20 Best Star Wars Games in 2022

Best Star Wars Games

The best star wars game saga as we have known it for the past forty-five years may have come to an end with the 2019 release of Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker, but in reality, it did little more than put an end to the nine-film saga that started in 1977 and the cinematic stories of the Skywalker family. After all, Star Wars will always exist. The television series The Mandalorian, The Book of Boba Fett, Obi-Wan, and a plethora of other TV projects are all available on the streaming service Disney+. New trilogies, spin-off films, games, and much more are also in the works. Yes, you will continue to be exposed to that far-off galaxy in all forms of media for a very long time. The Star Wars series has a long and illustrious history with video games as well. Below, we rank each Star Wars game released for Nintendo platforms from worst to best. In cases where the same game was released on multiple platforms, we’ve chosen to mention the lesser of the two—always the portable version—in the other section to keep things organized.

20 Best star wars games

These are the twenty best star wars games as follows:

#1. Shadows of the Empire (N64)

Best Star Wars Games

Ah, yes. Shadows of the Empire. This is the best star wars game of all time.The initial Hoth combat, which is head-and-shoulders above everything else in the game, is one of its best moments. However, it is undeniable that the N64 benefited from the fact that there were so few games available for it for a while after it launched. Players who did choose to play it paid a hefty price and may have been tempted to give it more chances than it merited. Although it’s not by a long shot the worst game on this list, it’s definitely best to keep it in the memory banks. Old Dash Rendar has not been treated well by time.

#2. Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike (GCN)

Best Star Wars Games


This game’s inclusion of other games is its best feature. Almost the whole Rogue Leader game, which can now be played in split-screen 2-player mode, is included on the CD. Additionally, it includes the original Atari arcade versions of Return of the Jedi, The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars. If you find this game on sale, these two factors alone make it worthwhile to purchase.

But what of the Rebel Strike itself? I’m sorry. When you actually play the on-foot sections, you realize that you were mistaken in thinking that they might be bearable. This is a great Star Wars package if the flagship game is simply removed from the CD.

#3. Bounty Hunter (GCN)

Best Star Wars Games

This forgettable third-person shooter served as a prequel to Attack of the Clones (well, it kind of had to, considering how — SPOILERS! — Jango loses a crucial body part in the movie), and even though it looked and sounded decent (and had a wicked cover), it lacked the technical prowess to stand out in any way. This is the best Star Wars game of all time. It’s unfortunate, but perhaps this type of game will be properly executed in the future. Even though Star Wars 1313 was scrapped, the Mandalorians are still quite popular right now.

#4. The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels (Wii)

Best Star Wars Games

Star Wars The Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels turned the multiplayer duel part of The Force Unleashed into a full game, but it was less complicated and had fewer fighters than its predecessor.Waggle City is not the 1:1 lightsaber game of your dreams, and neither would be anyone else’s. It wasn’t terrible, but it could have been so much better.

#5. Lethal Alliance (DS)

Best Star Wars Games

The Twi’lek on the cover of Star Wars: Lethal Alliance, another game from Ubisoft, is probably the most intriguing feature of this third-person shooter. Kyle Katarn appears in the story, which trades in lightsabers for blasters and depicts the theft of the Death Star schematics prior to Rogue One’s arrival to obliterate the canon. This is the best Star Wars game of all time. It’s not terrible by any means, just bland, with the required touchscreen hijinks because DS.

#6. The Clone Wars (GCN)

Best Star Wars Games

Only the least appealing vehicles from the entire franchise are available to pilot in The Clone Wars, which is a drawback. Perhaps we’re partial to the vintage cars, but AT-ETs and Republic gunships don’t raise the blood pressure as an AT-AT or an X-Wing do. However, this game also includes some clumsy on-foot lightsaber combat and some passable vehicle combat. Once you leave Geonosis, there is a little more color, but overall, the game is extremely beige.

#7. Battlefront: Elite Squadron (DS)

Best Star Wars Games

A business called n-Space has an extensive library of Nintendo DS conversions from venerable series, including Call of Duty, various James Bond games, and numerous Disney games. They were also responsible for the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed DS port, which gave Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron’s base engine. This is the best Star Wars game of all time.

