SUV is built for having the utmost fun while riding through the deserts of the UAE.


Features of the SUV

  • The SUV is priced between AED 89,900 to AED 119,900.
  • It comes with a 2360 cc, 182hp engine.
  • It has an automatic transmission.
  • The SUV is 5 seater.
  • The length of the SUV is 4394mm, while the breadth is 1874mm.
  • The wheelbase is 2636mm.

  • Hyundai Tucson

Tucson is known as one of the best and affordable SUVs in the UAE. With a recent rework, the SUV indeed looks pretty. The SUV comes with brilliant projector lights, 18-inch alloys, cornering fog lights with an impressive rear end. The SUV is also packed with a 7-inch touchscreen for the music system compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink.


Features of the SUV

  • The SUV is priced between AED 85,000 to 120,000.
  • It is packed with a 2400cc, 173hp engine.
  • It has an automatic transmission system.
  • This is a 5 seater SUV.
  • The length of the car is 4475mm, and the width is 1850mm.
  • The wheelbase is 2670mm.

Remember, always purchase car insurance in the UAE from a reputable insurance provider like Policy House before buying your dream SUV. Keep yourself away from the worries of a mishap.



Does Your Car Insurance Provider Offer Vehicle Damage By Animals

Animals can pose a real threat to your car, whether it’s a collision with a camel or other damages caused by smaller animals. Considering the fact that your car gets damaged by these altercations, it’s necessary to check whether your insurance covers these damages.


Such risks from animals can come in any form – from a goat stomping on your car to a rundown with a camel. There is a certain risk factor related to these altercations, which can lead to significant damage to your vehicle. Therefore, one crucial question you should ask yourself is whether your car insurance online or offline provider offers coverage against animal damage or not.


Type of insurance – Comprehensive or Third-Party Liability

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage against animal damage for both minor and major damages. However, it depends on the sole approval of your insurance provider and the insurance policy. But keep in mind, Third-Party Liability insurance does not cover own damage, nor does it provide coverage against animal damage.


Animal damages can be covered as a total “peril” in some jurisdictions, but there is little chance of injury from a collision with animals. Fortunately, in the UAE, that’s not the case. But always care in places where an animal collision is a possibility, i.e. desert roads. Be alert and mindful of your involvement not only from an insurance viewpoint but also from a legal perspective, since it might still be a crime in some Emirates to hit and kill a camel!


Seriousness of animal damage threat in the UAE

While many of us live in urban areas in the UAE and hardly face any actual animal injury threats along the road, animal injuries are more frequent than one would expect. In an effort to reduce the number of such incidents in the Emirate, Ras Al Khaima also constructed an underpass, especially for camels to cross the route, reporting 213 animal accidents in 2015.


And the damage to the car isn’t the only issue. In 2016, after a serious collision with campers on the road, two men died; in particular, when you enjoy stays and travel by highway among various wildlife areas in the UAE, animals can pose a real threat to your personal safety in the UAE.


Final Thoughts

Your Comprehensive Policy will most certainly cover animal losses, but depending on the conditions of the accidents, it will either deny or decline the claim. For example, in a region where warnings about animal crossing are widely distributed, or if you drive under the influence of an intoxicating drug, you have been far over the speed limit. It is important to remember that cases of this kind are usually evaluated case-by-case, so don’t assume that the situations are not important simply because of the insurance.


Contact our insurance consultants at Policy House to clarify your insurance requests or to get the best price with your budget on an insurance policy. We go beyond and ensure that the latest insurance package is appealing to you.

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