It’s not an awful recreation of the Battlefront series for a portable format (the original Battlefront, not the more recent, lovely-looking versions), despite the fact that — surprise! — the core gameplay becomes a little monotonous. Although the ship-based sections, which look rather decent, aren’t the ugliest thing we’ve seen on DS, if Elite Squadron were a kid asking if it were lovely, we’d deftly change the subject and gesture above at a passing jet. You can’t really criticize a game of this era for its looks, and good gameplay always wins out over beautiful graphics. This has a strong mechanical foundation, which is enough to move it closer to the top of this list.

#8. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (Switch eShop)

Best Star Wars Games

As such, Jedi Academy serves as a great little time capsule for when Star Wars games were a little bit blockier and a little bit sillier. It is a long journey through the (expanded and non-canon) Star Wars universe (perhaps for the better).  This is the best Star Wars game of all time. Even though you can’t play as Kyle Katarn, the multiplayer may not hold up as well as it once did, and the game is undoubtedly getting older, but there is still enough lightsaber swinging, and overall, it is a respectable amount of nostalgic Star Wars gameplay.

#9. Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (Switch eShop)

Best Star Wars Games

Years ago, Jedi Knight II was released for GameCube, so its recent Switch release was unquestionably nostalgic. Poor pacing can make it a bit of a slog, but it contains some fantastic combat and characters, showcasing both the positive and negative sides of this specific vintage of game. Kyle Katarn as well. If you played the original, you probably have the patience to put up with its dated design and enjoy the game for what it is. However, fresh players might not.

#10. The Force Unleashed (Switch eShop)

Best Star Wars Games

Hold on, we’re seeing a vision from the Force! A lousy third-person saber-swirler is what we witness. repetitive It’s a little clumsy, but nonetheless entertaining, with an unsatisfactory Darth Vader voiceover.  This is the best Star Wars game of all time. The Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, developed by Krome, included a custom multiplayer battle mode that was uninspired but not awful. The Wii version, which has since been converted to the Switch, is actually quite good; it’s just not as seamless, polished, or enjoyable as you would like. As you may expect, everything was scaled down for the DS edition.

#11. The Clone Wars – Jedi Alliance (DS)

Best Star Wars Games

This is the first game to coincide with the Clone Wars animated series. It’s a good, if straightforward, little game that makes good use of the touchscreen and looks and sounds just like Anakin, Obi-Wan, and company fighting the forces of the Dark Side. This was an undemanding but respectable offering on par with the other Lego Star Wars games available across all platforms, thanks to a pleasant little amount of drop-in/drop-out wireless co-op.

#12. The Force Unleashed II (Wii)

Best Star Wars Game

The Wii version of a sequel that was typically panned on other platforms was likely the best of the group, and its multiplayer option wasn’t awful either. Not spectacular, but as we’ve learned from the Dagobah bog of rubbish we’ve navigated to get here, basic competence goes a long way in a Star Wars game. The horrible DS version will be quietly dismissed, but The Force Unleashed II on Wii didn’t make us want to use the Force to suffocate ourselves.

#13. Super Star Wars (SNES)

Best Star Wars Game

The 16-bit “Super Star Wars” games were solid platformers that gave us and many others the ideal amount of Star Wars action on our Super Nintendos back in the day.  This is the best Star Wars game of all time. They may not have been the most faithful or exciting Star Wars games ever created, and in many ways, they typify the repetitive qualities of many games on this list. They have fantastic visuals, let you control many characters, and even try to provide some gameplay variation with vehicular parts. They’re hardly groundbreaking video games or high points of the genre—and perhaps nostalgia is getting the best of us—but as far as vintage movie-licensed platformers go, we can’t help but dig ’em. The Game Boy versions scale everything down to run on the monochrome handheld.

#14. Angry Birds Star Wars (Wii U)

Best Star Wars Game

Do you recall the Angry Birds? Even though the comedy of the mashup may not be to everyone’s preferences, this Star Wars crossover was released on Wii and 3DS as well. It’s a fun little time waster anyway. Although the main Angry Birds gameplay was severely overpriced for consoles, it was still a lot of fun, except that this version featured TIE Fighters with pig faces. What is there to dislike?

#15. Super Return of the Jedi (SNES)

Best Star Wars Game

You get to complete the conflict with the Dark Side as the Super Star Wars trilogy on the Super NES comes to an end (well, until Palpatine somehow congeals back into existence and the New Order arrives on the scene to take everything backwards again).  This is the best Star Wars game of all time. With five playable characters (including Leia and Wicket) and the chance to give Jabba, Vader, and Palpatine a sound thrashing, it would be impolite not to finish the fight in this entry because it is easier than the others.

#16. LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (Wii)

Best Star Wars Game

Battles, action scenes, puzzles, and platforming elements in the style of previous Lego games are cleverly created in Lego Star Wars III, which is also available on the 3DS and DS. They’ve always been geared toward younger players, but if you like playing in a galaxy far, far away, their personality and sense of humor are enough to keep other gamers engaged for the (albeit brief) time being. If you’re an obsessive collector of bricks, money, and trinkets, the Lego games should be right up your alley. The basic gameplay is, well, basic, but the ability to control practically every character you could hope for makes up for the lack of variety slightly.

#17. LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Wii U)

Best Star Wars Game

Additionally, on the 3DS, this introduced the most recent trilogy to the Lego universe on a generation of gaming consoles that allowed for unprecedented graphical fidelity.  This is the best Star Wars game of all time.  If you had just played the endearing Lego Star Wars games on DS or Wii, this was quite an upgrade since you would see scuffs and light reflecting off the plastic blocks for the first time. It catches the spirit of adventure well and is a good, comedic romp through the movie rhythms, especially for younger gamers.

#18. Super Empire Strikes Back (SNES)

Best Star Wars Game

Super Empire Strikes Back extends the on-foot action scenes of the original into a vibrant 16-bit side-on adventure and sprinkles some car elements throughout the platforming. Playing as Luke, Han, and Chewie gives you the chance to ride a tauntaun, drive an X-Wing (including some vintage Mode 7 gameplay), fly the Millennium Falcon into an asteroid field, and engage in combat with Darth Vader. The best of the 16-bit “Super” series, though a little harsh.

#19. Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (DS)

Best Star Wars Game

Revenge of the Sith by Ubisoft, which is also available on the GBA, was a pleasant surprise on the DS.A 2D belt-scroller, it has a distinct cartoon look, smooth animation, and responsive controls. This is the best Star Wars game of all time. The dogfighting mode is also accessible in multiplayer on the DS version, which also features certain space-based elements that are exclusive and work quite well. Although you aren’t slaughtering children, the game puts Jedi against Jedi and masterfully executes all the key scenes from the film. Everything is really quite good.

#20. Star Wars Pinball (Switch)

Best Star Wars Game

Zen Studios’ Digital Star Wars pinball tables have been a Zen Studios project for a number of years. This is the best Star Wars game of all time.  Although we thought the 3DS version was “a degradation in practically every regard,” the Wii U version was great. Star Wars Pinball for Switch has 19 tables that cover the entire series, support for vertical play, and several Switch-only features. If you’re a good pinball player, this is a great way to get into the Star Wars universe without having to deal with boring lightsaber battles or other technical problems.


Have there been any Skywalker saga cheats?

Except for Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, we ranked every Lego Star Wars game.

In The Skywalker Saga, each cheat code will unlock either a ship or a new character (or at least a new skin for a character). You no longer need to enter a cheat code every time the game starts up, as it becomes permanently available to you once it is accepted.

Where do you insert the codes for Lego Star Wars?

In LEGO Star Wars: Skywalker Saga, there are two ways to enter codes, and both can be found in the game’s menu system. Either pause the game and select the “Enter Code” option, or select the “Extras” tab from the Holoprojector menu, which is denoted by a question mark.

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